Russians bomb a checkpoint, a dog survives and is adopted by Ukrainian police

At the advance of Vladimir Putin’s army, the checkpoints set up by the Ukrainian military were among the targets of Russian missiles. Often the violence of the clashes leaves no trace, killing the people present. There are very few survivors. But these days a survival story has spread on social networks: a puppy dog.

He was found by Ukrainian police who intervened with Bastankar to provide relief. He was there, scared but alive. Sitting in the passenger seat of a car. The car window glass is broken. Pieces of glass everywhere. Vehicles were stopped in front of the road blockade. There are sandbags around which Ukrainians try to protect themselves. But no one survived.

The only dog ​​survives. And, in a shot released by Ukrainian police, he has a frightened look, but he confidently sniffs the hands of those who can save him.

Police wrote on Facebook that “no one in the vicinity survived, only the dog remained.” It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

“The dog was brought to the district by the officers and we are thinking of the best name for it. He is tired, tired, but with determination and a big heart. Today the dog was rescued by the police who decided to adopt him, give him a house and a family. Tomorrow maybe his nose will help with any other need.

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