Pro Basketball Manager 2022: Review

He has entered the world of sports management Pro Basketball Manager 2022Publisher and developer production Umex StudioWhich he managed Put a good product in a very uncrowed sectionThat of basketball managers, this situation makes him one of the winning weapons.

In fact, the stock of managed sports games in our country has always been monopolized by games dedicated to the national game (which no one will ever guess), always watching. Very few productions dedicated to other games, Like tennis, volleyball and basketball. Fortunately, at least for later, the break is over; Let’s see what the new title offers Umex Studio.

Pro Basketball Manager 2022: Dreams

The goal is that the games offer us, like many other similar titles, that Play as the new coach and manager of a basketball teamAchieve all the goals set by the company and achieve new and much more over time Dignified, Until you get it This sport is top in the world.

The title is a thing that would be much happier given the nature Not good but flawless localization in our language, A factor that makes the title more enjoyable and accessible to a wider audience of fans. Once a new game starts, we will be able to choose whether to coach and manage one of the teams available in the over. There are 160 leagues including women’s teamOr create one from scratch, complete with a name, uniform and other details such as nemesis team.

Whatever our choice, we will start the game during the inactivity period, where we will try to build the best society and prepare our players for the upcoming start of the championship. As expected from the position of director, Pro Basketball Manager 2022 Really delivered A huge number of options, statistics and activities will be carriedBut it will never leave us to ourselves.

Actually provides the game A good tutorial Every time we open a window with important activity, it will explain all the functions enough Straight and simple, And which will be available at any time of the game. In addition, we will receive in-game emails, with Instructions on what to do and what to look for. These aids, along with practice, will make navigating different menus and options quite easy.

Pro Basketball Manager 2022

Pro Basketball Manager 2022

Technical basketball

An error Pro Basketball Manager 2022 However, it is located exactly on the tables and windows of various activities, which These are not immediately intuitive but above all somewhat basic and empty; In a game of this genre, where Windows and Menu occupy 90% importance, we would expect more from the game. You will remember though Don’t think you are faced with a chaotic and understandable menuBut only careless and equally enjoyable.

Once we have reached the preparatory stage of the championship, which will be familiar with many menus including us. Players, strategy, money, structure, goals, scouting and much more, It will be time to face the first match, first the friendship and then the championship. As opposed to working with menus, Pro Basketball Manager 2022 Keep More care in the visual part of the game simulation Compared to many other genre headlines, obviously far from the graphics and sports title description, but Provides good entertainment and above all a lot of interaction to the player.

In fact, during the games, we will be able to communicate in different options; We will have classics Strategy, replacement and play strategyA windowed menu with details of the current game such as i According to the reporter, the evolution of the score during the gameThe best players and various distinct stats, and finally we can put our hands on the details such as Simulated game speed or different shots With which the show can be enjoyed. In short, lots of meat on fire for fans.

Pro Basketball Manager 2022

Strategies during the game will reveal yourself to get your hands on Victory is the best way to win And the resulting points in the standings, because instead if we leave the team to ourselves, we often Many of our lower teams have also got into trouble in the standings.

Greater care can be placed in the sound sectorWithout any musical tracks in the menu, and not very believable with the sound effects during the game, even if these two points are very insignificant in this section of the title.

The gameplay, once you get the hang of the various menus, will immediately be felt by our team masters, and every win because of our decision, especially in games where predictions are against us, will be really fruitful.

I spent time coaching at Atletico Sestino Pro Basketball Manager 2022, I didn’t find any bugs anyway.

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