Enzo Jannacci: Singer-songwriter with tennis shoes

Enzo Jannacci, real name Vincenzo, told his story with music Milan Where he lived and grew up. He was a lyricist, stand-up comedian, pianist, composer, lyricist, actor, screenwriter and a cardiologist. He is one of the main protagonists of the post-war Italian music scene and leader of the Italian cabaret. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with various personalities in music, entertainment, journalism, television and, above all, Italian comedy.

All-round, versatile artist and model for the next generation

Meneghino was born but originally from Puglia, his grandfather had emigrated MilanFrom Barry, Shortly before the outbreak of World War I, Jannachi joined Licio Clasico Manzoni where he met Giorgio Gabor. After graduation he graduated in Medicine. He left for Major General Surgery South Africa, And became part of Christian Bernard’s team. Then move into it United States. In 1967 he married Giuliana Orefis, who in 1972 gave birth to their only son, Paolo, who became a musician and conductor.

His methods were unique in combining intelligence and satire, analysis of reality and taste for paradox. One of the most famous Italian singer-songwriters with nearly thirty albums, he has also worked in theater, cinema and TV. On 19 December 2011, Fabio Fazio hosted a special event about him where longtime friends of the Milanese musician, present in the studio with his son Paolo, paid tribute to him by explaining his songs. Everyone was there: Dario Fo, Ornela Vanoni, Kochi and Renato, Paolo RossiTeom Teokli, Roberto VechioniMassimo Boldi, Antonio AlbaneseJ-X, Ale and FranzIrene Grandi and many more. Enzo Jannachi Two of his songs appeared at the end of the program. It is clear that he was ill, he was dying, but he showed dignity and courage in the face of the disease. He understood as a doctor that his body was failing, but the spirit was always the same and there was also a desire to sing and dress. This was his last television appearance.

In memory of Enzo

Jannachi died in Milan on March 29, 2013 at the age of 77. He had been suffering from a tumor for several years. The great sympathy expressed by the personalities of the world of entertainment and sports, of which he was a well-known fan, especially of football: he was a great Milan fan. The funeral parlor was set up March 31 and April 1 Dal Verme Theater.

Many VIPs wanted to remember the “last voice”, as Claudio Chechetto defined it on their social profiles. “Hello great teacherNegromaro remembers Enzo with a quote, writes Neapolitan Gigi D’Alesio.Mexico and the clouds“:”What do you want to cry … goodbye Enzo!“Syria likes to welcome Jannachi in general”Hello Mr. EnzoMore private tweets follow each other, such as Paula Tursi: “All your songs are left and one piece of road matches“Sneaky Frankie High Nrg:”Hi Enzo don’t be afraid“Sad Luca Bijari:”Christ I am so sorry. Goodbye, Mr. Talented“”Enzo Jannacci, I’m sorry about a talent that goes along with the wonderful melody of his songs“, Wrote Gad Learner. Lots and lots of heartfelt messages from Dahlia GaberGiorgio’s daughter: “Hi Enzo, I love youWrote a young picture of two famous artists. “I remember it well: intelligent, witty, surreal, brilliant. Said Milon’s poem“, Instead wrote Enrico Rugeri,”At his funeral, Enzo Jannacci sees that everyone is really crying, not just the nuns.“, He posted on Twitter Red Ronnie Famous Quotes “I’m coming too. No you don’t

Wear your tennis shoes: Jannacci Path to Milan

On 26 September 2015, the Municipality of Milan inaugurated Janachi Path, an initiative promoted by the Culture Commission of the Zone 4 Council. The path contains the following topics of interest:

  • Through Lomelina, in the corner of Sismondi, there is a commemorative plaque inspired by the song, and I saw a man.
  • There is a mural in the corner of the Ardigo near the Forlanini stop, on the Corsica railway bridge in Viale. This work by Cuban Denis Askanio depicts a pair of tennis shoes, and is located on the same avenue as the homeless man in El Gan.
  • In Piazzale Susa and Piazza Martini 14 in the corner of Viale Campania, there are two excerpts from the song La Forza del’Amo, written by Dario Fo.
  • There is another mural of street artists Ste-Marta, Mr. Chaos and Francesca Pells in the underpass between Orwell and Rogeredo. The song Going to Rogoredo is set at Milan Rogoredo station.

We miss you Enzo!

Alessandro Carugini

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