Ukrainian doctors and nurses, two thousand ways. Veneto wanted 250

Arrival of health professionals Fiumicino from Ukraine

Two thousand doctors and nurses fleeing Ukraine ready to work in Italy – Where usually their degrees and diplomas are not recognized after a long transition process -, Thank you for the advance given by the government with the decree of March 21. The provision allows, Until March 4, 2023Temporary practice of professional qualifications in health and social and health care for professionals living in Ukraine Before February 24, 2022 (The day Russia declared war, Ed) Who want to practice in national territory, public or private health or social health facilities. Relevant health structures may move forward with the temporary recruitment of these professionals, Eligible European passport for refugees with fixed term agreement – The decree continues the law – or with the appointment of free professionals with integrated and continuous cooperation. The structures then provide regional and professional orders, including the names of the health professionals to be hired.

Italian Foreign Medical Association

Convenient by following the story andAssociation of Foreign Physicians in ItalyPresident Fod Audi, a member of Fnomceo’s Global Health Commission, Federation of Medical Order, said: “Most requests come from Ukrainian professionals. Puglia, Calabria, Sicily and Veneto250 ready to rent, Especially nurses For rest rooms but also for emergency rooms and clinics, public and private. Since 95% of the 2,000 health workers are women Men between the ages of 18 and 60 cannot leave Ukraine (They are called to arms, Ed) There are several people beside them Psychologist. Hospitals, RSAs and clinics are working to verify a number of documents and qualifications and to organize intensive Italian courses. We have asked the Italian government to work alongside Russian health workers who have fled their country – Fouad Audi added. It will be a good sign of peace, because those who are already here are being discriminated against by colleagues and patients. Here, in terms of discrimination, but this time Italian health workers have been suspended from work and pay for damages because there is no wax, Ukrainians will have to fight anti-covid, if they have not already done so at home. Where only 26% of the vaccinated population. It is agreed that Ukrainian health professionals must be vaccinated against Kovid in order to work – Andrea Costa, undersecretary of health, has dismissed the suspicion. Refugee status imposes an obligation on them to respect Italian law. There is no dispute – the health minister, Roberto Speranza, has confirmed – that when it comes to quality professionalism, it is right to keep them at the service of the people.

Staff contributions

Even from one kind of perspective Have to. Although the numbers are still very small, health workers can contribute to reducing the long-term national situation of the low-labor crisis fleeing the war. It is possible to improve the life expectancy of Ukrainian colleagues and at the same time respond to the shortcomings of our operators, albeit to a small extent.Anao Asomed, Hospital initials. In this humanitarian catastrophe, everyone must do their part – he declares Giovanni Leoni, Surgeon, President of the Venice Medical Association and National Deputy – It is meaningless to talk of solidarity if it is not implemented. I am ready to work with the Ukrainian white coat, it will be a professional and cultural exchange. As for the vaccine, it must be taken to practice medicine and health care in Italy. The first two Ukrainian nurses to be welcomed, at Jessolo for an advantage, Roberto Volpe, President of Uripar (Regional Union of the Organization for the Elderly): Full availability, we welcome them with open arms, but do not think that the path of entry is walking in the park. The bureaucracy for setting up documents is long, as well as the process of learning the Italian language and the reality of our work. I hope that despite all these efforts, Ukrainian operators will remain here, they can also help rescue and vaccinate their compatriots.

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