We adopted a cat. How to start with the right foot

By Andrea Vantadori, Counselor of Coexistence and Relationships with Cats
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Finally, after much research and many hours of spreading doubt and confusion, perhaps overcoming the disbelief of some members of our family, we have found the cat of our lives. In all likelihood, the cat has chosen us! If we have never had a cat around our home, there are some simple, but important, precautions we need to take. A good coexistence begins with preparation. We should not give up anything for the sake of opportunity. Whether Misio comes from an association, from a municipal caterer, or, if it is a purebred cat, from a canal, we must plan every step of the adoption.

First, let’s prepare the house so that Micio can find all the basic resources he needs Kennels, beds, scratches and gym, bowls and fountains, hygienic boxes, in short, whatever you need. Remember? We have already talked about this in the last article. Once this is done, we mark a room in our home that is welcoming but not too big and it can accommodate our new family member for at least the first few days and where he can find everything he needs.

You may be wondering, why do I have to separate Misio in a room when he has a nice and big comfortable house? After all, Micio alone, he should not even compete for space and resources with other cats. The answer is simple. We have to go step by step. We try to get close to it by thinking like a cat and trying to observe the world like that. Suppose Micio is a beautiful foundling. He was rescued by an association that probably rescued him from a difficult context that somehow tried him. She was cared for by volunteers who kept her warm and sheltered in a great stall. He played for a few weeks and interacted with people who became his reference point. His world was that stagnation. At one point he was left in a pet carrier and taken to our home. Beautiful and welcoming but it is, for Micio, an unknown and undiscovered territory. It has lost all points of reference. Especially olfactory.

How would you feel if, all of a sudden, you were taken and taken to an unknown city, to live in a new house, never seen before, to meet new people who do not speak your language? Here I imagine. We are terrified or at least discouraged and confused. For a cat, everything is more complicated and annoying. Inch by inch it takes time to know the new territory. Hours will pass, and you will notice it, sniffing every single edge, rubbing your cheeks with every piece of your furniture. New and undiscovered territory, for a cat, is a potential source of threat. Obviously it’s not, but he doesn’t know it. Our job is to keep her comfortable and to give her a chance to slowly learn about her new world.

If we want to start on the right foot, we can plan some periodic visits to the place where Missio is kept before taking her home. A nice move is to bring something that smells like the house where it should be. We can also leave some clothing to our cat, if it can be worn for a few days in close contact with the skin. A dress for those who stay with us. This will make your cat move more by making our scents a little less out of place.

The day of adoption comes. We try to plan this time well in advance. Let’s do this as soon as we have free time from all our promises. Let’s take a few days off or take our cat home on the weekends. It is important that we stay at home for at least a few days to take care of Mysore. That doesn’t mean staying on top of it. Being free from commitment will help the cat to hear the first hour of our insertion, to hear what the normal sounds of our daily lives are like at home. The first few hours are essential for getting used to Micio.

When we take the cat home in the carrier, let’s go straight to his new house. We calm the environment and do not over-illuminate. We put the pet carrier on the floor and once open we leave the room. We leave the cat alone. He will be able to get out of his career, don’t worry. But let him do it at his own pace. We brought home a blanket so she could sleep. A familiar scent will help him calm down. We keep one or two boxes in the room where cats can take shelter if they hear any noise or fear at our entrance. If it falls under the bed or behind a piece of furniture, we do not try to flush it (of course, it does not have to be in a tight place where it can get stuck). We should never force physical contact. He may not be seen for the first twenty-four hours. After the first day we can start entering the regular room. Let them feel our presence and our scent. Let’s sit on the ground and read a good book. Rest assured that Micio will notice us.

Obviously if we follow all the advice for conscious adoption we will not face a cat frostbite or special problem. If he already knows our scents before we get home, you’ll see that he’ll let us know when he’s ready to meet us. Game is definitely the best way to plot a cat. We use a long tube with a mouse or feather attached to the bottom. If Kitty starts playing smoothly, we’re fine. If all goes well we can start bringing the cat out of his house. We do it step by step, little by little. Let’s make it so that he can explore a room at once and not at once. He will be interested by the sound and smell. It will mark itself rubbing on every available surface. It’s important that it does it and we don’t clean where it rubs. This will help the cat to feel comfortable and create a chemical and olfactory map of its new territory. Get ready, in a few days you will be his guest! For the first time, it was suggested that Missio stay home at night. This will help him to feel calm.

If at any time he walks around the house in a calm and relaxed manner, you have done a great job. Try to create positive behaviors throughout the day. Be predictable, consistent and positive when interacting with your cat. This will help your coexistence and create a peaceful relationship. If you have a large family, be sure to involve all members in this delicate but equally exciting fetching process. Remember to be patient and persevere. We are dealing with a living entity. Let’s honor him and let him know how to reward us.

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