Crazy spring, beware of pets

It’s a crazy spring waiting for us. And it is an unusual climate that harms us, but also our animal friends. Here’s how to protect them.

  • Spring has come and the change of seasons is not easy for four-legged friends.
  • This season, then, due to the frantic climate, is particularly difficult this month with problems such as drought and sudden changes in temperature.
  • Protecting our animals is essential.
  • There are now targeted and, above all, natural solutions to their physical and behavioral problems.

It’s coming there Spring That is undeniable. The days get longer, the first buds are born and the house dog starts to melt. But, although the whimsical spring month is ideal, it is true that i Climate change They are becoming more and more of a problem. We suffer from it, but our four-legged friends also suffer from it. And these are not just physical problems, but real behavioral disorders. We have tried to check the situation with the help of a doctor Chiara pasalakoaVeterinary Specialist Animal Behavior and President Cisca (Italian Society of Animal Behavior Sciences).

Puppies can have problems with temperature changes, especially in the spring Pixabay

Spring and crazy weather

For years now – and experts have noted that it will continue to get worse – the climate is changing. And certainly not for the better. As a rule, in the spring, with the greatest number of hours of light, a control Circadian rhythms Controlled by the pituitary which determines the onset of a new phase. The youngest animals, in particular, are most exposed to this change of seasons PuppiesThose who have not yet fully memorized or experienced the change of seasons must be familiar with many of the elements that can determine both physical and mental imbalances and problems.

This is due to very dry spring, virtually non-existent rainfall Drought, Does not help the mental-physical balance of our little friends. And it destabilizes their normal cycle which makes them highly subject to the change of seasons and its effect on the surrounding nature.

Old puppies
Adult animals – as well as young ones – have more adaptation problems in the spring © Pixabay

However, in this sense, even for older and less active dogs – which probably doesn’t go out a bit in the winter – spring can be a great time to regain physical strength with a good mood. However, it is important to remember that dogs are more sensitive to heat than humans, and if the walk is long and the physical activity is intense, more water will always be needed. There DehydrationIn fact, it is a problem for both dogs and cats that can lead to unpleasant consequences if they do not drink enough.

Cats that are a few months old experience the first spring discomfort associated with the change of seasons © Rèmi Boudousquiè / Unsplash

Discomfort and problems for cats and dogs

But what are the most common problems in spring for our four-legged friends? Let’s see them together …

  • During this time, a Greater hair loss. However, a wetsuit is a natural fact that often brushes the four legs and can be managed through a few more baths. This is especially true for dogs who, depending on the type of coat, may experience more or less marked loss of hair.
  • For some things, like humans, spring is one Allergy season Attached to the flower and pollen they may be the cause Dermatitis Or Allergy crisis.
  • Gastritis and loss of appetite Other characteristic aspects of the change of seasons in the predetermined issues. Cats, often more agile than dogs from a food standpoint, may show some more problems.
  • Then begins the most dangerous season in terms of disease ParasitesDue fleas, ticks And Sand flies: From the spring and for the summer months, protection must be especially vigilant and possibly extended to the home environment. During this time the advice of the veterinarian became invaluable. Especially if climate change becomes the norm.
Dogs in love
The summer season for cats and dogs also begins in the spring © Pixabay

Love of spring and seasons

By definition, the spring months are also the seasonal season for pets. Dogs And Cats They try to have sex and women get in trouble when they go to estrus. Often Disinfection It is not used much and the misery among our four-legged friends continues and causes small to large behavioral problems that can sometimes lead to physical illness. It became normal for dogs and cats to mark territories in love. And urinating at home is a bad reality that should be taken into consideration. The same goes for loss of appetite – in dogs it results in weight loss leading to a truly anorexic condition – which lasts throughout the heat-related period.

Help may come in these cases Pheromones Which, in nature, constitute the gods The message of the chemical-scented nature In animals of the same species. At present all these natural substances exist in both forms Drops Must be conducted orally and in practice Environmental diffuser For home use, in both shapes Collar (To be used for dogs) or in Spray version For pets and / or cars. Pheromones are able to send a message of natural peace to both dogs and cats, helping them to cope with stressful moments with calmness and, in particular, the change of seasons that precede the arrival of summer.

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