Best fitted watch to get back in shape for less than 50 euros

In recent years, smartwatches, Fitness watch o Fitness tracker is one of the most sought after and purchased products not only by athletes. The Suitable watch Has now become an accessory closely linked Welfare And health care. If not now, what better time to choose one that will help you to get into good health habits and get back in shape?

There are really many models on the market, including a variety of integrated fitness apps that fit every lifestyle and above all the type of training you want to take.

Do you like cycling or strength training? Do you run in the park for an hour a day or do you want a reminder to keep track of how many steps you can take in a day? Whatever your needs, you don’t need a great workout to get back in shape, just a little adjustment and the right tools, such as a fitted watch, to help you optimize your workouts and make a real difference in your physical health. And emotional.

The best fitness watch: How to choose the one that is right for you

Choosing the perfect model is not easy, of course one of the reasons that is effective is the budget available and the necessity you want to give yourself this accessory.

The Fitness watches or smart bracelets They are characterized by an essential design and some of their basic functions are:

  • pedometer;
  • Heart rate monitor;
  • Calorie counter;
  • Sleep tracker, to measure sleep quality and quantity;
  • Assist in various sports activities.

Of course, it is important to consider:

  • The price of quality
  • Size and weight. Choose a light weight bracelet, you don’t even have to feel it because it will always be with you on your wrist, even at night if you want to record your sleep.
  • The screen. If you purchased it to read messages, choose a larger display to be able to read messages.
  • Function. At the moment it is up to you to decide which way you want to use it (do you have to use it underwater? Do you want to record blood oxygenation? The more options and functions you are looking for, the higher the price). .

Out of all the fit watches on the market we have chosen five, the basic functions and the integrated, interesting and useful functions that you find on Amazon and we recommend you.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 Smart Watch

Xiaomi is a well-known brand in the technical field, the model we recommend has an excellent quality / price ratio and with a small investment you can get a complete accessory to get back in shape.

  • Sports Tracking: 30 training modes to record heart rate and calorie burn, also including Pilates and Zumba;
  • Health monitoring: It is able to detect the level of oxygen saturation in the blood;
  • Sleep monitoring is able to record the quality of breathing between the REM phase and sleep;
  • Antibacterial straps to protect skin from germs;
  • Prolonged use of the battery up to 14 days.


Xiaomi Mi Smart

Larger and higher resolution screens to view images and text content more clearly

Amazfit Band 5 smartwatch with integrated Alexa and oximeter

The Amazon Fitwatch in Model 5 is integrated with the Alexa and allows you to measure blood oxygen saturation and understand your physical condition with the help of OxygenBits, an ideal function if you follow sports like intensive workouts and running.

Also in this model, you will find among the basic functions: heart rate, real time updated pedometer, heart rate monitoring, calorie consumption and sleep and sleep quality.


Amazfit Band 5

Amazfit Band 5

Fit watch with Alexa with battery life up to 15 days

HUAWEI Band 4 Fitness Tracker

Huawei’s fitness tracker has a colorful touchscreen that provides an optimal visual experience for reading all the information on the display, an easy-to-use interface and an intelligent message notification.

  • Thanks to optical devices it monitors the heart rate with precision; It provides smart reminders through vibration.
  • It is available in Sakura Pink, Amber Sunrise and Graphite Black.
  • Suitable for monitoring various types of training: outdoor / indoor running, outdoor / indoor walking, outdoor cycling, also it is water resistant.

NAIXUES smartwatch female, fitness watch

The Naixues smartwatch has an attractive design and integrated function which is very useful especially for women’s health. It has a 1.08-inch full-circle color display and features focus on women’s health, in fact, there are 3 reminder modes for women:

  • Monthly cycle calendar and management;
  • Preparation for pregnancy;
  • Ovulation is a reminder.

All data collected by the smartwatch will be integrated into the Da Fit app. Also, like the other models, it has the basic functions: high-tech heart rate measurement (in real time), oxygenation in the blood and blood pressure to better understand your physical health at any time.

Naixues fitness watch also supports with reminders, who lead a sedentary lifestyle; It reminds you with a vibration to get up, to drink water, and thanks to the various trackers available to help you build an intelligent and healthy life.


Naixues, women's watch

Naixues, women’s watch

The elegant and colorful design integrates the basic functions, including three reminder modes useful for women’s health.

Ergewall Smartwatch Activity Tracker

The model offered by Enrgwall is available in three colors: pink, blue and black and it is an essential model at a competitive price that guarantees you the basic functions needed to get back in shape and start a life based on wellness and health.

Accurately record your daily activities, steps, calorie burning, walking distance and active minutes. You can use the linked app to set your sports goals. When you reach your sporting goal, the tracker vibrates to remind you and it will surely boost your self-esteem to do better and better.

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