Paddle mania erupts in Treviso

A field of 20 by 10 meters, four glass walls, a racket without strings, a good partner and that’s it. Here’s the Paddle: The game landed on Treviso and already has thousands of fans. Half way to tennis and squash, but more dynamic and exciting and above all easy.

Let’s find out what are the features of this “new” discipline. It is a young game in every sense, making its way to more countries. The explosion of the Paddle Mania is mainly due to its immediacy and sociality. On the one hand there is the simplicity of the technique you can learn to play Short time, To be able to immediately realize the improvements needed to practice it and to play the game at the amateur level. On the other hand, it is an activity that necessarily involves two Pair of players, Thus in favor of integration among the participants.

Although the original name of the discipline was “Paddle”, the Spanish Federation chose to use the acronym Paddle, and this choice was confirmed, in 1991, by the founding law of the International Paddle Federation. Characteristic elements of the game: In matches, two couples always face each other; Bottom up service Its mode at the top Count the points It’s like tennis; Say equal That of tennis; Hard noiseCordless and perforated; Walls An integral part of the game: the ball can be hit even after hitting the glass at the boundary of the field (before it hits the ground).

Born in Mexico, Spain represents a European reference point for this discipline. On the Iberian Peninsula, Paddle has its own national federation and with 4 million fans it is the most practiced sport after football. Connie was recognized in Italy only in 2008 by the inclusion of this discipline in the Italian Tennis Federation.


– Field: The two playgrounds are divided by service lines, such as on a typical tennis court, but the only significant difference with a more established sport with racquets is the rules for closing the court within four walls. These, three meters high, must be made of material that allows the ball to bounce and is usually mounted on the short side by a metal mesh, which surrounds a large part of the long side.

– Materials: Balls are approved by the International Federation and are identical in size and color to the balls used in tennis These are separated by pressure, since the atmosphere of the paddles is almost low, allowing low speeds to rebound. The racket measures a maximum length of 45.5 cm, it is not equipped with strings, but only has a series of holes in the central region. As a rule it must be tied to the player’s wrist with a rope or a non-elastic wire.

– Accounts: It is the same that is applied to tennis. Matches are always the best of the three sets.

Paddle: The game of the moment

It’s a lot of fun and a stress-free game, Or not aggressive, but a harp and those who try it never give up, on the contrary they often feel the need to play, even several times a week. On top of that, add that it’s not an extra expensive activity: a paddle racket starts at 60 euros and doesn’t require as much attention as tennis (unless you practice it at a competitive level) and you don’t. There is more to life than meets the eye Sports shoes.

Paddle has been reaffirmed as the game of the moment, with the highest rate of new members registered with Restart (+ 274%). The growing use of apps and sports booking platforms has contributed to the phenomenon of fuel, management, security and conservation: the number of “digital” clubs for these sports enthusiasts in the sportsclub network has almost tripled in one year (+ 190%).

According to a recent Observatory survey, 1 in 3 people enrolled before November 2020 practiced other disciplines, mostly fitness, crossfit, weightlifting (11%) and other outdoor sports (9%). The community that has been built around the paddle has helped build a more emotional and digitally more loyalty, making match organization and teammates easier to find: 37% play 3-4 times a week and play more than 1 in 10 plays every day, some including weekends In the case.

New normal sport: who goes up and who goes down

Thanks to low health risks and easy access to fields, preferred by apps and booking platforms, many Italians have opted for outdoor physical activity since 2021. Not surprisingly, the sports that attract the most new customers include tennis (+ 94%), while bookings for the football field more than doubled last year (+ 122%).

The lifting of the ban has brought many water sports enthusiasts closer to the reference pool. Aquagym records + 20% and wellness-related activity is increasing (+ 32%). Swimming (+74%) and football (+68%) are on the rise again: It is no coincidence that a recent report confirms that most exercise is performed by children when returning to sports activities.

Yoga enthusiasts pass from classic practice (-23%) to “suspended” antigravity training (+ 82%). Olympic success rekindles passion for gymnastics (+ 20%).

The most affected are the gyms. After years of popularity, the trend is reversed in terms of crossfit (-22%), fitness (-20%), spinning (-18%) and weight (-25%). Dance schools are also in crisis (-21%).

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