The Oscars return to the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. Italy frustrated (P. Tenorio)

The screen has just closed for the 94th edition of the most anticipated film event of the year. Even the last lights on the Hollywood Boulevard went out and its famous red carpet on which the bright stars of the Hollywood sky were paraded, the only place where the stars do not shine in the sky, but on a red carpet seen tonight from Andrew Garfield to Venus Williams, Louis Fonseca, Troy. Judy Dench for “Belfast”, one of the evening presenters Simu Liu, Ariana de Bose, timeless Kevin Costner. Penelope Cruz, Jessica Chastain, Denzel Washington. The Dolby Theater has finally returned to Los Angeles this evening, so we can say that Oscar is back home.

Now, year after year, the most awaited evening by filmmakers around the world has been hosted by a special team of Hollywood stars, and what happened in the 2018 edition presented by Jimmy Kimmel has not been done by another presenter. This year, instead, for the first time, three of the presenters were women, officially invited to lead the most important show of the show, they were the three female personalities who honored the stars on the most awaited night stage. All year round. They have a lot of experience presenting presentations: Schumer led the MTV Movie Awards in 2015; The BET Award in 2019 is; Known for Sykes and his talk shows at the GLAAD Media Awards 2018, very popular abroad, these names are the specialty of the comedy genre. Regina Hall, The actress, after all, is known to the general public for her Brenda character, the best friend of the protagonist of the story Horror movies. He has already hosted some event nights and his latest successful work is “Nine Perfect Strangers” (streaming on Amazon Prime). Amy Schumer A disrespectful and direct comic actress and one of the most famous writers in the United States, her stand-up comedy shows are very popular on Netflix where she has shown that she is also a great actress. And finally Wanda PsycherAccustomed to presenting Hollywood Awards evenings, one of the first black writers to win the most prestigious international award, such as Emery. But his career as a comedian was also amazing The Upshaw Netflix or In Good fight On Amazon Prime.

This 94th edition of the Oscars has a lot of novelty, one of the top of the category innovation as a sound mile. In this edition, first, after the most intense phase of the epidemic, this night of the stars, the film must have won the 2022 Oscar. “The sign of the heart is the tail
CODA is an international acronym for Children of Deaf adults (born in 1983 in the United States and was chosen to refer to hearing-impaired parents of deaf parents). And the poem tells the story of a deaf-mute family and their only hearing daughter, teenage Ruby, who loves to sing, an emotion that goes against the disability of the rest of her family and so it doesn’t make sense to be a hero first and foremost, following her dream. To do so, find yourself at a crossroads. So CODA is a journey on the human voice and its absence, it is a film about perception and allows us to realize how much noise we live in and get lost in, while silence allows a man, a rude looking father to hear his daughter’s emotions. She puts her hand on her heart and sings.

Of all the technicalities, the one that won the most awards. “Hill

Many new features this year, of course, include, for the first time in the history of the event, the Jean Champion in the Best Director category, the first woman to receive two nominations, and the first woman to win two. Repeatedly desired idol

On the other hand, this year’s nominations are painted in green, white and red, but without statues: “It was the hand of God.” Paolo Sorrentino as best foreign film, Matteo Cantini Parrini for costume “CyranoBy “Joe Wright. And Enrico Casarosa”LukaFor the best animated feature film produced by Pixar. But unfortunately, like the last edition, Italy did not win any idols this year.

However, for Italy the Oscar evening is always a great success because there is not a version where the great Italian fashion is not the hero of both the red carpet and the formal hall, but from Valentino to Prada to Versace to Armani to Gucci Dolls and Gabbana.

As we said at the outset, two years after the epidemic, at the decision of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts, they returned to the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles and this time in attendance.
This year, however, the Academy has added a new section on the sound of candidate films, so we’ve got 23 statues with “Best Sound”. So a great evening full of glamor, beauty and art, an art with a capital A that makes us forget for a moment the harsh reality that in recent years we have all survived from the epidemic to the war in Ukraine where Oscar Eve. Dedicating a minute of silence, it is bad that this intention against violence came after the Oscar-winning actor’s best star of the evening, Will Smith, clashed with his colleague Chris Rock as an advocate of a punch live after the Oscar-winning actor’s irrational response. Of course unhappy jokes. The only controversial note of the evening in the name of democracy and non-violence was also a theme in Will Smith’s speech.

In conclusion, I would like to conclude that the academy wanted to save for “Godfather”, On the 50th anniversary of the first release of the cinema hall. Probably the most exciting moment when three great heroes appeared on stage, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro and Francis Ford Coppola alone filled the entire stage of the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles and stood in front of the audience, the director of the masterpiece. The film thanks Mario Pujo, author of the novel from which the film was written.

Oscar 94th Night Awards:

Best Movies: – CODA is a heart symptom that collects three nominations and receives many awards. My prestigious award will be presented by Lady Gaga and the legendary Liza Minelli, a woman of unparalleled talent, a Hollywood witness who faced nothing but Hollywood that faced great art whose main character was Andy Warhol.

Best Hero Actor – Will Smith in the victorious family – King Richard

Best Protagonist Actress – Jessica Chastain was the undisputed talent artist of Anthony Hopkins to provide the famous statue in The Eyes of Tammy Faye.

Best Supporting Actor – At CODA, Troy Kutser is the second hearing-impaired actor to win an Academy Award after signing thanks to everyone and dedicating the award to the entire CODA community.

Best Supporting Actress – Ariana de Bose, For Anita’s role in Steven Spielberg’s Modern West Side Story. Collect the Oscars after a wonderful red Valentino costume

Best Directions – Jane Campion was the first woman to be nominated for The Power of the Dog and the Oscar for Best Director. The Magnifina woman who announced that if she were a director today, she would be indebted to the great Lina Wartmুলller who encouraged her when she was still a student and had the honor of meeting her on a monographic course in film directing.

Best Non-Original Screenplay – Sean Header “CODA Heart Symptoms”

Best Original Script – Kenneth Branagh “Belfast”

Best Scenarios – Patrice Vermet for “Dunn.”

The best clothes – Jenny Bevan – “Cruella”

Best Soundtrack – Hans Zimmer – “Dunn”

Best Original Song – No Time to Die to “No Time to Die”

Best Documentary – Summer of Soul

Best Documentary Short Film “The Queen of Basketball ”by Ben Proudfoot

Best animated film “Encanto” by Byron Howard and Jared Bush

Best animated short film By Alberto Milgo and Leo Sanchez.Windshield Wiper “

Best Live Shorts – Action – By Anil Karia and Riz AhmedGoodbye

Best Foreign Movies – “Drive My Car” by Raisuke Hamaguchi (Japan)

Best Photography – Greg Fraser “Dunn”

Better assembly – Joe Walker for “Dunn.”

The best makeup and wig – Linda Dowds, Stephanie Ingram and Justin Releh for “The Ice of Tammy Faye”

Best Words – Mark Ruth, Mark Mangini, Theo Green, Doug Hemphill and Ron Bartlett for “Dunn”

Best Special Effects – Hill The best special effects: Paul Lambert, Tristan Miles, Brian Connor and Gard Nefzer for “Dunn”

Paolo Tenorio

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