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Of Andrea Delogu

Introducing the children’s singer-songwriter: “I got on stage to thank you: we were waiting for you for a concert, you were late … I was young but I picked up the microphone!” “I know everything about you too, your novel is an Instagram story”

We’ve already met, once in Sanremo and once in the background of one of his concerts. But being able to interview her is a dream come true. We meet on Friday, the occasion is the release of her story book for children, The Fairy Tale Garden: Ten stories dedicated to the environment and animals Published by Ape Jr. It comes out on March 10, I have a preview of it. I read everything in one breath. There are stories of monk crabs that drive me crazy. Even in these lines I can recognize all Christina D’Avena that I like: lightness, depth. Of course, I know, I’m not alone in living it up as a myth, we love it from generation to generation, since she, the little one, sang Waltz of Mosquitoes At Gicino D’Oro. However, I have a special sympathy with Christina, I have said this many times before, but if I am the presenter, it also partially thanks her. One summer evening, in Rimini’s courtyard, Christina, unaware of me, lit up my street. “What are you saying?”, He answers when I start telling him the episode.

Andrea DeLogu: What do you want to know?

Christina D’Avena : “Of course yes”.

AD: Well, you were supposed to go on stage but the conductor was missing. I was there, they were looking for someone to introduce you to, and at that point I went upstairs and said: “Lady and gentleman, Christina D’Avena”. When I heard my voice from the speakers and all eyes on me said “Wow, that’s what I want to do when I grow up”.

CD: “Really? Love, but do you look beautiful? Good”.

AD: Thirty years later, my view of you has not changed. And it’s not just my child who likes you. I appreciate what you have done. You were always honest with yourself and with the audience who loved you. What’s the secret?

CD: “I think it’s my continuity. I’m a continuum of character. I’ve dedicated my life to music for children, to cartoon themes. The audience really grew with me. Children in the 80’s and 90’s became adults and introduced me to their children. Christina D’Avena sang in the car.

AD: The huge following you have on social media proves it.

CD: “Yeah, they tick me and follow me on Instagram. It’s a heterogeneous listener who has a dream. My songs never give you a chance to lose sight of the fact that you continue to be a bit younger. We need this lightness. My music makes you laugh.” As soon as you write a note, smile ». (Christina starts to sing: Polon, Polon is in trouble)
Per: Bringing happiness to others is a great responsibility. Don’t you think
CD: “It. To bring happiness you must first be happy. It works like love: If you want to love you must love yourself. In life I am a positive, cheerful, cheerful person. But giving happiness is not always so automatic.

A: D: I will not say. For example, how do you do that when you’re sorry?

CD: “It’s not that life is just about beautiful moments, and that’s where we test ourselves. In difficult times, I’m committed to finding a little happiness in the little things. .

Ad: I think of you as a presenter and an actress. Your Kiss Me Lisia was awesome. Ever thought of returning to acting?

CD: «Yes, I loved to do the Kiss Me Lisia show, where I became famous to the common people. I was young but that experience taught me a lot.

AD: When I got your book, which is for kids, I wanted to read it. Honestly, did you write a little for our adults?

CD: “It’s for those who want magic. I also used it in writing this fairy tale that speaks of reverence for the planets, nature, animals and touches on the great values ​​of life: friendship, first love. Then, let’s face it, our imagination after such a difficult time. Need 6.

AD: Do you mean epidemic?

CD: “Yeah, very bad times. We’ve spent two years not being able to go out, meet and hug the people we love. For me, social media has been a blessing. With Live Instagram it makes me less alone and closer to others. Imagination is everything, even in front of the screen.

AD: This book is about important things.

CD.: “Respect for nature, for friendship. I hope that with these stories the little ones will get closer to the game, which is somewhat absent in this technical time. It seems to me that children use their imagination less. They are accustomed to see and touch immediately. Through these stories I have tried to give parents, grandparents and teachers the opportunity to face important issues.

AD: Now I want to ask you some uncomfortable questions: What is your favorite cartoon?

CD: «I have a lot, it’s hard to choose. I’ll be normal, but the cartoon I always put first is Kiss Me Lisia. Firstly because at one time I was a leggia of flesh and bone and secondly because I think I am similar to him. Like her, I had a jealous father, like me, a sweet girl who loves to sing. ”

AD: And then?

CD : “Let’s see, probably sailor moon, sailors beautiful character and great cat’s ice”.

AD: At each of your concerts, I dressed as Cat’s Eye. Okay, let’s change the subject: you know you’re a sex symbol, don’t you?

CD: “I’m smiling a little. I want to lose a few pounds. The epidemic has made me lazy. You’re super fit, Andrea!”
(Andrea shows off a beautiful cake she’s about to eat)
CD : “Kill that hunger, I want a piece. The real thing is you are super fit, I can see you in Tonica, your program 7 in Redu.

AD: Oh, it would be a little stressful and it would be this new flame, I’m dating someone much younger than me …

CD: “Is it good?”
Per: She’s a great quiet, let’s even sing your songs together.
CD.: “Okay! Tell us how to find one like this! You’ve moved in too in recent months, I follow you on social networks».

AD: Yes, I’m home. But don’t be smart with me, you don’t answer about being a sex symbol.

CD: “Let’s put it this way: I’m glad when they compliment me. I like to congratulate them, if they don’t go any further. I also like to dress nicely, I like to show off my shape. Do what I love. I’ll tell you something that makes you laugh a little: Fans call my breasts Posy and Nega which are creamy animals, Cartoon 6.

AD: What a beauty! Tell me one last thing: What is your dream?

CD: “Besides peace? If we talk on a business level, I dream of leading a program of my own. I’ll bring compassion and lightness to TV. We need it, don’t we?”

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