Top 10 tennis players in Italian history

In the rewrite of the Wimbledon Chronicle, the alluring and oldest tennis tournament, an Italian was last summer, the first after 144 years of the trophy’s life. We are indebted to Matteo Beretini, a Roman tennis player who won a place in the men’s singles slam final for entering our flag on the world’s most prestigious tennis court.

At first sight there is not much love

In the case of women’s tennis, however, between Wimbledon and Neil, it seems that love never hurt at first sight, which has repeatedly given magical moments to other participating states, first of all, the states. Nevertheless, Italian pink tennis has enjoyed a golden year since 2000: between 2006 and 2013, our Italians won 4 and lost in the Fed Cup Women’s Davis final.

So, while still behind American or English tennis players, our representatives are making a great comeback, in particular, inspired by some of the best athletes of our day. Here we have the best tennis guides with the latest news and updates on the world of yellow ball, below we want to introduce you to those who have emerged as the best tennis players in the Italian scene.

Azzurre hero and winner

For the moment, Wimbledon still seems to be a goal within reach for our home tennis. Nevertheless, if the absolutely positive trend of women’s tennis in recent years continues like this, the distances are close to shrinking. Sport is always a world where everything is possible. Meanwhile, Europe’s most anticipated tournament is making significant trade deals in terms of upcoming events, with the finger crossing, Italy could emerge with one of the best athletes of the moment.

Now let’s see which pink tennis names have won the highest award in recent decades. We deliberately keep ourselves generous over time in order to include some acclaimed tennis players who have literally made history on both the Italian and international courts.

  1. Silvana Lazzarino
    With Silvana Lazarino, we are in full recovery, after World War II, in the turn of the 50’s and 60’s. Double winners of 10 titles, even in singles tennis, Lazarino has won 15 tournaments (including Monte Carlo) and allowed people to talk about themselves. At the top of his career were two semifinals at Internazionale d’Italia and one at Roland Garros.
  2. Leah Pericoli
    A tennis player who moved at the same time as Lazarino, Pericoli stood for her elegance and femininity both on the tennis court and in everyday life; Not surprisingly, the famous sports commentator and journalist Gianni Clarisi nicknamed her “Divina”. Pericoli, in addition to surpassing the world of tennis as a true queen, is still the Italian tennis player who has won the highest number of titles, winning 27, both singles and doubles.
  3. Sandra Chechini
    Let’s take a step back in time with Sandra Chechini of Bologna. Winning 12 tournaments between the 80’s and 90’s, we can define it as the most difficult time for Italian women’s tennis. Chechnya won the semifinals of Internazionale D’Italia and the quarter-finals of Roland Garros.
  4. Rafaela Reggie
    One of the two Italian tennis players to win the Internazionale D’Italia after the war. Reggie won both singles and doubles (together with Sandra Chechini) in 1985. Reported in 1986, Ragi won a medal at the medal table, 5 singles, 3 doubles and one mixed doubles among the various awards. Grand Slam in mixed doubles at US Open.
  5. Sylvia Farina Elia
    From the 90’s to the early 2000’s, singles tennis Sylvia had her best hopes on Farina Elijah, and Milanis did it for good reason with three WTA wins in her pocket. Farina Elijah must recognize eight doubles titles and qualify Italy to be in the first group of the Fed Cup.
  6. Sara Errani
    He competed in the infamous doubles match with Roberta Vinci, with whom he won 27 tournaments, taking first place in the best rankings. We have 10 Iranian singles wins from Romagna, including 3 Fed Cups, a Roland Garros final and a US Open semifinal. Despite his illustrious career, the tennis player seems to have moved out of the office in 2016 due to a doping problem, which helped him stop appearing on the court.
  7. Roberta Vinci
    Roberta Vinci, Sarah Erranti’s Tarantine tennis partner in doubles, is most likely involved in the 2015 US Open final defeat. However, in his career, he has won 10 singles tournaments, including 4 Fed Cups and 25 titles in doubles. . Vinci also won a career Grand Slam with 5 wins, fitting first place in the rankings for a long time.
  8. Francesca Schiavone
    The first Italian tennis player to win a grand slam at the Roland Garros in 2010, Milanese Schiavone is leading our women’s tennis team of the year. Winner of 8 singles titles and 7 doubles, and 3 Fed Cup winners, always appearing at least in all Grand Slam quarter finals, Schiavone is the highest ranked Italian tennis player in the history of the game.
  9. Flavia Penetta
    He retired from the stage at the very top of his career after winning the US Open. Flavia Panetta has won 11 singles titles, 17 doubles, and the American Indian Wells Tournament. It reached the top spot in the doubles rankings, which has inspired many young tennis players of our day. Currently, he is a candidate for the 2022 Hall of Fame.
  10. Gabriela Sabatini
    Gabriela Sabatini, one of the best tennis players in the world, was born in Argentina and gained Italian citizenship in 2003 through her grandfather, David Sabatini. He has won 41 titles in his career. He was inducted into the Tennis Hall of Fame in 2006 and in 2018 he was ranked 20th on Tennis Magazine’s list of the best tennis players of the last 50 years.

Italian women’s tennis clubs can therefore expect better next season. The road to success seems to be unfolding more clearly on the horizon, making our women’s tennis exciting and full of news like never before.

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