Fan Blog – Dream or Am I Awake?

Paolotto recounts a strange dream he had as a protagonist with some violas with the various patrons of this blog.

I then fell asleep on the sofa Nico He collapsed after being hit by an explosion caused by a missile fired at the opponent’s ankle, which missed his target.

Nico rolling on the ground: Boredom always favors my sleep. It was also in those 1-1 days Pegs. In fact, before I let myself get caught up in Morpheus’ arms – not what you think, who slept a lot, but someone else – I started to wonder how his fans Milan.

As the images continue to play on television and transform into others, I slowly fall asleep and start dreaming.

I saw rows and rows of lettuce in the garden. Bonaventure. However, there were also generally known statistics Enzo the robot And Sergio Castelletti Get out of the underpass on a rainy day, or Juan Seminario Those who scored Barcelona A friendly night in the hot summer of the sixties. Or maybe it was the other way around.

Following the advent of dreams Pijulafiku With a van full of beer: he wanted to give them to me because he no longer knew what to do with them. Then we will go together to Populonia, where we discovered a spritz Vincenzo Italiano Who, suspiciously, hid under a blonde wig and wore huge sunglasses, pretending to read leaning against the wall Hura Juventus, But overturned. We pushed Piju and peeked around the corner. Moments later, after stepping out of a chroma with a TO license plate, a stocky black-haired young man with thick lashes – Bill coming out of his pocket – no one takes it. Without masks, the two start speculating. Then, satisfied, he went in the opposite direction.

Now, down the street, he was on his way Berardo A baggy colonial-style shirt and a calculator in his hand. Pacos Bill He came out of the fish shop and looked suspiciously at the head of the sea breeze he had just bought, and went to the Piazza della Republican gardener for ordinary bananas. The Emma stream now flows into the Baratti Bay under Populonia and was intended to fish young football players using the same name, when Gianniki He was engaged in a medical-historical investigation of poisoning on the island of Sant’Alena. Growing fans Pierre Bail The flowers are finally revealed below the image of the mysterious Trinity with Via del’Adorjion in the corner tent: Rocco the Father, Joe the Son, Italian Holy Spirit. And so be it. Lunette depicts San Daniel among the lions.

Then everything went as it should. So, with Pijulafiku We set off in search Understood that. He must have been somewhere, and he was probably in Populonia, as he understood.

But here, breaking the spell, comes the sudden and annoying sound.

Now everything is off and my TV is on. Who ever brought populonia? You will hear of my wife, who must watch the sequel to the Gingerbread series tonight. It must be taken home immediately, and thank God there are vans there PijulafikuBecause walking will be a problem.

Then the sofa also appears, when Pijulafiku And his van is gone. How can I get all these things back from Populonia?

The scene begins to change, which becomes more real as it reorganizes itself into the normal home environment in which my wife is talking on the phone. Ah, here: The word that woke me up was the ring. Shame on the beer Pijulafiku. It will be for another time, but basically I like wine. Probably a white one from Moselle, please.

Yes, everything is fine now. I reassure myself.

Pictures scroll through the TV, they stay still Italian With his hands in his pockets on the sidelines, he was plowing the ground in front of the bench when the fourth man pointed out that, shaking up and down, he had dug a trench. Nico Gonzalez Those who were preparing for the lineout. Now it is rolling in the grip of the most brutal torment under the hole there. A man is born to suffer. The referee came to see what had happened and warned Italian.

In between Icon Holding the pole three times in a row, always picks up the rebound. Big applause: The post is small and not everyone hits the ball three times in a row. It takes a superhuman goal. But Italian The French do not appreciate virtue and give a nod to the head a Thin Sitting on the bench, he then takes her by the hand, picks her up, and points his finger at her nose, explaining to her how. Econ The target must be shot. Thin He says he understands and will not fail to report as soon as possible.

But the dream did not end?

A steady gentleman watched the scene calmly and ordered the opposing team.

Here, now everything is clear: the match is live. Still 0-0, but we are at the beginning. And I fell asleep before that!

Not to sleep, but to dream. Here you have to stay awake and win, Europe asks us.

By Paoloto

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