Great tennis with the ATP Challenger Sanremo tournament in Liguria from 3 to 9 April

Sanremo and Liguria are ready to host a new and important international tennis event. The ATP Challenger Sanremo Tournament will be organized by Tennis Sanremo from Sunday 3 to Saturday 9 April in collaboration with the Regional Committee of the Italian Tennis Federation, sponsorship and support of Liguria Region, Sanremo Municipality, the province of Imperia and Sanremo, Sanremo,

Founded by a colony of Englishmen living on the Riviera de Ponente called the “Tennis and Bridge Club”, President Matteo Ceverlo’s Tennis Sanremo celebrated the first 125 years of his life in 2022 and celebrated them with a special ceremony. On Sunday 3rd, from the start date of the qualifying round, on Saturday 9th April (final at 11am) will be the scene of the challenge of the prestigious International Men’s Singles Tournament with the equivalent of three courses (free admission) prizes of Corso Matuzia 28. From 45,000 euros. Main sponsor: Acqua Eva.

24 players will compete in the qualifying draw. (3 wild cards). The single draw will have 32 players (4 wild cards). Double draw consists of 24 pairs (2 wild cards). The winner of the tournament will have a total of 60 ATP points.

The spotlight will be on Gianluca Magar (best ranked 65 ATP), who was born in 1994 and grew up in Sanremo and is also the technical manager of Matteo, trained by Sverlo’s Sanremo tennis team. The list also includes 18-year-old Danish Holger Rune, the youngest player in the top 100 ATP. Also pay attention to the new winners of Flavio Koboli, Roman, 19, 165 ATP and the Challenger of Zadar in Croatia. Ernest Gulbis, a 33-year-old Latvian among the top 10 ATP tennis players of 2014, is looking for a respectable result to move closer to the top of the world rankings. Thomas Fabbiano (best ranked 70 ATP) is one of the most talented Italian tennis players, currently at home in Tennis Sanremo where 21 year old Matteo Arnoldi, now 355 ATP, also trains. Also keep an eye on 31-year-old Frenchman Pierre-Hughes Herbert (best ranking 36 ATP, now 111) and Dutch Robin Hase (best 33 ATP).

“After 10 years, the ATP Challenger is back, the great tennis tournament that sees Gianluca Mager again as the hero in Sanremo, the new winner of the Challenger Gran Canaria, for a high-tech rate competition – announced by Liguria Region Sports Councilor Simona Ferrosa The presentation that took place – the names we see on the scoreboard of the great international champions for a tournament that will bring the best talents of the moment to the Sanremo tennis court – the club’s 125 years of history and the best way to celebrate great tennis that now pervades our region and Italy “

These are the words of Gianni Berino, Regional Councilor for Tourism and Major Events: “From Sanremo I can only rejoice that my city is renewing and hosting the ATP Challenger Tour at the Glorious Tennis Club as a prestigious international tournament. The sporting event, which sees the participation of foreign athletes, attracts many fans from all over the world who will be able to take advantage of the accommodation facilities in our area. “

Hosting the “ATP Challenger 80 Sanremo Tournament” is really a joy for our city, which is returning after more than a decade – said Sanremo Mayor Alberto Biancheri – an event that honors Sanremo, embellishing the tennis tradition. . The tournament is a recall initiative, a commitment by the world’s best young tennis players and Italian tennis players to help make the tennis club’s birthday even more special: 125 years of activity. “

“Sanremo has always been one of the major centers of our tennis region’s 125-year history – said Andrea Fosati, president of FIT Liguria and vice president of Connie Liguria. To reach the seventies with the category and the youth championship, the ten-year-long Challenger and various editions of the Summer Cup with the Memorial Tesitor, the European Under-14 Team Championship “.

“We are finally back to hosting an international competition after several years and all our staff are ready for a full week in top-level matches – says Matteo Sivarolo, president of Tennis Sanremo, a club of more than 300 members (100 under 18). 8 tennis courts and 2 paddle courts – we are delighted to be able to rely on the participation of Gianluca Magar and we hope that Arnoldi will do well in our country as well.

The program includes qualifying for the first match day of the singles draw, on Sunday 3 April and Monday 4 April. First and second rounds of singles and first round of doubles on Tuesday, eighth round of singles and first and second round of doubles on Wednesday, 7 quarter finals of singles and doubles on Thursday, 8 semifinals of singles and doubles on Friday (starting at 11)) And 14 at double.

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