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19:50 Our Live Live Ends Here! Thank you for joining us, good evening and a sports wish!

19:45 Great start for Italy in this European qualifier 2023! After a painful win against Slovakia on Thursday, the Blues set their pace tonight and ramped up against Luxembourg, winning by 34 points! The guests tried to intimidate the Leno Lardo girls, but there was no way because the hosts never removed their legs from the accelerator! MVP of the match Sara Madera, 16 points and not even a single mistake: 2 to 2/2 and 4/4 from the arc. Along with him, Nicole Romeo (12 points) and Marzia Tagliamento (11 points) and double figures. Matilda Villa began his adventure in the best way possible with a blue tank top: 4 points (with two perfect penetrations) and 2 assists on the 3rd wood from 16 year old Costa Masnaga!

That’s it! Italy beat Luxembourg 82-48, two for the Blues!

82-48 Matilda Villa! That debut for him, 4 points and 2 assists so far

Bezel for 80-48 2/2 Screezel

80-46 Nicolai Romeoioo !! TripLAAAA with assistance by Matilda Villa

77-46 Trucco Turning and Score, +31 Strong for that Blue! -54 ″ at the end

What a jasmine with 75-46 jump shots! +29 Italy, two minutes to the final siren

73-46 Matilda Villa! What a penetration, two points for a very young debut

Here is everyone’s expected moment: Matilda Villa enters the field!

71-46 1/2 Bezel for Santucci

Last four minute game! Italy in + 24 with perfect management

Lay-up with phallus for 70-46 keys, 2 + 1 completely off

67-46 Supports Jablonowski! 10 points for him

Matilda Villa is expected to debut! Coach Lardo’s decision is expected …

Luxembourg time out!

67-44 TagliameiIintuo !!! Give from the forward tripalaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeete +23 !!!

The Blues admit nothing, and fight for every ball! -5’34 “Final Siren

64-44 Menadier Triple for -20

64-41 Arrests and shots for Tagliamanto, basket!

62-41 Counterpiece Perfect Cut! Blue with a security advantage over Luxembourg

60-41 Santucci Assistance for Keys, +19 Italy

The last quarter of this challenge has begun!

An update from Freiburg (Switzerland): Slovakia lost to hosts 50-6!

Marjia Tagliamanto does not enter the prayers! The third quarter ends here, Italy is ahead by 17 points (58-41)! Neil who gave in through an effort of feedback from the guests, just to compose themselves and even touch the +20 to resume the march!

58-41 Three-point geniuses, Luxembourg return to play with 19 নিচে below 20 points

58-38 1/2 for Bezel Crudo, Maximum Updated: +20

57-38 Jasmine key under the basket, +19 for the blues! -1’24 “Third Siren

55-38 SAAANTUUCCIII !!! From TREEEEEE, Italy is flying at +17 !! Come on girls

Draw 52-38 from Jablonowski, guest always at -14

52-36 Madiiiraaaaa !!! Perfettaaaaaa, triplaaaaaaa

Three to 49-36 Menadier

Jandalasini, +16 Italy, with 49-33 feet on the line

Less than five minutes from the third siren!

47-33 Saraaaaa MotherAaaaaa !! Three times from the angle, 13 points for him from the field and 5/5

44-33 Monsoon’s jump shot, Luxembourg tries to go up

44-31 Jeniets Free Score

Technical foul against Lino Lardor (Italy)

Bezel 0/2 for Mossong

44-30 Martina Bestagno’s hand does not tremble! Italy is still 14 points ahead

42-30 Menadier shoots it from a distance, at Luxembourg-12 and break 4-0.

42-27 1/2 Bezel for Jablonowski

42-26 Martina Bestagno moves the score almost 3 ‘after the game! +16 Italy

No team has yet been able to send the ball under the retina!

Italy committed several fouls with Neil, who was run out of the bonus just two minutes after the start of the second half!

Do it in the attack for Bestguno, who wasted a perfect assist of Jandalasini in the counter attack!

Everything is ready to resume the challenge. Come on blue!

18:50 The teams are about to return to the field for the preparation phase ahead of the third quarter!

The second quarter ends here, Italy manages to take full advantage and blows it up to +14 (40-26)! Luxembourg Try to keep the drama going That’s it And Menadier, But the blues respond to blows for blows. Leno Lardo is the top scorer for the girls Sara Madeira (10 points, 4/4 off the field) and Nicole Romeo (9 points and 3/8).

40-26 Romeo Penetra and failed! 2 + 1 for playing Ragusa

37-26 Etute again who scored for Luxembourg, 4 points in a row for the 16-year-old

37-24 Verona jump shot

35-24 Etute sends targets, guests try to be small

Another time-out Luxembourg, 1’26 “to play in this second quarter.

35-22 None of the free mistakes, Rare Venezia player, Italy at +13

His bezel in the lap of 0/2 Martina Bestagno

33-22 1/2 Free for Verona

Guests who have already completed the foul bonus in this second set (only one foul against Italy)

Luxembourg time out. -3’11 “second siren

32-22 Nicole Romeo !! Tripala and more +10 Italy, girls come!

29-22 Lay-up Merches, -7 Luxembourg

29-20 1/2 for Jablonowski from the line, less than 5 at long intervals

29-19 Verona Arrest and Shooting, Neil’s Most Beneficial (+10)

27-19 Truco does not hesitate and scores: Italy still ahead, +8

25-19 three-point monsoon, -6 for guests

Time out Luxembourg, the first of this match

25-16 Tagliamento leaned against the scoreboard, Italy again at +9

23-16 Scrizelage, -7 basket for Luxembourg

All ready for the start of the second quarter!

Thus ended the first quarter of the match: 23-14 for Neil, who got into gear after a silent start and flew to the maximum advantage (+9)! Luxembourg tries to stay in touch as much as possible

23-14 2/2 bezel for Marzia Tagliamento

This is the last 15 of the first quarter.

Top scorer for Italy is Sara Madeira, who is already in double digits (10 points, including 4/4 from the field: 2 to 2/2 and even 3 to 2/2).

Mariella Santucci steps in the beginning! -1’42 “The first siren

21-14 Santucci’s jump shot with the help of Jandalasini, very inspiring

19-14 1/2 for free from Mossong

19-13 MotherAaaa! Score only three points, again blue at +6

16-13 Always Screezdally answers from Arch Luxembourg! -3

16-10 mothers! Again from three

13-10 Menadia answers with the same coin

Room 13-7 !! TriPlaAAA E + 6, the most Italian advantage

Less than 4 at the end of the first quarter! Luxembourg is something more wrong

10-7 Madera supports Romeo, Italy after +3 great support

Blue at 8-7 2/2, +1 on Martina Bestagno’s line

6-7 Jablonowski still intruding, guests still ahead

6-5 Cecilia again! Jump shot and counter overtaking Italy

Now increase the intensity of the match! Less than seven minutes from the first siren

8-00 Jandalasini! -1 Italy

2-5 Jabalonowski cuts Costa Masnaga supports the player

2-3 females respond immediately

0-3 Triple Menadier, ahead of Luxembourg

Neither team has found the first basket yet, they are both wrong

Let’s go!

The five girls selected by Lardo to start the match are: Verona, Romeo, Jandalasini, Madeira, Bestagno.

17:55 The whole audience sings Mameli’s hymns together with our girls!

17:50 Adrenaline is grown in Phenger Palakattini. Teams take to the pitch to perform and listen to notes of the national anthem!

17:45 The ball of two men is less and less missing! Come on blue!

17:40 Here are 12 girls selected by coach Lino Lardor for tonight’s match (including the young Matilda Villa, who made her senior national team debut):

# 0 Jasmine Key (1997, 1.90, AC, Famila Wuber Schio)
# 2 Matilda Villa (2004, 1.70, P / G, Costa Masnaga)
# 3 Nicole Romeo (1989, 1.70, P, Passalacqua Ragusa)
# 4 Martina Bestagno (1990, 1.89, C, Umana Ray’s Venezia)
# 6 Margia Tagliamento (1996, 1.83, G, Pasalacoa Ragusa)
# 8 Costanza Verona (1999, 1.70, p, Family Uber Shio)
# 9 Cecilia Jandalasini (1996, 1.85, A, Segafredo Janeti Bologna)
# 12 Valeria Truco (1999, 1.92, A, Allianz Gias Cesto S. Giovanni)
# 15 Beatrice Barberis (1995, 1.80, A, Segafredo Geneti Bologna)
# 16 Sara Madera (2000, 1.90, C, Umana Ray’s Venezia)
# 18 Mariella Santucci (1997, 1.80, P, Passalacqua Ragusa)
# 99 Sara Crudo (1995, 1.80, A, Allianz Geas Sesto S. Giovanni)

17:30 Good afternoon, friends of OA Sport! Welcome back to Italy-Luxembourg Live, the second day of Group H for the 2023 European Championship qualifiers!

Good afternoon to all OA sports friends! We welcome you to this live stream from Italy-Luxembourg, the valid second match for the 2023 European qualifiers!

The Blue Coach Lino Lardo Reach today’s challenge after the sprint beat Slovakia On the opening day Group H. Played Thursday Piestani (Host defeat with final score 66-69) The real stars of the match Cecilia Jandalasini (17 points and 8 assists, with just seconds of decisive play from the final siren) and Nicole Romeo (19 points from 5/7 arc). They enjoyed a rest session compared to the 12 on the field against Slovakia Beatrice Atura And Deborah CarangeloReplaced by very young Matilde Villa (Debut for him) e Marila Santucci.

The Luxembourg After collecting the rate against Switzerland on the first day, he presented himself for the challenge with Italy (54-58) The LuxemburgersAfter a good lead in the first two quarters (31-19 at long intervals), A second major guest return from the textbook, which allowed the coaching team Mercury Win with The advantage is four lengths. MVP Evita Hermanizard of the match with 29 points in her scoresheet (Switzerland will host Slovakia in the match scheduled for 17:00 today in Freiburg).

A. Blue Against you will definitely need a win with a big score gap LuxemburgersTo raise Basket difference In the next window view Eligibility for the Women’s Eurobasket 2023 is set for the end of November 2023.

The two-handed ball that will be raised at 18:00 at Fayenz Palacattani (Ravenna). Have fun with OA Sport Live!

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