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Presenter: “Broadcast from secret places, we give useful advice and talk about restructuring”. On the battlefield in the west of the country sheltered by husbands and children

Every day he informs the Ukrainians on TV through the most reassuring air. Every day, behind the scenes, she tries to understand how her three sons, who are sheltered in the West, and her husband are doing in the war. Marichka Padalko, 46, morning presenter until a month ago 1 + 1 (Among the most followed broadcasters) has become the media face of this conflict. Now you can watch it on the air in the afternoon or evening. “It depends on the slot provided,” he explained Courier service During a phone call. Together with colleagues from the other three channels (ICTV, Inter And parliamentary channels
) Padalco participates in a unified network programming where each broadcaster covers 6 hours.


“We’re not just talking about war – he says – we’re trying to lighten up: people are scared and tired.” “To our compatriots we are familiar faces of their daily lives before the war and it is OK to tell them not to worry all the time.” Ready to occupy each station to prevent colleagues from seeking refuge. “We are not in the studio in Kiev, but in several secret places to avoid the bombing,” he said. And when they communicate with each other, they do it in code.


What do they mean? “In addition to field services, we have psychologists, specialists, celebrities, architects with whom we need to discuss restructuring,” he explained. And what will the audience want? “How to get out of besieged cities like Mariupol and how to find relatives and acquaintances who often fled to quiet places.” There are also tips on how to protect against bombs or chemical attacks. And we talk about sex.

Behind the scenes

When the red light of the camera went out, Padalko picked up his mobile phone to listen to his husband and children. First, Yeger Sobolev, 45, a former deputy and hero of Euromaidan (the pro-Europe movement of 2013), fought on the front lines. “We exchanged messages, I would say I’m happy for today, we’re all fine.” Often he had to disappear for a few days, disrupting all communication so that the Russians would not interrupt. “I haven’t heard from him for a while, he was on a mission when his best friend called me – he thinks -: I was scared to death, scared of the worst. And from that moment on I told my friend not to do it anymore, even better. Write me 7.


A few kilometers from the Polish border, with their grandparents, three children. Mikhailo, 15, a history buff and new winner of a local competition, according to Padalco, “lives this period with scientific interest.” “Unfortunately he was forced to be a man prematurely,” he said. Maria, 13, and Katia, 11, “suffer a little more, worry more and try to overcome it with cat gissa”.


A family poses smiling in front of the Christmas tree in December. It is now divided by aggression. But the children are safe. And all thanks to her husband, she admits. “For a few days he told me to take the children to a shelter away from Kyiv. But I replied that I had a job and it was no less important than his going to war. Marichka, to be honest, was against any emergency plan.” I didn’t want the war to start, it would turn our lives upside down. ”


And so on the evening of 23 February – just hours before the attack – her husband took her three children west to the Polish border. “I’ll never be grateful enough that I was wrong,” he adds. Mikhailo, Maria and Katia spend four days alone in a hotel, then are cared for by their grandparents. “I visited them twice during the war, the first time on my son’s birthday.”

Thanks to Italy

During the conversation, it’s time to talk about the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin in May: “Ukraine has been given as a favorite, let’s hope for the best”. The cancellation of the concert in Russia leaves Maneskin and the Italians with a thought: “Thank you for what you are doing and above all thank you for the hospitality.” Padalko hopes his compatriots “will not allow themselves to be defeated: the power of our minds is greater than the best weapons, tanks and missiles against the Russians.” As a great running enthusiast, in fact, he believes that it is “a marathon: we are ten kilometers out of 42”.

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