Opelka fired at the ATP: “Goudenzi should resign. We need a commissioner not tied to the world of tennis. “

Reilly Opelka shoots into the air. Not the deadly cannon shot of his survey, the toxic word against ATP and leadership in the world of tennis. For the American giant, ATP lacks management, full of conflicts of interest, unable to improve the product and adequately reward players.. Reilly told everyone in an interview that minimal pyrotechnics have been revealed tennis.com In Indian Wells. We again offer important passages, which must not be overlooked.

Today on tour you will not be able to monetize talent and our time is limited. Look at Andrei Rublev, for example. Rublev will only be 24, 25 or 26 once in his life and I’m sorry for that. What he did last year was impressive, but it’s easy to tell people that he’s a lucky person and he’s making a lot of money. What Rublev does is something other than normal. He works at a level I have never seen anyone do and I respect that. I know he had a hard time, and I see what he does: six, seven hours of training. He’s in the gym, playing ball all day. I feel bad that it is not rewarded as it should be. It should be noted. He should earn a lot more than that, because heBreak your ass “ Because of this. It’s a shame. Suppose MLB (Major League Baseball), it is on strike for a much smaller percentage increase than our overall. I hate politics, I like to play tennis. I don’t like to complain, but that’s the situation. It’s not good. “

After a controversial exchange of social media with Vallverdù, Opelkar’s criticisms go straight to the center of the system’s operation: “He made a comment on Twitter last week about the conflict of interest policy approved by the ATP. If you read the mail that has reached us, it says that those conflicts must be above a certain threshold. System description is irregular. What exactly is that threshold? Allowing Gavin Forbes, Charles Smith, Herwig Straka, agents or trainers (like Vallverdù himself) to be members of the ATP board? Dani (Vallverdù) recently applied for a seat on the council, as well as being a member of the Players’ Council. Player Council votes for council members, the process works that way, so it’s completely ridiculous. I know it’s human nature to try to do the best for yourself, but how can the system do it? And I don’t blame Dani for voting for himself or for anything else, but in reality he shouldn’t be in that position. “

Here is a direct attack on the top of the ATP: “Andrea Gaudenzi has to resign. We need new leadership. There is nothing personal against them. They are good boys. Massimo (Calwell, CEO of ATP) is a good man. But I did not understand. Why would we choose people who are already in tennis? Massimo has no guilt, You can’t be the CEO of one of the best sports in the world from just being a Nike representative, sending a package for Rublev or getting the right clay court shoes. It doesn’t happen in any other game. And I’m not just criticizing Massimo, I’m saying the same thing about Chris Carmod: he was an executive at Queens. How can you go from being a manager to being the CEO of one of the best players in the world at a time when you have three of the best players in your active history? “

Opelkar’s solution is to find a high-profile commissioner for the ATP, Like the Pro USA League, managers who come from high backgrounds have nothing to do with tennis and only focus on business.: “I think we should choose a dreamer by breaking toys. Choose the right-hand man of Adam Silver (NBA Commissioner), or choose someone who has worked with one Adam Silver or another very successful CEO, and then bet with him, because our game doesn’t work. If there is so much transparency and everything is in order, then how is it possible that Acapulco’s prize pool was less than in 2019? You have five of the six best players in the world: Nadal, Zverev, Sitsipas… an elite draw, no power limit, and even bigger at the new stadium that fills up every night. So why are we going back? And why would we choose someone outside of ATP? Because ATP behaves like a closed club. See council members – it’s a club. What is Dani Valvardu’s experience as a tournament director? None. But when a new tournament appears on the ATP calendar, a member of the Players’ Council, Dani Valvardu, manages to be the director of that tournament (San Diego ATP). Why would they choose it? Because it is a limited club. And that has to change, that culture has to change. I would choose someone less involved with tennis, because when you have someone close to you, someone is accustomed to the real mess of ATP, everything is as it is, they can never improve. ATP has been a circus for a long time. All the other world sports are doing great, but not the only tennis, and I think it’s because of his leadership.

This is not the first time that Opelka has criticized the system, but in this interview he went straight to the point, at the center of the problems that he says hurts the world of tennis and does not allow it to make comparable economic changes. Other sports that. Professional. A clear position, which excludes a bad mood that has been building up among the players for some time.

Marco Majoni

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