Suspicion rains down on Michelle Merla, then the mayor clarifies and admits: “I played with cats and rats” –

The daily Foggia Attack focuses on the mayor: “two courses and two different degrees”. Merla defended herself: “Here’s the degree,” the original.

An article published last Saturday Attack, Foggia newspaper, run by Piero Paciello, where doubts were raised about the eligibility of the first citizen of San Marco in Lamis. Degree yes or no degree? And this is due to some inconsistencies between the two self-certified curricula of Michelle Merler herself, drawn four years apart, and published first on the Parco del Gargano website and then on the municipal institutional portal.

“It simply came to our notice then – The paper newspaper made in Fogia reports (Click here to read the full article) – When the Municipal Councilors of the country of Gargano receive an email indicating that the first citizen curriculum is missing on the institution’s official website. The law provides for the publication of mayors and municipal councilors and councilors (if external). And the National Anti-Corruption Authority (ANAC) may impose fines for dissent. The mayor of San Marco, Lamis, was a member of the steering committee of Gargano National Park; Therefore, the author of that report has tried to satisfy his curiosity on the relative site. Successful, but up to a certain point. The document, drawn up and signed on December 20, 2017, reports a degree obtained from the University of Bologna in the academic year 1986-1987. Economic geography. Maximum of votes: 110 and praise. “Only two years after receiving the high school diploma in 1994-1995”, however, is mentioned. It is also unusual that the discussed thesis was his argument Gargano National Park, So it is self-certified by Merla. It would seem that he traveled on time – sarcastically attacked – given that the NPC was founded 10 years later, in 1995, by the President of the Republic, Oscar Luigi Scalfaro. Following Merler’s re-election, the municipality’s website made his CV available. However, some changes have been made compared to the previous version. First, the Agricultural Technology Diploma became an Agricultural Technology Specialist Diploma. There are differences. Enters the indication of possession of “good knowledge of the English language”, which is associated with “good knowledge of the written and spoken French language, from school training and personal insights” as reported in the first edition. However, the most relevant question regarding the degree obtained is: Geography and economic policyWhere it was before Economic geography. Honors remain with its highest grade, but the achievement of the academic title has been postponed for 9 years: it seems to be in the 1995-96 academic year. Did anyone ask the University of Bologna that in the academic years 1986-87 (the one indicated in the first self-certificate) and 1995-96 (present instead of the second document) there were economic geography or even geography and even active degree courses in this field? The economic policy revealed that the response of the university was: “In the aforesaid academic year, namely 86/87 and 95/96, economic geography and geography and economic policy were not study courses of this university, they were course of study”.

The confirmation that, of course, sent the mayor of Samarch into a frenzy, intended to sue “those who would write” over the story told by the Foggia newspaper last Saturday. There are only a few contradictions in the curriculum for Merla Typo

Meanwhile, the climate is heating up And one of the fiercest opponents boasts: “What the media raises is relevant from the point of view of public trust. Citizens are distracted by such news that casts doubt on the credibility of the organization, which must be based on transparency and compliance with the rules so that behavior cannot be justified by violating legitimacy. We are waiting for a denial from the mayor otherwise we are ready to present a specific clarification question.

The explanation that comes the next day, is always on the attack (read the full article). Finally everything is clear: the mayor is graduating. But not in economic geography, not even in geography and economic policy. Merla, on the other hand, is a “doctor of history with honors.”With a Thesis in Economic Geography Related to Gargano National Park.

In short, all is well that ends well. However, it remains to be seen why Merla persisted in the “transcription error” after the clear typo.

“I had fun alone With him (the author of the report, Ed) Like a cat with a rat, On this resume thing. But I never thought of ending up in the newspaper »Merla justified herself for the misunderstanding she had helped to create.

“Oddly enough, the mayor is having a good time – They whisper from the minority today -, lying in a public deed. So, just a simple curious mouse down the track for personal taste.

Happy him, happy everyone.

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