An Ohio cat attracts everyone on the web without one eye and no nose and finds a special adoption

Her name is Egbert and she has become a star on social networks for her physical features. It all started when the Fairfield Area Human Society Shelter in Lancaster, Ohio, wrote a Facebook post last week to tell the story of this kitten, hoping to help her find a home.

“Egbert is a two-year-old cat and he is a little angel. He was born without eyes and without a nostril, but nothing stops him from sniffing!», They wrote from the shelter. Includes: “She loves to hug and get along well with other cats, dogs and babies. He likes to slap his head and stretch his neck so that he can scratch. And finally he follows everyone as if he were their shadow. “

According to Asylum, Egbert may have a serious illness that requires ongoing treatment. “Her previous family noticed she had occasional seizures, but we didn’t notice them because she was still with us,” they say. And again: “If he is adopted, we will keep in close contact with the new family to continue monitoring him and he will probably be treated for epilepsy, if he is diagnosed.”

However, the Facebook post has caught the attention of many animal lovers and many from different parts of the world have written positive comments about it. In less than a day, Egbert’s story spread on the web and a happy ending was written: the cat had found a family to live in and could serve as an example for promoting heart-rearing, always present in all shelters.

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