WTA 1000 Miami, Bronzetti does not take advantage of a match point and then exits: Saville enters quarterfinals

I dreamed with a lot of regret Lucia BronjettiEntered the main draw Miami Open Like a lucky loser. Gives romagna Daria Seville With a score of 5-7 6-4 7-5 at the end of a 3 hour lasting fight. The Australian will advance to the quarter-finals after winning, where he will face off Belinda Bensic Or Alexandra Sasnovich. After a great comeback in the first set and serving for the match in the third set, Bronze Manages to reach match points in response, however Seville He saves himself first with a great one and then uses all the inertia in his favor to end the game.

Foul starts the first set Bronze, Who immediately got into trouble with the service. Making a forehand mistake, he concedes two consecutive break points Seville: Blue first cancels out of service with a good forehand, but then misses the length with the help of the backhand and gets a break in the opening. With authority the Australians secured the advantage and went up 2-0. In the next game Bronze Manages to reach 40-0 and then makes three mistakes in a row, also due to tough defense Seville, Who, after canceling the ball in the fourth game, receives and then takes advantage of the possibility of a double break. In the fourth game, Australia has a bit of indecision and a lot of attention Bronze In response, tennis players from Rimini assisted in the break and the first game of the match. Its smudges Seville And it’s good to keep the blue bar in the fifth game, recovering from 0-30, to go closer to 3-2. Seville Still managed to stay ahead, but thanks for serving Bronze Don’t leave it. The Australians could close 5-0 in this forward set. Reaches 40-15, but then four consecutive forehand errors e Bronze Complete hooking on 5-5. Romagna, however, returns by mistake and concedes three break points. He recovered from 0-40 for the survey and for the first time he went partially ahead. Seville Suffers psychological reactions and nullifies the bar with two double fouls. Bronze He then closed the first set at 7-5 with a series of 9 points in a row after canceling two set points.

In the first game of the second set Bronze He goes to Survey 40-0 and then lets himself recover, but he doesn’t get distracted and stops playing. Seville Gives a quick break in the second game and draws the score 1-1. The Australians then took a 2-1 lead in the second chance. With some luck, he confirmed the break and brought the result to 3-1. Seville It resists strong and even difficult moments in service: it cancels a break point in the sixth and eighth games. Bronze It’s better not to let it escape, but he can’t find it. An easy game for the Australians took the game to the third set.

Seville He also started ahead in the crucial part, snatching the opening service. Its forehand Bronze And Neil’s reaction came immediately, who counteracted and then went ahead 2-1. In the fourth game Bronze Forcing the Australians to take advantage, but resisting and bringing the score to 2-2. Romagna returns to serve with a very high percentage and fails to influence the Australian response. With the same firmness Seville, Although some more difficulties, it stays awake. The break comes in the eighth game: 30-0, Bronze Hitting with forehand and coming back to 30-30, the Australian made a mistake and conceded a break point. At the end of an incredible exchange, Blue stopped with a smash and could serve 5-3 ahead. He managed to get between the two points of the match, but then made two mistakes with the forehand Seville Stay in the game. However, the pressure is still on the Australians, who won the first point of the game but later made two serious mistakes. With a great lobe he avoided double match points and an ace Seville Leads 5-5 balls. Bronze Resists and takes the game to the advantage. The Australian makes a mistake with the backhand and the Romagna player gets a match point. Save you first with a great Seville And then complete the docking. Bronze He is discouraged, when the Australians seem to have regained confidence: a break at zero comes which takes him to serve 6-5 at the match. At 30, Seville Shuts down the game and sends the match to the archive.

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