A Premier Paddle: First Major in Doha from today

A new era of international paddles is now… Monday at 1pm, 2pm Italian time at the Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex in Doha. Take the main draw of the first historic major in the Premier Paddle CircuitTycoon Nasser Al-Khelaifi was created by the Qatar Sports Investment and the Association of Professional Athletes (PPA) in collaboration with the International Paddle Federation.

A huge bet aimed at revolutionizing the world of professional paddleAnd after signing multiple prestigious agreements with the world’s most important broadcasters, it presents a product of the highest profile, including the beauty of the প্রধান 525,000 prize money, like the four heads of the calendar. The best quality certification possible came from the playersGiven that all the big names in the international paddle are on the first date, except for Augustine Tapia and Miguel Lamperti, the equipment is blocked due to a deal with sponsor Knox. But it’s a very small sesame on a board – 56 pairs – they’re full.

At the moment, the FIP ranking is valid, which corresponds to the World Paddle Tour (still briefly) so The top picks are the same as the other three tournaments played so far in 2022, with Galan / Lebron and Navarro / Di Nenno as the main favorites.. The two will arrive in Qatar after Sunday’s final in Vigo and will compete in the second round on Tuesday. On Monday, however, all 24 first-round matches will be played on five grounds, from which eight strong pairs have been exempted.

On paper, changing labels (from the World Paddle Tour to the Premier Paddle) should not change the hierarchy, but there are multiple questions related to the state of the game, due to the fact that Vigo is indoor to Doha outdoor, and Couples who came farthest in Spain inevitably had less time to adjust. Also, the new environment that reigns in Qatar, combined with a prize pool never seen before in the paddle tournament, could stimulate many outsiders who see the possibility of winning heavy points immediately to enter a whole new level.

Among the top couples in Tapia’s absence, The only change worries Sanio Guterres: without a partner, Argentina decides to play alongside his nephew AugustineNumber 43 in the world rankings, with which he formed the seventh seeding formation.

The scoreboard extends to 56 pairs (never more than 32 on the World Paddle Tour). This will be a great opportunity for many players who usually start themselves from the preview or pre-preview.This time they started with exactly the same opportunity as the Giants, without the obligation to win three to six matches in the preliminary round to get a chance to face them. An innovation that seems to reduce – at least a little – the gap between big names and everyone else, and for a greater balance..

Oredu Qatar Major 2022
Original Draw – Qualifying Draw – LiveScore Match

In Doha, Italy is also smiling, due to the fact that the main draw of the first Premier Paddle Tournament also has three ajuris, capable of passing two qualifying rounds (32 couples for 8 places). A historic result for Ricardo Cinicropy and Daniel Catanio, as it never happened that an all-Italian couple reached the main draw of a professional tournament at the highest level. (Includes World Paddle Tour). A small achievement is that two players from the national team, who decided to join the force in early 2022, won two sets thanks to two wins: Saturday 6-3 6-1 against Arkansas / Lopez and Sunday 7-5 against Rodriguez / Solar. 1. Too bad that the original draw corn didn’t smile at him, Ramiro Moano and Juan Cruz tied the knot with Beluati, the 12th couple in the draw.. It will not be easy.

Italian-Argentine (and current national champion) Marcelo Capitani also qualifies, Who teamed up with legendary Gonzalo “Godo” Diaz for the show. A highly experienced pair – almost 46 years old, about 42 years old – who used their experience to win a long fight against Frenchman Jeremy Sketena and Spaniard Adria Mercadal in the decisive round, leading 7-6 in the third. For the debut in the main draw against Pedro Vera and Jos Marিয়াa Moulia: A Conflict That Is Impossible. However, there is nothing to be done for the other three blue couples: Cremona / Cassetta fell into the qualifying round of the qualifiers, while Cutto / Scala and De Giovanni / Salandro lost their debuts.

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