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Pietro Senaldi

There War in Ukraine As the litmus test of the Italian disease, which has turned into a deadly pathology. We fight for Western independence through intermediaries, we finance the aggressors by buying one billion gas a day when we stop buying caviar. And we are divided in the interest of the national party instead of ideological and political division. Alberto Mingardi, Academic, journalist, former entrepreneur of thought, general director of the Bruno Leoni Institute, a study center that has its own name in spreading liberal ideas, has many qualifications. Moving away from them PrintIn which he was a columnist, after the deep red jib of the Nobel Piedmontese newspaper.

How much did the wars in the West, Europe and Italy cost?
“It simply came to our notice then. There has certainly been a sharp revision to growth estimates. The most worrying consequences could be long-term.

We are currently fighting a major economic war …
“The need to oppose Russia has opened the door to unprecedented intervention in the rule of law. Let me give you a trivial example: the reserves deposited in a central bank account may be the most “safe” in everyone’s perception. We have “frozen” half of the Russian Central Bank’s foreign reserves, the Federal Reserve (Fed) and the currency reserves held by the European Central Bank. It’s not just property rights infringement: it’s evidence that property rights can be infringed by governments, even in the central bank’s sanctuary. The same can be said about the arguments put forward to seize the assets of alligators. The cuts that lead to suspicion of their co-responsibility for the Ukraine invasion are often, so to speak, barely sketched.

But what is this change for us economically?
“Markets may think we do this only in exceptional circumstances. But it is also possible for individuals and organizations to conclude that the state can do whatever it wants without any rules governing its interventions.

Is it possible to win the war only with economic sanctions?
“The reasoning behind the sanctions is that if the economic situation deteriorates, there should be resentment within the hostile country, which could provoke a change of regime. However, the 60-year trend of American sanctions on Cuba indicates that things are not always going as planned.” , The American presented itself as the champion of its people against hunger, but let us also imagine that sanctions work this time around.

What is the biggest price to pay?
“The most significant consequence of the war, at least to this day, will be the migration wave for us: from Ukraine and perhaps, because of this level of food prices from African countries. If there is no economic growth Can give 6.

Russian gas given in rubles, checkmate in euros: sanctions, consequences of Putin's retaliation

Does the ban and the intention to stop buying gas from Russia show that globalization is over?
“Globalization is made by countless day-to-day decisions made by consumers and businesses, not by states and prime ministers. These decisions are made not on the basis of political alliances, but on the basis of the convenience of performing a particular good or a particular service in a particular place.” This situation – partly because of sanctions, partly because of the instability and uncertainty we find ourselves in – can artificially make some decisions more expensive and therefore lead to a correction. But let us remember two things: 1) “Globalization” means a lot to consumers. Making products more expensive; 2) It is not enough for the government to say “we have to make microprocessors in Italy” for this to happen.

So a little early janaza?
“Celebrations of the end of globalization are part of an ideological lesson of what is happening. The epidemic has been talked about before. But international trade has held better than imagined and supply chains have been restructured, autonomously and benefited from the flexibility of the market economy.” Here’s how it’s made, I’m not saying an iPhone, not even a pencil. Political dreams of redefining international trade spaces can quickly turn into nightmares.

Is it right to exclude Russia from the G20 and the big international organizations?
“These are forums where leaders and government apparatus meet, where we talk … precisely in moments of tension we need to have a place where, however, even in other matches a conversation is kept alive. There are costs.

And is Western capitalism over?
“The West is full of extraordinary entrepreneurial power. Of course, today these forces are abnormally compressed and much more so than in the past, with a desire to enslave them for a purpose that goes beyond the goal of a single company, to make a profit. We must be careful: the task of protecting the environment rests on the shoulders of the company, but the task of punishing Putin and the Russians also diminishes freedom of acceptance and one could kill the goose that lays the golden eggs of our prosperity. “

Is the catastrophe of the West due to the mistakes of Clinton, Obama and Bush’s foreign policy?
“It simply came to our notice then. Both Obama and Trump were elected because American voters no longer want to be the world’s police. This is also true of Biden’s time: think of the fact that he did not pay too much in terms of the consensus for the scandalous way he came out of Afghanistan. Of course, American interventionism in foreign policy has opened up more than a Pandora’s box: the distorted and undesirable consequences of various interventions have far outweighed the goal.

Russia, sanctions flop: why the ruble holds its own, the error with which Europe is condemning itself

In short, is the end of the hegemonic power of the United States?
“All of us, even Americans, should be a little more humble when we ‘handle’ the politics, history and situation of distant lands. If the US President says: You will never see a helicopter leave the roof of the US Embassy in Kabul, and then this is exactly what happened, it means that the information about his decision was far from being understood. “Often we point out, and politicians decide, based on misinformation or propaganda.”

Trump has argued that the war would not have started if he had stayed there. Do you share?
“We do not know. Trump’s foreign policy has always been bizarre, but, in the face of North Korea’s nuclear threat, it has proved a strange kind of bullying diplomacy that worked on that occasion. However, anti-Russian sentiment is deeply ingrained in US institutions, whether democratic or republican.

Why is Italian public opinion divided over the war?
“We are a relatively open society, it is not scandalous to have different opinions. Of course, it makes a small impression that different ideas thus become an occasion for football jubilation. We are accustomed to a game of mutual legitimacy. Don’t think like me, but I want to silence you. It would be better if the unsolicited statement hit the answer, why they are proved wrong. Censorship is called for, especially among the youngest, who grew up in a world where, instead of criticizing themselves, even harshly, those who think differently are called for censorship. Ready to “cancel” those who had different views on economics, gender issues, etc. Tolerance can not be promoted only for friends.

What are the current economic difficulties, high bills due to inflation, rising petrol prices, shortage of raw materials are actually due to war and how much. The state of the country?
“If a country has a strong public finance and if it comes from year-on-year economic growth, it handles a push better than water in its throat. We
Unfortunately we don’t have a solid public finance and we haven’t grown up in years. After the epidemic, we thought we were finally caught
PNRR’s Bengodi We are not interested in the reforms we have been waiting for for many years. Even now, most are under the illusion that war will force us to steal money from Americans or return to other European countries. We have now learned to present ourselves as beggars in Europe and to be pervertedly proud of it.

Don’t you see hope for our country?
“We need to grow, and to grow we need credible reforms that will make Italy a country where you can invest without investing.
Great effort that we still force companies to do. Unfortunately, the Draghi government postponed the first financial adjustment in 2022
Public: Those who (we were less) skeptical about this choice were unfortunately right. We are very weak, in times of extreme uncertainty. The
The government should pay less attention to the navel, keep the barrier on public finance straight, rush to sell ITA (money lost every day), keep track of real liberalization (starting from the labor market) and start settling. The state-owned enterprises that we have placed under the umbrella of Casa Deposit e Precity 7.

How risky is social retention?
“If we don’t grow up, we will see social conflicts escalate that will make it harder for new immigrants to manage, as immigration will determine a kind of war between the poor.”

Is it possible for Italy to become more autonomous in terms of energy and what should it do?
“Companies need to be able to do what they want to do to generate more energy. It’s easy to fill your mouth with energy freedom, but then there’s NIMBY syndrome, not in my backyard, not in my backyard. Drills? Never. Wind farm? Not even. Call? God forbid. Atomic? We don’t talk about it. Remember, this is what it is for everything: in Milan they can’t even start work on a new stadium, and let’s talk about the stadium! We behave like spoiled children and our political leaders instead of being adults and explaining to us that there is no important choice that does not include cost, they always satisfy us.

Saving Italian People: How Much Investment and Family Treasury Will the War Cut?
“The average income in Italy is about 22,000 euros per year. The increase in the bill itself significantly reduces the disposable income.
In addition to the people, the energy costs are huge, they affect the production of almost all products in our exchange. Moreover, the war has already been written on a situation characterized by strong inflation, mainly due to the management of the epidemic.

Do we want to stop with a positive message?
“It’s hard to worry. In recent years, prices have remained stable, mainly thanks to globalization and technological innovation. The central bank should keep an eye on inflation while our governments do their best to revive productive activities, increase trade freedom and reduce international exchange space.” All of us are in the throes of extreme poverty.

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