This is how the world is seen in their eyes

One of the most frequently asked questions for those who like cats is to find out how they look because there are so many myths related to seeing our favorite cats.

Our cats always know how to surprise us but sometimes we realize that we don’t know everything about them. For example, there is a lot of talk about their eyesight, but not everyone knows how cats look! Get ready to find out by reading this article which will dispel all doubts and then if you want to know everything about the mysterious world of cats then watch this video full of curiosity, tips and news!

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How cats see: For a day we look at the world through their eyes

How many times have you bullied your cat, lying comfortably on the sofa, lazy or playful and anxious. For once, however, it’s up to you to put on your own cat shoes and try to find the answer to the question. How do they see cats? American artist Nicole Lam He tried and created a series of shots that compare the same scene seen with a human eye and a cat’s eye. This corner of the world and contemporary glimpse has become a fabulous exhibition created by Lamm! There is also an Instagram filter that enables you to reproduce your photos with reality and cat’s eye which gives you a feeling Cat look All photographic research Lam Based on scientific and reliable data, especially based on a medical study by ophthalmologists from the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Clinic who have conducted several studies on the philosophy of cats and on the advice of other experts, especially in the field of animal vision and cat vision. When a cat looks at something, it just sees the outlines blurred and some with blurry colors and others brighter, just like lame photos.
By reading this article you will be able to imagine how your cat sees the world and also How your cat sees It interacts with you and the object. Specifically, you will discover the details in terms of field of view, peripheral vision, distance vision and night vision!

How cats see: field of vision and peripheral vision, distance vision and night vision

CCat’s visual ampo It is 200 degrees, which is essential to see their prey satisfactorily. Human vision is small and 180 degrees. There are also differences in peripheral vision. Peripheral vision is the ability to look at the boundaries of one’s visual field without moving one’s head. This power Vision In cats without turning it is 30 degrees on each side of the visual field and in humans it is 20 degrees on each side. Compared to humans, cats focus Distant object With more effort. A man can see from a distance of 60 meters, while for cats the maximum distance for clear vision is six meters. At a distance of more than six meters The vision is more difficult, So we can say that cats see better from a distance than humans and suffer more from distant objects. If you are wondering how this difference between human eye and cat eye is possible, here is the answer you are looking for! The reason is Tapetum lucidum, Some vertebrates, even the cell layer behind the cat’s retina, increase the light retained by the retina. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Cat’s and dog’s eyes gleamed in the photo because of the shiny carpet – you must have noticed! Related Night vision, As we have said, it is highly developed in cats.
At night, a cat can see 6-8 times more than a human, not only because of the shiny carpet, but also because of the large number. Rod. Rods are retinal photoreceptors and are responsible for the ability to see when there is little light. Dark.
Cat-shaped dolls EllipticalAnd you certainly know They stretch Too dark and strong, can become too thin in intense or bright light. The Students Some cats behave like camera diaphragms and when it comes to night vision, no one really beats them!

How cats see: Let’s dispel the myth that they are color blind

In the past, the theory spread that cats Color blind And the eyes of dogs and cats cannot perceive any color, but live in black and white. Nothing more lies! As for vision Color Among cats we can say for sure that they distinguish blue, green, yellow and purple, but not Red Or orange and brown. The human eye sees color In a clear and defined way: The same thing does not happen in cats because the cone density is low (photoreceptors responsible for different color vision). fovea (Retina is a central region where visual acuity occurs). Unlike the human eye, the cat’s eye does not have a phobia but a central region of the retina Rod: Thanks for that Rod That cat can see moving objects and smaller prey than humans. The human eye, however, can see better what is moving slowly: something that moves slowly may seem stable to a cat when we can clearly see that it is actually moving slowly. Cats, but dogs also have more ability to see movement: their eyes, just like a dog’s eye can easily see what moves. You must have noticed that when you play together with a soft toy or a ball, your four-legged friends show a quick reflection. However, there are certain foods to improve cat’s vision and prevent cat’s eye problems, for example, as a result of cat aging or other pathology. Also Power supply Just like humans. Helps ensure your dog and cat have perfect eyesight!


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How cats will look and how to tell if your cat can no longer see well due to a medical condition or injury

As we have seen, cats can see Dark: Their night vision should always be perfect. But sometimes by observing your cat you can easily notice if something is wrong. To see if a cat is blind or unable to see properly, notice if it has been hit by something while walking. A blind cat is a confused cat that moves slowly: as you read in this article, their peripheral vision is very wide as well as Field of viewOr that standing in front of their eyes, that human being is superior. If your cat does not have good eyesight, it may have one DiseaseThere are many diseases characteristic of the cat’s eye, some not serious, such as simple Eye infections, Others can be more serious that lead to complete blindness. It is then necessary to evaluate whether the problem concerns only one eye or both eyes of your cat. In short, loss of sight if partial or complete. Always ask for your suspicions about the cat’s eye or any of your other problems Cats Or your dog, yours Veterinarian Trust those who will not only advise you on the most appropriate therapy and care but will also give you the best behavioral strategies for communicating with your cat. Even a cat Blind, With a careful and caring owner, he can get a normal and happy life. If your cat doesn’t see well, avoid words because they can scare them. If Missing Sight This is immediately due to a reason Trauma Immediately contact a veterinarian who specializes in cat eye diseases: some disorders can be successfully treated if you intervene immediately otherwise, wasting time you can confirm and render the treatment prescribed by the veterinarian useless. There Health Your cat is very important; Taking good care of the person you love is the first way to show love to your friend Four The legs!

If you really love animals, you have asked yourself a lot about them: Animals are an important part of our lives and our daily lives. Now you know what your cat can see around it and how it can look at all objects. Cats: As always, knowledge makes you more united, so from now on you and your cat will be more in tune!

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