The story of Georgina, a dog tied to a boat in Sicily and the story of her trip to Turin

Georgina was born in Sicily in 2018 and she spent the first years of her life together with an older man who loved her, loving and caring for her every day. But when she was admitted to the hospital, Georgina found herself alone and her former owner handed her over to someone who did not take care of her.

In fact, he tied her to a boat on the beach without food or water, leaving her to a miserable fate. One evening, however, a girl was walking along the beach when she heard a dog barking desperately and saw a man angry on all fours, with no one knowing why. The girl called the police, and as the man quickly left, Georgina was kept safe.

At the time of discovery it weighed 10 kg, was very thin and full of parasites. His lean positivity towards leishmaniasis has also been found. Unfortunately, one of his legs was broken due to an injury he suffered in the past, forcing him to become a bit lustful while walking.

“At that moment, Georgina was cared for by some volunteers from the South, until, considering her delightful and important character, they asked us to take her to Turin to give her a chance to find a real family,” said Valeria Severini. NPA of Turin. So from Sicily she arrived at the Npa shelter a few months ago, and now weighs 15 kg, she is healthy and calm. “Georgina is a great little dog, compatible with both male and female dogs, sterile, eager to give and receive lots of hugs,” they continue from the kennel. He likes to be outside, play with volunteers, he is sociable and cheerful with everyone from the first meeting. But now he has to forget his sad abandonment on the beach and start a new life. For information: 011 262 0397.

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