What changes between the two animals

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a pet dog and a stray dog? Let’s look at the list of differences between the two together.

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The The difference between stray dogs and pets They are many, and with significant impact. Here is a list of all the characteristics that distinguish these four packs in terms of lifestyle, character and physical condition.

Differences between domestic and stray dogs: Complete list

Unfortunately, the problem of stray dogs is still very much present in Italy today.

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Suffice it to say, in fact, it is assumed that there are in our country 500 thousand and 700 thousand stray dogs: A real plague.

Although these animals belong to the same species of lucky tultu who enjoy the love of a family, there are many differences between the two categories.

Among the major differences between domestic and stray dogs are:

  • Lifestyle;
  • Average lifespan;
  • Mood.


It is easy to guess, the main differences between domesticated and stray dogs are the lifestyle led by these animals.

The difference between a stray dog ​​and a stray dog
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Migratory animals, in fact, need to get water and food for themselves, as well as seek warm and safe shelter.

In some cases, it is possible that the volunteers take care of them, trying to meet the basic needs of these four legs.

Of course, their lives are not comparable to those of lucky hairy dogs who enjoy the attention and protection of their human family.

Not to mention Innumerable dangers Comes in contact with strays such as road accidents, fights with other dogs, diseases, malnutrition and aggression.

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Life expectancy

Precisely because strays are exposed to greater risks, the average life span of a stray dog ​​is included in the list of differences.

The difference between a stray dog ​​and a stray dog
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As we have already seen, the standard of living of these little dogs is distinctly different. It also affects their longevity. In fact, r Street life It is characterized by dangers such as accidents and fights during which the dog may lose its life.

Not only that: due to the poor quality of his diet, perennial exposure to the ingredients, and possible contact with infected animals, Fido may compromise his health due to infectious diseases, pneumonia, or food shortages.

For this reason, the average lifespan of a pet dog is between 10 and 13 years; On the other hand, for the misguided, it has declined drastically, falling in just 8 years.

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Finally, the last of the differences between stray and domestic dogs is represented by the character of this little dog.

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While this does not apply to all street animals, it is often the case that strays are less accustomed to interacting with humans, proving that it is more Be careful and scared.

These feelings of fear towards people can become aggressive if they feel threatened.

Because of this, street life is certainly not a good gym for puppy socialization.

In contrast, domestic dogs enjoy the love, affection and attention of their human family.

Similarly, Fido’s training can help make him more balanced and compelling than a stray dog, which in this sense is more elusive than a real free spirit.

Of course, this does not mean that adopting a stray dog ​​is not only a gesture of great generosity, but also an experience that will bring us immense joy and happiness: the important thing is patience and love to give to the unfortunate. Fur dog

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