The ghost accuses the homeowners on an old computer

The couple immediately noticed that something was wrong at home

  • The term “miracle” refers to all those scientifically inexplicable physical and mental phenomena
  • It is often associated with events related to other worldly beings, such as ghosts
  • One unresolved episode today is the computer that “hides” a mysterious “writer”.
  • A few people have complained about the occupation of his house through annoying messages sent directly to the computer
  • The phenomenon can be traced back to the 1980s and still remains unexplained

Some of the technical gadgets that we host in our home look so realistic that sometimes they almost seem to “come to life”. Regardless of whether you believe in paranormal or not, it is often seen in movies or heard by people who have been its main victims.

One of the most talked about cases today is an old computer from the 1980s. At the time, a ghost was accused of occupying their home to communicate with a married couple using an old computer.

Attendance constantly sends messages to the two new “tenants” in an attempt to evict them from what they consider their property. But let’s get to the story in chronological order.

Ken and Debbie move to a dilapidated 18th-century cottage in Cheshire, UK, to fulfill their love dream. Immediately, however, they noticed that something was wrong. Footprints, whispers, and the presentation of endless feelings in specific areas of the home reinforce the intense feeling of instability.

All the fault of the computer

The increase in events over time followed each other until, during some renovations, the couple noticed strange six-finger prints in the dust that seemed to “walk” on the wall dividing the bathroom and kitchen. The two didn’t pay attention to what they saw at first, thinking it was just a joke played by some Joker friends.

In the weeks that followed, however, the husband and wife were the protagonists of more weirdness and anecdotes that frightened them. It includes a clear amount of cat food tins piled nicely in the shape of a pyramid and the endless presence of something annoying and threatening.

Some time ago, a local school teacher brought home a microcomputer borrowed from a computer lab. Shortly after the device was installed, however, a message appeared on the screen: a poem that shocked the couple.

After the poetic melody, the mysterious “writer” constantly asks Ken and Debbie “who they are” and follows other messages, accusing them of burglary.

Days later, an equally strange second message was written in an older version of English. “I write for many. You are a worthy (good) man who has an imaginative woman and you live in my house, with the light that Satan creates. Stealing from my house is a big crime. LWThe writing said.

Over the next year and a half, other contacts began to appear. Annoyed by the situation, why decided to answer the question to try to find out the identity of the sender.

The identity of the “author”

The mysterious author first revealed the name of Lucas but later admitted to being Thomas Harden or Howarden. The latter added to write directly from 2109.

Understand that you have a purpose that will change the face of history in your life. We, who are at 2109, do not need to influence your thinking but give you some guidance that will leave room for your destiny. We can only say that we are all part of the same God, whatever he is

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After the shocking incident, numerous miraculous investigators were invited to the cottage to try to figure out what was behind the “spirit” of the computer in question. Despite the investigation, none of them were ever able to get an answer.

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