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Physics has already stated that living things have a complex interrelationship with each other, and that they live, above all, with its avant-garde and its boundaries, which helps to develop the concept of “system”, the set of organisms in a relationship. Well, the method is valid for humans as well as between humans and animals. “And here comes the energy that, as a veterinarian, I have been working on for decades now: the close and sympathetic relationship that is specifically established between humans and dogs and is part of a” system “that connects these two creatures and these two lives.” Dr. explained. Stefano Catinelli, a veterinarian specializing in Unisite homeopathy and systematic constellation practice, as well as co-founder and co-author of the book Spirit and the Armoni Animals Association “Connected life. The systematic way of dealing with dogs.” .

Catinelli, along with his lifelong colleague and friend, veterinarian Pietro Venezia, has for some time been applying a model of dog care method that never ignores the person attached to the animal, so consider multiple plans, not just that. Physical and material.

New perspectives

“The historical moment that we are experiencing really gives everyone the opportunity to observe things from a new perspective and that is why we have built the relationship between humans and us and our animals,” explains Catinelli. “The starting point for this perception change is represented by the reality around us, because we are increasingly aware that the current model is no longer able to give the answers we are looking for. And now there are many people Able to understand.

“So, I apply this parable to the care of animals that come to me, especially dogs, who are very sensitive to the relationship with the person who cares for them. The dog is a” system “that is inserted into another” system. ” There is a homeopathic approach to diagnosis and therapy, whatever the dog’s symptoms, be it physical or behavioral, are always the result of an imbalance arising from the system. There must be something that eliminates waste, which is connected to the renal filter that is connected to the blood circulation, the legacy of interdependence that makes the animal kingdom a conscious and dynamic system in search of a new balance. There are those who take care of her, she becomes part of her biography, an emotional, and sometimes even existential, very relevant value. So reconsider your relationship with your dog. Ra is necessary, because the creatures are facing the current evolutionary journey together with us; So they must be participants in the paragraph of our conscience.

The connection between humans and dogs

“The methods of connection between man and his dog are manifold; in this sense the methodical method speaks of multidimensionality. Continue that catnally.” The food we give our dog, for example, represents a level. We can give her the first thing we can find or dedicate ourselves to what we think is healthier and more natural, or we can prepare food for her. These three ways of relating to the animal in the moment of food reflect the gestures we make towards it every day and invite us to observe the connection they have in everything. If we are aware that these gestures are repeated at least twice a day throughout the year, throughout the dog’s life, and involve millions of dogs, then a kind of “systemic supply chain” is established to help expand perception. Include parts of reality that we have not considered before. Faced with this, my colleagues and I believe that dogs, but all animals that live with us in general, represent a door, an opening that stays with us and connects us to the evolutionary power of our conscience. “

The role is quite isolated

Therefore, what was the dog-master vision and what separates the roles, “systematically does not exist,” adds Catinelli. “We are not the owners of the animals, but we are the ones who take on the responsibility of walking with them. It is we who choose to identify ourselves in a specific role rather than in any other role; Personally I also don’t like the definition of owner, because the animal is not a thing but a spiritual entity that brings the power of love into our lives. We are not born responsible for a relationship with a dog, but we can become one, in a new way, thanking ourselves and putting ourselves in line to be together. Any reality related to our relationship with our dog looks different if we use systemic keys for reading.
With Catinelli, Pietro Venezia, veterinarian and permaculture and dog educator Valentina Armani, the author of the exact book Connected life. Systematic methods of dealing with dogs . “It’s no coincidence that we decided to write this book together, because both systemic-family constellations and permaculture deal with the system and teach us to see reality in the complexities of our interconnections, they stimulate us to know it, to be aware of it.”


Useful reading

Connected life. Systematic methods of dealing with dogs

This book accompanies us on a systematic approach to a deeper understanding of the relationship between us and our dog. When a problem arises or there is an imbalance in the relationship with the dog, the general mentality focuses on the particular, trying to resolve the inconsistency.

The authors, starting from their own professional experience, have shown that a more explicit look is needed instead: the uncomfortable or ineffective behaviors that our four-legged friends express actually lead to fear, excitement, unresolved issues with the past or the present life of the person or persons with whom They live together.

The systematic approach enables us to observe the relationship with the dog in the context of the multiplicity of systems that make up our daily lives, starting with the family and the area in which we live.

It is in this complexity that we can truly understand the behavior of our dogs and the relationships we form with them, as the valuable testimonies collected on these pages say.

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