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Episode No. 119

Adorable in ancient Egypt, beloved for their charm in the Far East, powerful hunter and clean freaks, cute and playful, cats have been our companions for at least 4 millennia and today they survive a moment of great popularity for their huge presence and thanks to the wide web.
Already the protagonist of fairy tales, legends, novels and short stories, our cats have found a place of honor in comics from the very beginning.

Among the first cats to appear in cartoons and comics, Crazy Cat Conceived by the designer in 1910 George Harriman And starred in the Crazy Cat and Ignatus Mouse comic strip series since 1913, then in 1917. Felix the catOf Auto Mesmer And from Julius the cat Made in 1922 Walt Disney and UB IWorks. Since then, cats of all kinds and kinds have appeared in animation and comics, lazy, cunning, cuddly.

To write a history of cats in comics, will need a complete encyclopedia and a special series, in this episode we will limit ourselves to presenting. Some comics dedicated to cats Which we missed in previous episodes, while on the Rete55 portal, at this link, we take advantage of Make a list – Comics starring our cat friends – far from complete.

In this episode:

She and her cat – of Subas YamaguchiFrom small Makoto Shinkai. Version Dynet.
Miu lives alone and one rainy day he finds the kitten Chobi and decides to adopt her. The story is told through the cat’s eyes and tells us about the bond that is gradually formed between him and his human partner. A story of everyday life that tells emotions and feelings with refined simplicity and poetry.

She and her cat – by Tsubasa Yamaguchi, from Makoto Shinkai’s short film. Dynit version.

Leonid – of Frederick Bremwood And Stefano Turconi. Version Star Comics.
A breathtaking adventure to have as a hero Leonid, A brave country kitten, and a group of his friends. For Leonid and the other cats, life goes smoothly until a series of events aggravates the situation and Leonid has to prove his worth by getting involved. An eventful adventure and skillfully designed by one Stefano Turconi In top form, which will appeal to readers large and small.

Leonid – by Frederick Bremwood and Stefano Tarkoni. Star Comics Edition.

What is Michael?Miao version – of Makoto Kobayashi. Version Star Comics.
The beautiful cat, created by Master Makoto Kobayashi in 1984, is back in Italy, famous for its animated series. “Hi, I’m Michael“Released in 1988. In each of the 5 volumes, and the sixth unpublished volume that makes up the series, many short stories, including scenes from everyday life and episodes of fantasy, starring Michael as a bizarre, funny, funny cat like no other. Other!

Michael Ki – Miao Edition – by Makoto Kobayashi. Star Comics Edition.

Cats on roller skates – of Carla AngelIllustrated by Carolina Grossa. ELI-La Spiga Edigioni Lilliput Series.
A nice book written in capital letters to help kids learn to read while having fun with the modern reinterpretation of the classic puss in boots.

Cat in Roller Skate – by Carla Angel, illustrated by Carolina Grosser. ELI-La Spiga Edigioni Lilliput Series.

Where is Nero’s cat house? – of Pino PaceIllustrated by Isabella Great. ELI-La Spiga Edigioni Lilliput Series. Another cat story about learning to read. This time the protagonist is Nero, a cat that goes to discover the outside world but in the end always comes home!

Where is Nero’s cat house? – Illustrated by Pinocchio, by Isabella Grot. ELI-La Spiga Edigioni Lilliput Series.

Isle of Cats – Board games Frank West. Version City of Games. A management board game where you have to save the cat as much as possible before the villain arrives Lord disguised. Each cat is represented by a unique tile and belongs to one family, you need to find a way for all of them to stay in your boat while keeping the families together. 1 to 4 players eligible to play.

The Isle of Cats – Frank West’s board game. City of Games Edition.

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