Peace movement in Italy for war in Ukraine: “One Million Children Already Homeless”

Rome – Where are the pacifists here, where will they be tonight (6 pm in Genoa, at Piazza de Ferrari) and Saturday morning (10.30 am in Rome, at the Piazza Santi Apostle). Movements were needed to see Russian tanks enter Crimea, as fighters sought to impose themselves on a new solidarity over Ukrainian cities and were accused of not being as reactionary to Putin’s war as they were to the Anglo-American War. East

Italian peace activists without voice in Ukraine, US-Russia conflict: “tired and frustrated”

By Corrado Zunino

In Genoa, the “War No-Yes Peace” garrison was launched PD Local and other parties and associations have joined in the last few hours. “Peace is the only solution,” he said.

Demonstration for peace in Genoa today (Lion)

The call for Rome is considered broad, and participatory. Under the supervision of Italian Peace and Disarmament NetworkThe union has already responded CGIL, CSL And WillL ‘National Association of Partisans of ItalyL ‘ArchieThe Third Sector Forum It represents a vast archipelago of private realities, LegambienteThe Free By Don Cot, Oxfam At the forefront of world poverty and student condemnation Network of knowledge And LinkL ‘Uds And Middle Student Network. To join, just type in In Piazza dei Santi Apostoli, several workers were already seen last Thursday, who had been brought in to protest. Sant’Agidio community.

The Italian Peace and Disarmament Network was born on 21 September 2020 from the amalgamation of two historical organizations of the Italian movement: the Peace Network (founded in 2010) and the Italian Disarmament Network (founded in 2004). A peace garrison has been declared at the Piazza Resorigmento in Quarta, Pistoia Province, at 4 p.m. Saturday.

26 social organizations Shelter and immigration table They signed a petition to the Italian government and the European Union to force people to flee, “find European borders open and accessible” and “urgently prepare a European reception plan with a just division between member states”. An estimated five million new refugees from Ukraine.

Ukraine, U.S. Alarm: “Potential 5 Million Refugees”. Europe reception plan ready

By our correspondent Claudio Tito

The university world also finds a voice on the subject. Its rectorUniversity of Padua, Daniela Maple, Writes: “Once again the indiscriminate use of force replaces logic. The solidarity of the entire academic community goes to the eighty-six Ukrainian students at our university. And rectorUniversity of Parma, Paolo Andrei: “I strongly condemn the attack on Russia, an act of war that represents a very serious violation of international law and a genuine attack on democratic order.

Private companies began reporting civilian casualties as a result of the war to the region’s weakest. Save the childrenRecalling that 150 children have died in the ongoing “low-intensity” conflict since 2014, noting that in recent days, in eastern Ukraine, at least 100,000 children and their families have been forced to flee their homes “and provide shelter, food and clean water in an emergency”.

In solitaire“Our 25 little patients have been left without the necessary care and 5 million people are in serious danger because of the water well bombing in that city,” said the man, who works at three hospitals with cancer children (there are two facilities in Kiev). “We are equipping our facilities with food and basic necessities to accommodate the families in need.”

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