Sport – F1 and tennis, Ferrari drivers pass second and third, Cena turn

Rome, March 28, 2022 – The F1 Ferrari and the Janic Cinar racket are the first Italian heroes of this spring’s first Sunday to spend at the Arabian Grand Prix and the Florida ATP Masters 1000.

They saw all the colors

In Jeddah, Maranello Red has been confirmed on podiums 2 and 3 with Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sange.
Due to an inappropriate and controversial intervention in the virtual safety car, the double earned at Barhain GP protects him, which changed the course of events from the end of 12 laps.And.

Virtual safety car problem
In short, at that moment Leclerc’s Ferrari dominated the scene after Perez, with a first tire change, left first place.
The only problem for the Monegasque driver was that he initially made them in the Sange, when he initially prevented Perez from overtaking.
These are internal Ferrari issues, however, which must be addressed by the managing team, Engineer Matia Binotto.
Serious problems changing the regularity of the Arabian Grand Prix came when some broken-down racing cars parked on the run-off track prevented rescue intervention in the final stages.
Instead of getting into a safety car, an electronic virtual safety car was used which caused a lot of confusion.
It was not clear what should be done and what should not be done. Who can change tires and who can’t.
The new “remote”, in virtual order, has lost the most to Leclerc and his Ferrari.
The Monegasque driver, once he passed Perez’s Red Bull pole position in the first tire change, cleverly achieved a decent margin over his rivals, including Max Verstappen.
The impact of the virtual safety car on Lewis Hamilton’s performance is also sad.
A great run for Brit, who started from the back, recovered from the chaotic moment until he reached the point area, in seventh place.
The inability to access Pete Lane condemned him to agree to be relegated to the final 11th position.

Watch in Verstappen
The Virtual Safety Car initiative, on the other hand, has allowed the Red Bull Champion to re-enter second place.
Not at the actual actual distance, but at the same time as Maranello Red, in an ideal position to face the ultimate dilemma and to exert greater strength in the Red Bull Strait.
Ferrari was fast in the corner, but it wasn’t enough.
Thus, after an exciting conflict over the last 12 laps, between overtaking and counter-overtaking, the spectacular, 4 laps from Finnish, the Dutch driver succeeded in this feat.

Ferrari 4 times ok
For Leclerc and Ferrari, many reasons for complete satisfaction.
New pairing on the podium of 2 Rosse di Maranello with 2nd and 3rd place: Leclerc and Sainz.
The Monegasque driver is his teammate Sainz, first overall with 45 points on 33 points. Third Verstappen 25 points.
Ferrari dominates the classification of constructors. The Italian team has won 78 out of 88 points. Backwards, Mercedes 40 for 38; Red Bull 37A.

Tennis – The Impossible Business of the Sinner
Equally dramatic and fruitful for the color blue, Janik Sinar had a stint in the third round of the Miami Tennis Master 1000 in Miami opposite Pablo Carreোo Busta.
A comparison between the two most beautiful rackets in the world circuit.
Just remember that the match lasted three sets, at full competitive intensity, over 3 hours and 13 minutes.
Balance in all sectors except Survey Aces: 15 to 3 for South Tyrolian and 121 to 113 “Winning Ball” for Janick.
The Spaniard is the third racket of the extremely powerful Iberian group (Nadal, Bautista-Agut and Alcaraz). It is installed at number 19 in the rankings; When the sinner is number 11, after forcibly stopping.
3 and quarter hours of play deserve to be called a separate newspaper.
In short, Jannick is the first set at a rate of 5-7.
On his return he won the second with the same score, 7-5.
In the third, the masterpiece of the Italian Enfat Prodis, still only twenty-one.
When the game seemed to end, after the second double break earned by the Spaniards in the first game, an unexpected ending.
Probably for those unfamiliar with the Red Venice Kid.
At 2-5 – and the Iberian serve, one point at the end of it all, Cena pulls him out of his hat, making him one of the best talents in recent tennis history.
An incredible mental force, capable of overturning a mountain of energy.
As he progressed to the impossible, he began to snatch the Spaniard’s serve, which he already thought he had won.
In his next survey, he led 4-5 with 4 points in a row.
Carreno Busta, at this point recover yourself and return to concentration and victory. Out of this came a tenth game that lasted, alone, over 10 minutes, perpetual and exciting.
Carrero Busta got 5 match points.
Janik is a sinner He canceled all 5 of them. Never seen a similar story! Hypertensive nerve conduction.
A decisive break in the Spaniard’s net.
The unfortunate Pablo was virtually broken.
At 5-5, Carino was able to win just one point of his survey before leaving the helm before the second break, collapsed, and even the last and final game.
And bowed to his barely legal Italian counterpart.
Cena came back with 5 points (2-5 to 7-5) in the round and bowled more than 7 shirts in the third set.
This time around he didn’t show all his qualities that would do him a lot of good because the international scene was never so rich and full of character, not even like discovering all.
Sinner will have to face Nick Kyrgios, who dropped the great Fabio Fognini.
The Australian tennis player, born as a Malay prince, boasts of an absolute value, once he controls his overly excited mood.

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