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The incident took place in the area on Sunday, March 26 Doganella The Velotium Latina Trophy, The third stage of Giro dell’Agro Pontino Opes. To win the podium in the first and second starts, Giampiero Picoza and Gianluca Batisti were there.

“It was the first of a series of events to take place in the town of Doganella, and as they say, the first is good,” he said. Opus Cycling Commission. “Our goal is to keep the focus high, to enhance the organizational quality that keeps us high-level assurance this season. Test material, Velotium is nothing less than an excellent organization of Latin. We would like to thank them at this time – they conclude – the health services that help us and run every Sunday to support us. “

84 km long and led by Velotium Latina, the race was very well attended,
One hundred and forty runners. “Since the start of the three phases of Giro dell’Agro Pontino 2022, we can say that we have received an excellent response, both in terms of participation and organizational quality,” commented David Fiorello, National Vice President of OPES. “It shows that the path taken is right and the sector is doing well. There are still a lot of races scheduled, but between Sunday and Sunday the goal is raised to get better and better and to guarantee quality races. It’s the right spirit – he’s underlined – that separates the circuit, ensuring it covers the whole region. “

In First departure Despite the uncomfortable course, the team had no hesitation in pushing hard on the paddles immediately. The first two laps saw different attacks which gave birth to only one high speed. In Cole 3, he was able to escape from a small group consisting of the Persicini Alessio Fiorementi team, the Turcheta David il Gato and La Volpe, the Maggie Angelo Velotium Latina, the Casconi Paolo Paco team, the Chialastri Marco Bicellab Astalfi.

Five people traveled in almost one lap before the group was stopped by a strong acceleration. But in just 5, the day breaks up with 13 athletes: Cellini Angelo and Di Prospero Enzo Nardechia Montini team, Pantoni Manuel, Constantini Alessandro, Matteoli Danilo Center Bike, Imbemba Angelo, Quatrini Lকাbrielli, Quattrini Lucabrio, Tribugio Marco Peloso team, Madaluni Luka Terrasina Cycling, Bianconi Emanuel Ciclicica Latina, Orlachio Antonio Velotium Latina, Gianpiero Picoza il Gato and La Volpe.

The strong initial deal allows 13 people to gain a lot in a group that is now run solely by the ideal holders of the Paco team, unfortunately out of the fray. The 13 finalists presented themselves in a straight compact and were ready for a lightning-fast and accurate sprint that saw Gianpiero Picoza triumph over Fabrizio Trovelli and Manuel Pantoni.

Inside Second exit A very large team of athletes gave birth to an exciting competition. Ready and through the team of Giorgio Legeri Nardechia Montini, the dances begin, but with an instant response the team closes the small gap and introduces Dino Rossi Velotium Latina, Fernando de Magno Drago on Bike, Massimiliano Freigiro Fiorentina Marco and a team . Cycling, who held the bench until the 3rd lap. The compact group has launched itself for the fourth time in Doganella’s ‘Russian Mountains’, with Alberto Serafini Peloso team Domenico Longobardi Velotium Latina, Federico Marsura Dragon on Bike, Bondani Marco Tim Maricini Campion Bike. Latina

At the beginning of the 5th lap the group reacts again, ends at 5 and returns to the compact. And for the third race in a row, the second start was to finish straight in the 7th lap in a compact group, competing for the victory of Jianluca Battisti Nardechia Montini team in a royal sprint, losing to Massimiliano Freigari Fiorenti team and Massimo Peloso. Below are the first 5 placements in the order of arrival.

Red section

First place for Trovarelli Fabrizio Bike Lab Team Astolfi, Pantoni Manuel Asd Center Bike, Quattrini Luca Team Fiormonti, Costantini Alessandro Asd Center Bike, Impemba Angelo Team Fiormonti.

The blue section

Blue won by Picoza Gianpiero il Gatto e la Volpe, followed by Tribugio Marco SD Peloso team, Matteoli Danilo SD Center Bike, Di Prospero Enzo Tim Nardechia Montini, Madaluni Luca SD Teresina Cycling. In the green division, Battisti Gianluca team Nardechia Montini, then Segala Marco team Nardechia Montini, Castellani Stefano SD Drago on Bike, Carronti Federico SD Nettuno, Seroni Claudio SD Drago on Bike.

Yellow section

First Freigari Massimiliano team Fiorenti, then Petrobono Dino SD Velotium Latina, Calandrini Marco SD Drago on Bike, Ciani Giuseppe ASD Peloso team and Campaign Giovanni team Marichini Campion.

Black class

First place for the Peloso Massimo SD Peloso team, followed by Castellani Gianfranco SD Drago on Bike, Gabelini Mariano SD Cecilistica Latina, Sicotti Massimo SD Sportland and Nardechia Giuseppe ASD Velotem Latina.

All official photos of Giro dell’Agro Pontino are edited by Foto4Go and can be consulted here. The next stage is Sunday 3rd April 2022 with ASD Ciclistica Latina again on the streets of Doganella. Stay up to date by following the channels dedicated to Giro dell’Agro Pontino on, Facebook and Instagram Opes Latina and Giro dell’Agro Pontino. Write to for more information.

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