Basketball, Milan falls to pesaro in overtime. Sassari defeated Trento, defeated Tristo at home

Milan lost after extra time against Pesaro and Vertus Bologna were found just two points away, Trento and Trieste also fell and Darthona were part of the third group. The 14th day of Serie A basketball ensured a great balance in the rows and a sense of record, the invaluable achievement of Fortitudo Bologna in Naples.

Go to Milan in extra time

Pesaro, after the last race held on 28 December (success at Brindisi), returns to the parquet for the first time in 2022 and has a huge success in overtime (85-82) against Milan. The three foreigners that coach Messina decided to give up were Rodriguez, Hines and Daniels, and Olympia fought hard in the attack, as evidenced by the uncomfortable shooting percentage (two to 51.4%, three to 40.9%). Race balances run off the track. Vuelle puts a mini extension in the first fraction (24-20) and a two point advantage in the interval (40-38). Armani continued to chase in the third period, but in the final he kept the basket for the hall and the arrow for Ricky’s triple (52-55). Messina’s men seem to be able to take the reins of the match and look for a break at the start of the last quarter, but Carpagna Prosciutto is good at keeping the game going. Moretti’s free throw and Delaney’s incorrect jump shot dragged the match into extra time (77-77). In extra time both teams struggled to score and Pesaro was forced to chase again, but in the last 32 with a flash “victory”: Larson and Tambon did not waver from the line and fixed the score at 85-82.

Carpegna Prosciutto Pesaro – AX Armani Exchange Milan 85-82 d1ts
(24-20, 40-38, 52-55, 77-77)
P.esaro: Tambon 21, Sunford 16, Jones 14, Delphino 12, Moretti 10, Camara 5, Larson 4, Lamb 2, Demetrio 1, Stazonelli. Atah banchi.
Milan: Hall 15, Delaney 13, Ricky 12, Grant 11, Meli 10, Bentil 9, Kell 6, Tarakzewski 4, Baldasso 0, Datom 0, Biligha 0, Alviti Ne. All. Messina.

Toronto falls in Sassari

Sassari beat Trento 88-80 for a decisive acceleration achieved in the last minute after a long extended balance match. Dolomiti Energia, still without Saunders, finds Reynolds and Bradford. For the third challenge in seven days, Robinson (22 points and 6 assists) and Bendigias (18 points) pulled Dynamo. The first period saw the two teams clash: in the end the hosts finished with full possession of the advantage (24-21). The situation does not change in the second quarter, when the balance still hangs slightly next to the Buchi men returning to the locker room 44-38 ahead. After returning to Perquette, Dolomite Energia responded with determination and, finding the lack of attacking liquidity in the first 20 minutes, brought the match back to perfect balance (66-66). However, in the last minute, Banco de Sardegana increased the defensive intensity and conceded only 14 points to the guests, unable to adapt to the last decisive extension of Robinson and his teammates. Trento, already qualified for the Italian Cup Final Eight, conceded less than two (47.2%) shots and collected its second consecutive knockout after a home one against Venice.

Banco de Sardegna Sassari-Dolomite Energy Trentino 88-80
(24-21, 44-38, 66-66)
Sasari: Logan 13, Robinson 22, Kruslin 8, Gandini ne, Devecchi, Treier 2, Chessa ne, Burnell 7, Bendzius 18, Mekowulu 7, Gentile 3, Diop 8. All. Bucchi.
Toronto: Bradford 10, Williams 11, Reynolds 13, Conti, Forrey 8, Flacadori 16, Midnight 2, Del’ana Ne, Laderner 2, Caroline 18. All dirty.

Heavy win for Fortidodo

Jordan Park’s incredible comeback (40 points) is not enough for Gavi Napoli, who lost to Fortitudo Bologna at home: a breath of fresh air for Eff, who led virtually throughout the match, even reaching the 19-point advantage but then had to settle on the sprint. 89). Coach Martino’s boys, still without Felden and with Grossell, were not at their best, leading the first quarter 1 (19-20) only to escape the second period (34-43) and, at least theoretically, to close the match. The third, with the Frazier and Durham and Aradori bombs. Rich and Parks, however, allow Naples to stay awake, 10 less at the end of the third quarter (53-63). The last minute of the match revived Naples’ hopes, with Parks and Pargo’s basket worth -3, but Aradori froze off the line in the decisive second.

Gevi Napoli Basket-Fortitudo Kigii Bologna 86-89
(19-20, 34-43, 53-63)
Naples: McDuffy 4, Pargo 8, Canavina Ne, Synagra Ne, Coralic Ne, Parks 40, Marini 7, Uglitti 4, Lombardy 3, Lynch 12, Rich 8, Gracie Ne Coach: Scripty.
Fortitudo Bologna: Mingotti Ne, Manna Ne, Goodmundson 2, Aradori 20, Durham 24, Prasida 12, Benjing 3, Charalampopolos 2, Toti 16, Grossel, Bora Ne, Frazier 10. Coach: Martino.

Brescia without problems

Great success for Germany Brescia against Brindisi: Kenny Gabriel and Naz Mitro-Long make the difference. The match started with a great balance, Brindisi was able to grab Visconti and go to double figures immediately. At 21-22 at the end of the first trimester, Happy Casa cheats and holds the balance until the middle of the second term. When Brescia starts bombing from the arch with Della Valle and Mitru Long. The long-distance score is 43-36, the Lombards can’t look back anymore and when the gap doubles, Brindisi leaves the hall: 63-46 at the end of the third quarter thanks to the great defense of the Magro boys, last time it was enough academy.

Germany Brescia-Happy Brindisi House 88-67
(21-22, 43-36, 63-46)
Brescia: Gabriel 21, Moore 2, Mitru-Long 22, Mobio Ne, Petruselli 12, Della Vale 16, Ibua, Parilo, Cobins 2, Burns 10, Laquintana 3, Moss. Coach: Skinny.
Brindisi: Adrian 8, Perkins 8, Antonasi Ne, Visconti 13, Gaspardo 7, Uleneo Ne, Radiovo 5, Clark 7, Chapel 3, Udom 6, Perkins 10. Coach: Vituchi.

Reggio enjoys overtime

Reggio Emilia Triest needs an extra time to improve, in a game where maintenance is paramount. Between the first trimester, the partial and the opponent, finally flowing into a sufficient balance, the Regio 1 closes before (17-18). Trieste’s defense, however, managed to pick up speed significantly in the second quarter, forcing a partial game signed by Cavaliero to chase away the guests, +7 for the hosts in the middle of the game. The third quarter goes into the archives with very low scores for both sides, Triest maintains the gap and thinks he has the game in hand but Reggio finds the right fourth quarter, completing the comeback with Olicevicius and Cinciarini, leaving his opponent at 15 points. . Despite being torn, Trieste 5 returns to the 70s for Davis, Olivevicius and Thompson effects, and it goes into extra time, where Hopkins grabs Regio by the hand. Cincinnati’s bomb is worth a temporary +7, Mian shrinks and Davis brings his team to -2 to play 35 ”. Johnson makes 1 out of 2 from the line for +3, calls Kaza Foul and it relies on Crawford, who mimics his opponent with 1 out of 2. The Stroutins go free to close the match but score 0 out of 2, Banks tries a shot of frustration without luck, Reggio wins.

Allianz Trieste-UnaHotels Reggio Emilia 83-85
(17-18, 40-33, 55-48, 70-70)
Trieste: Banks 14, Davis 14, Fernandez, Konate, Deengelli, Mian 11, Delia 14, Phantoma Ne, Cavaliero 9, Campogrande 8, Grazulis 13. Coach: Siani.
Reggio Emilia: Thompson Jr. 5, Hopkins 12, Baldy Rossi, Stroutins 9, Crawford 10, Colombo Ne, Cincinnati 10, Johnson 3, Olusevicius 29, Bonachini Ne, Duff 7. Coach: Kaza.

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