Sylvia Gutti – Interview with March region painters, writers and set designers

By Irene Tempestini

Meeting with Sylvia Gutti, The artist in Marsh who lives in Reconatti, the joyous city of Giacomo Leopardi, it happened by chance or perhaps, because it was written in destiny. What’s important is that the spark is struck immediately which forces you to go further and make you want to know more. After all, in the face of her work, it was unforgivable not to get to know a skilled and creatively brilliant artist like Sylvia, who is not only a painter but also a set designer and writer.

I’ve always been a painter but I know it was the lockdown that rekindled the need for you to go back to painting. Is that so?

That’s right! During the devastating epidemic I started painting again, first the interior of my new home, with classic themes, the landscape in March, the sea, the sweet countryside, my family loved ones, my favorite four-legged man, my dog ​​and the cat. Then, a rediscovered family easel inspired me to draw different sized canvases with a female theme. Having graduated from Maserata’s Cantalamesa Institute of Art and being a set designer at Maserata’s Academy of Fine Arts, I have always loved the color, the artistry of any material.
Painting, an emotion set aside year after year, explodes like the color of a rainbow, a beneficial light in the sad moments that we all survived!

As you said, the heroes of your figure are women, but also cherubs, classical personalities and our four-legged friends. Who will you represent and why choose?

How many times have I “stressed” thinking that I am my muse, my daughter Sara, the hero of many of my paintings, to model myself when I get a new idea for a painting! I often draw inspiration from photos of kids, such as Sonila’s beautiful face, my son Niccolo’s girlfriend. I like to draw beauty in my affections, my face, my favorite expressions, everything around me, my heart. And how much I enjoy winged angels, fat, fat putty, Cupid playing with each other, in heaven and on earth, the people next to us, to lighten life. And the sculptures of columns, capitals, Greek and Roman art remind us from the sand of the sea that the past is part of the present, history is a story of memories that cannot be lost.

Sylvia cat Sonila

Sylvia Gutti, Sonila, 70 × 50

Which strategy do you prefer and why?

I always use acrylic paint, because my brushstrokes are very quick, the touches are fast, I use paint clots, with ingredients that should dry immediately. Bright stamps of red, green, yellow and blue on the canvas in a shady color but with a well-defined outline by a black line.

Your works hit immediately for warm, full, bright colors. A warm breath caresses our soul. How did you come to choose this color and why?

I like the color, mixing it in different pigments to achieve strong shades, not too dark. That’s right, I like the warm shades that come together, giving life to a harmonious whole made with quick brushstrokes. Nature is like an explosion of color and energy!

Willie and Ringo greet the guests

Sylvia Gutti, Willie and Ringo welcoming guests, 250 x160

Another undisputed hero is the marked line that defines the contours well. Why this choice?

It wasn’t a choice! Like using certain colors or using a lot! It was all normal, I think it’s something that represents me, without being forced. And when they tell me I have my own style, very personal, recognized, it really makes me happy.

Sylvia cat at work2

Sylvia Gutti, details on the wall

I was also impressed with the settings in which the figures were immersed, creating a great whole. What do they mean to you, and how do you choose them?

The choice of subject and setting, the idea of ​​moving to a blank canvas is the most beautiful moment, and of course I keep my experience as a set designer! I live in the region of March, the birthplace of the poet Giacomo Leopardi, and like him I admire the landscapes around me and the Adriatic Sea, the sun-bathed soft mountains that change color every season, and “Blue Mountain is the setting I love the most I also look out of the window.

Sylvia the cat in the countryside of San Leopard

Sylvia Gutti, San Leopardo countryside, 90 × 70

Are there any artists who have inspired you?

I’m sincere, I don’t have an artist that I like to inspire, but of course many of my artistic studies and studying painters remain within me and I often like to go through the many catalogs, art books scattered around the house.

Painter but author, including several publications for his accomplishments. Two of your books have featured Black Star. Tell us about her and your love for our wonderful hairy friends.

Here I’m just talking about my favorite fanatic, Black Star, the protagonist of the first book of 2013 “Black Star – Discover Reconnaissance with a Beagle’s Eye” – Ed. Discover. The plan, Rekana. A four-legged tourist guide dog where through his eyes, his dog jokes and the nature of his indomitable hunting dog, his innate curiosity and tireless walking power, he led many tourists to “find” the secrets and wonders of our Leopardian city. And many enchanting stretches of a magician off the coast of Monte Conero. At the same time advising those who own or want to adopt a dog for a fair and responsible approach. Black Star is now 11 years old and lives with us in the family in Rekana with a cat. The concept is born out of our daily walks in the city and in the beautiful tourist area, full of history and tradition.

Where can you see and buy your work? Is it possible to make new commission?

For painting, I registered as “Sylvia Gatti Contemporary Painter” on two sites: We draw. com Which is mainly Italian and we artists are included in the study by province and region. The other True art, Always line art gallery but sales all over the world. In my profile you can see all my paintings, their details and their price. I also work on commissions: I recently created a portrait of one of my friends with his companion and his dog. The second book can still be always requested on my Facebook profile or on Black Star’s Facebook.

I can’t help but ask you what your future plans are and, above all, what your dreams are

I really like to write and after two Black Star publications, several of my stories have been selected and published over the years, the latest being Marche d’Autore Anthology in March 2021, including Marche d’Autore Anthology – I Nutrimentation – “Both Fatty and Fatty”. Second Story – The Achievements – Title: In the Saddle to Chase Skillful Dreams – Federica Silioni is being printed.
Even painting is now a part of my daily life, and in hopes of returning to post-epidemic normalcy, I like to display my paintings at art events, group exhibitions as personal growth. Who knows if this hobby will be a means of building her own economic and cultural autonomy and independence as a woman.


Sylvia Gutti was born in Mogliano. He graduated from the Cantalamesa Art Institute of Maserata and the Academy of Fine Arts of Maserata; He has lived with his family in the poetic town of Leopardian for many years. The mother of the beautiful Black Star, the protagonist of the first book published in 2013, “Black Star – Discover Reconnaissance with a Beagle’s Eye -” Communication Project, published by Reconnaissance.

In 2016 a new dog adventure, the second book “Black Star-Discover the Riviera del Conero through the Eyes of a Beagle-” publisher plans, with the release of Rekana. He is the co-author of “A New Season” published by Giaconi Editor, Recanati. In 2019 a short story by him was selected “The Voice of the Night” and published “For Raconti Marchigiani”. Version 2019 ”Historica Edizioni.

In 2020 another new story “An Infinite Game” has been selected and “Racconti Marchigiani Edition 2020” has been published for Historica Edizioni.
In 2021, he published a short story, “Both Fat and Thin” – I Vincentgrassi – for the March D’Autor Anthology – Eye Nutrimenti – edited by Jonathan Arpetti and David Milioji.

Sylvia cat transparency

Sylvia Gatti, Transparency, 50 × 70

Sylvia cat zoè

Sylvia Gutti, Joey, 50 × 70

Good company Sylvia Cat

Sylvia Getty, in good company, 50 × 40

Sylvia cat red post mark 80 x40

Sylvia Gutti, red poppy mark, 80 × 40

Sylvia the cat was born

Sylvia Gutti, born 90 × 60

Sylvia Cat Conero Venus

Sylvia Gutti, Venus of Conero, 50 × 70

Sylvia Cats Summer 200 x80

Sylvia Guttierez, Summer, 200 × 80

Sylvia Cat Autumn 2

Sylvia Gutti, Autumn, 45 × 55

Sylvia Cat Autumn

Sylvia Gutti, Autumn, 45 × 55

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