Avoiding monogamy: Here’s how to rekindle a relationship

L.And long-term relationships run the risk of being crushed on a daily basis. But there are some strategies to keep the flame of love burning and to avoid the monotony of the couple

Love is like a tree: it must be cultivated. To keep it healthy and Avoid couple monotony, You have to pay attention and promise. Longer relationships are more likely to fall into the trap than fresh stories.

On the one hand there is the worry of victory and no curiosity to know each other. There is stability, understanding and complexity based on the years spent together. However, the love that is firmly established can run the risk of falling into routine, which is dangerous for the relationship. Therefore, it can be effective to break down daily life with little attention which allows you to avoid the monotony of the couple.

Don’t plan everything

In the case of long-term relationships, it is inevitable that you will find yourself in the habit of organizing your daily life, housework and mundane “duties” (lunch with each other’s parents, etc.). However, to avoid the couple’s monotony, try to leave more room for improvement if possible. In this case, you will feel a sense of independence and spontaneity which will make the routine less irresistible.

Advanced Trip

In this case, another way to avoid the couple’s monotony is to properly create something that breaks the routine. For example, a nice trip, even just a weekend, is a surprise. If for various reasons it is difficult (but not too much) to organize a weekend away from home, even a trip outside the city can work. For example, instead of going to lunch with one or the other’s parents, offer a trip. Walking in the mountains, traveling to a medieval village, whatever you want. You will find that it takes very little time to break the mold.

Try new activities together

Still about innovation, you can try a new business together. Choose something that is new and that may arouse the curiosity of both of you, be it sports, cooking classes, smelters, etc. The important thing is that none of us have tried it before and it is an opportunity to share something new and revive chemistry. It also helps the couple avoid monotony.

Pay attention to details

In long-term relationships, the risk of falling into the habit often involves focusing on the little things. Not because you love each other less, but because “physically” you both may think that victory is over. To avoid the monotony of the couple, however, continue to cultivate small attention to trigger a virtuous circle that makes the couple stronger. You can arrange a romantic candlelit dinner (even at home), or even give your partner a little gift, just to see him smile. Still, sometimes just a post-it gets stuck on the bulletin board with a tender or funny thought, a note in your pocket … a great way to remind you how much you love the person you share your life with.

Do not neglect pampering

Another thing that can be allowed in a long relationship is the gentle gestures, such as kissing and hugging. If you want to avoid the monotony of a couple, you should not forget it, although it is certainly not the first time you have exchanged these gestures of love. Instead, try resuming these loving habits, even suddenly and without any apparent reason. Physical contact, especially between intimate people, offers many benefits that are definitely good for both us and the couple.

  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Improves mood
  • It instills confidence and security
  • Increase self-esteem
  • It provides additional health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure or improving the immune system and cardiovascular health.

Take care of yourself

If you don’t love yourself, you can hardly love anyone else. Love for your partner begins with your own, which should be given the importance you deserve. To avoid the monotony of the couple, be sure to take care of yourself from an emotional and purely physical point of view. Don’t forget that you are not just a wife (or partner, perhaps a mother), you are first and foremost a man and a woman. If you take care of yourself and you feel good, comfortable with yourself, you will send more blessings to your partner and if you take care of yourself, you will feel better about yourself, you will feel more comfortable and it will be a couple. Positive effect.

Experience new ideas in bed

In order to avoid the monotony of the couple, attention should also be paid to intimacy. Sexuality, in fact, is both the cause and effect of a long-term relationship routine. This does not mean that who knows what extreme habits are being tested: sometimes it is enough to treat yourself to a sexy outfit (which is good for your self-esteem, even before pleasing her), try different foreplay games or use sex toys. The important thing is to talk about it and what you both want to feel.

Keep separate spaces

Even if you have a long-term relationship and are together, you don’t have to be together all the time! To avoid the couple’s monotony, you should try to create separate spaces, be it a date with friends, a gym class or anything else.


Communication should never be neglected if the couple wants to avoid monotony. No matter how busy and tired you are, at least every two weeks (or more often, if you can) try to create a place for the two of you to talk. TV off, kids in bed, no confusion. Setting up a regular appointment to share thoughts, concerns, expectations, etc. will prevent you from staying together without talking, as if you were just a roommate.

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