Oscar 2022. ‘Koda’ has won. Italy empty handed

A minute’s silence to pay tribute to Ukraine but without Zelensky’s intervention, a quarrel between Will Smith and Chris Rock.

And in the end ‘Choda’ was a hit. ‘Signs of the Heart’ actually won the 94th edition of the Academy Awards and housed three awards: Best Film, Best Supporting Actor (Troy Kotsur) and Best Non-Original Screenplay (Cyan Header). This is the first title distributed by a streaming platform to win an Oscar for Best Picture. With ‘Grand Hotel’ in 1932, ‘Gigi’ in 1959, and ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King’ in 2004, it was the only film to win all the awards for which it was nominated (three). This is the second Oscar-winning remake for Best Picture after Martin Scorsese’s The Departed. The big favorite of the evening, ‘The Power of the Dog’ (12 nominations), won the Oscar for Best Director only. Jane Campion, the first director to be nominated for a second term, is the third woman in history to receive a sculpture in the category, one year after the Oscars for Chloe Zhao. Among other things, this is the only award received by Netflix. This is what Adnkronos reports.

As with other rewards, honorable predictions. ‘Dunn’ is the most award winning picture of the evening with 6 Oscars (Photography, Set Design, Music, Sound, Editing, Special Effects). Will Smith (‘King Richard – A Winning Family’), Jessica Chastain (‘The Ice of Tammy Faye’), Kotsur and Ariana Debos (‘West Side Story’) are among the cast. Disappointment for Italy: Paolo Sorrentino (lost to the much-loved international film ‘Drive My Car’, ‘It Was God’s Hand’), Enrico Casarosa (his animated film ‘Luca’ loses to ‘Encantor’) and costume designer Massimo Cantini ‘ I couldn’t do it for Cyrano.

Paolo Sorrentino

The show, lively hosted by Regina Hall, Amy Schumer and Wanda Sykes, was marked by a sudden altercation between Chris Rock and Will Smith, due to a former joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith’s alopecia. The long-awaited speech by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky did not materialize. This was asked by Amy Schumer, one of the hosts of the evening, but the organizers always said they wanted to keep politics away from the show. Yesterday, actor Sean Penn called for a one-minute boycott of the show, a silent tribute to Ukraine, if Zelensky did not intervene. The theme returned to the stage with Francis Ford Coppola shouting “Long live Ukraine” to pay tribute to the 50th anniversary of the “Godfather” and the words of Ukrainian-born actress Mila Kunis, who spoke of experienced suffering. By his land, but it does not name. A barrage of criticism of the academy on social media is inevitable, with important issues such as the Russia-Ukraine conflict being accused of leaving an event like the Oscars.

For acclaim, Jack Snyder’s ‘Army of the Dead’ won the audience award. Jane won the Oscar for Best Director for The Power of the Dog, Will Smith for Best Actor for King Richard – A Winning Family, and Jessica Chastain for Best Actress for Tammy Faye’s Eyes. Troy Kotsur was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for “The Science of the Heart – Coda” by Marley Matlin, winner of “Children of a Laser God” in 1987, and his role in “The Science of the Heart – Coda”. Companion. , The second interpreter and the first deaf person to receive an Oscar. The Best Supporting Actress award went to Ariana Debos for ‘West Side Story’, the first open-minded curious woman to win an Oscar.

The best animated film starring Jared Bush and Byron Howard goes to ‘Encanto’, which defeated Italian ‘Enrico Casarosa’s’ Luka’, marking the second defeat for our country. Ryasuke Hamaguchi, who was defeated by ‘Drive My Car’, gave Japan its fifth victory in the ‘Rashomon’ (1952), ‘Doors of Hell’ (1955), ‘Miyamoto Musashi’ (1956) and ‘After Exit’ categories (2009). Ahmed won the Oscar for Best Documentary for “Questlav” and Thompson’s “Summer of Soul”.

With Belfast, Kenneth Branagh won the Sculpture Award for Best Original Screenplay. The British actor and director won his first Oscar in his eighth nomination. The Best Non-Original Screenplay award went to Sean Header for The Signs of the Heart – Coda, becoming the fifth woman in the ninety-ninth edition to win an Oscar in this category. Greig Fraiser won Best Picture for ‘Dune’ and Patrice Vermet and Zsuzsanna Sipos won Best Picture Design for ‘Dune’. The third Oscar and eleventh nominee for Jenny Bevan, who won the Best Clothing award for ‘Cruedelia’, lost to Italian Massimo Cantini Parrini, nominated for ‘Cyrano’.

The Oscar for Best Score went to Hans Zimmer for ‘Dun’, which he won for the second time after ‘The Lion King’, where the Best Original Song award went to Billy’s ‘No Time to Die’ for Hilsa and Phineas O’Connell. James Bond movie of the same name. ‘Dune’ also won Oscars for Best Editing for Joe Walker, Best Sound for Mac Ruth, Mark Mangini, Theo Green, Doug Hemphill and Ron Bartlett, and Best Special Effects for Paul Lambert, Tristan Miles, Brian Connor and Gard Nefzar. Linda Dowds, Stephanie Ingram and Justin Raleigh have been awarded for The Best of Makeup and Hairstyle for The Eye of Tammy Faye.

Anil Kariya and Riz Ahmed’s ‘The Long Goodbye’ for Best Short Film and Oscar for Best Animated Short by Alberto Milgo and Leo Sanchez’s ‘The Windshield Viper’. The statue of the best documentary short finally went to Ben Proudfoot’s ‘The Queen of Basketball’.

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