The movie hall is a joy for the eyes and for the little ones

Based on Aaron Blabe’s children’s book series, To Bad is a new DreamWorks animation production that chronicles the crazy adventures and adventures of a gang of animal robbers. Known to everyone as “too bad”, however, they have to prove that they can change.

Italian dubbing comedians Andrea Peroni (Wolf), Eduardo Ferrari (Snake), Valerio Lundini (Piranha), Francesco de Carlo (Shark), Margherita Vicario (Webbs) and Savario Raimondo (Professor Marmerata).

Too bad, photo plot

I am a group of very bad criminals who constantly burn the city with the sound of robbery and theft. These ethnographic anti-heroes are snakes, a vicious snake with powerful ability to break, piranha, a mad and aggressive piranha, webs, a hacker tarantula, shark, a shark that specializes in disguise, and wolf, wolf leader criminal. Together they make no mistake and are the most wanted group of super-villains in the world by the police. One day, however, they decide to go further, trying to steal the Golden Dolphin, a very hard blow that marked the end of the career of the greatest thieves in history. Even the worst will, in fact, be framed and imprisoned but, instead of going to jail, they will follow the path of recovery with Professor Jam, the benevolent guinea pig of good nature and “good Samaritan” equal superiority, who promises to transform the team into “very good”. To do. This generous re-education activity thwarts the gang’s plans and creates internal conflict, but it can be an opportunity for real change.


Lots of action, lots of multiplication

DreamWorks is one of the most important film production houses in history. These films, very enjoyable and full of subtext aimed at young but preferred adult audiences, were followed by another “meeting” episode with feature films such as Kung Fu Panda or How to Train Your Dragon. Since the takeover by Universal in 2016, however, we know that DreamWorks has taken a path that prioritizes and openly targets children. This premise is taken, a pretty good example of the worst: a simple plot, easily recognizable character, embarrassment and slapstick gag, constant twists and lots of chase. The target audience is probably used to justify some choice – especially the narrative – which is really lazy in terms of predictions, and the moral game is very easy with very bad-very good contrasts. However, the “animated” effects that predominate the film are a joy to watch from an animation perspective and easy to enchant for anyone, regardless of age. Director Pierre Perifel, a DreamWorks animator for almost 15 years, rediscovered his traditional freehand training and created a film that combines CGI and 2D elements that work perfectly. The characters are aided by characterization and not the slightest beautiful and expressive 2D eyes and with a typical cartoonish cut by mouth and animated scenes – such as chases and fights – great for speed and “punch” dynamics. This is not an unprecedented choice; Spider-Man: The hatred of Spider-Man is obvious, but the courage and quality of the DreamWorks choice (which will be revived in Puss in Boots 2: The Last Wish, October 2022) is thicker than Disney’s. To see again.

The cast of the great Italian comedians who dubbed the film also has its advantages and disadvantages: Eduardo Ferrari – perhaps no one could have predicted – did not disappoint, and in fact one of the most impressive voices in the film (which is the snake), Saverio Raimondo (English) Less interesting is Andrea Peroni (Wolf) and other very scholastic voices, certainly not for the fault of voice actors-comedians.

Too bad so a comedy made up of dynamic, twisted, gags, parody of the spy-police world and very beautiful anthropological characters committed to redefining themselves to escape from prison. If the moral “doesn’t confine itself to outward appearances” and the bad-good contrast can be very simple, the film remains a triumph of color, humor, and above all action that manages to entertain in a big way.

Rating: 6.5

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