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The “Animal Minds” web series has resumed on Corriere.it: The Angelo brothers know us through their minds of dogs and other animals. “Let’s learn to think like them, we’ll discover a lot about nature and ourselves.”

Let us not ask ourselves what we can teach animals. Let us rather ask ourselves what animals can teach us. Let’s observe them, let’s listen to them, let’s try Understand the mechanisms that guide their minds, Which governs their relationship with nature and the world around them. We move on from being teachers, to always be honest, not equivalent to being students. And we’ll discover that there’s really a lot to learn.

“We can learn from them, for example, the key to health and wellness – he underlines. Angelo brothersDog trainer and zoologist, author of the video series.Animal mind»Which, after the success of the previous season (see all episodes here), begins again Wednesday 30 March At Corriere.it -. Animals survive in the open air and in contact with sunlight, taking a proper diet for their species, not excluded from physical activity. It allows them to be in the right shape and condition to face life. It’s not hard. There is no need to chase fashion or complex theories. Just observe and learn from nature, which has always worked well apart from us.

In the new series of columns, therefore, we will not only talk about our relationship with dogs, but also our relationship with the natural world and biodiversity in general, our interactions with the fauna – of which we are a part (that is,Animalia To whom we dedicate this section of our site) – and this and the environment around us. But the dog will be the main protagonist of this movie of life. And not by chance: সম্পর্ক The relationship with a dog – the brethren explain – transcends an edge that no one else sees the world as before. The relationship that is formed between us and our life partner, if lived properly, is a kind of passport that allows us to enter the whole animal kingdom. Understanding our dog’s behavior and thinking allows us to explain the behavior and nature of other species.

All of this, however, requires a predisposition to the mind. To love a dog, or animals in the broadest sense, does not mean simply owning or caring for them. “Even a butterfly enthusiast can define himself as an animal lover – the brothers say – but holding them and hanging them with a pin under a bulletin board is not really contact with them, Sympathetic relationship. If, on the other hand, I welcome a dog into my family and establish with it Equivalent relationshipThat bond led me to ask questions about myself but also about his emotions, trying to see the world through his eyes and trying to explain it with his mind.

An argument that can be extended to the wild world, starting with the awareness that the pet dog of the century has turned into a dog (but this may also apply to cats) is what it is today, that is, a full member of man. Society: In general – experts add – we must always think that Every creature has its own mind And their own views of the world, their own ways of expressing emotions and even feelings. And each of them has its own Existing feeling. Putting a lion in a zoo takes away the meaning of his life. And not just to deprive them of their freedom: a lion needs habitat to be able to live according to its own nature, which involves hunting or packing life.

The first episode of the new series will be dedicatedUse of voice to communicate with dogs. Voice and language are two completely different things. The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail. So take some precautions to get the right message in the right way. Other issues that will be addressed include practical aspects, such as controlling a dog with “pulling” or more related issues. As for “peace therapy” or harm management, this is the moment when the dog leaves us due to old age or illness. And, as mentioned, things that are not specifically related to dogs but our relationship with nature. “Nature is also capable of thinking – Brothers in conclusion – and we can read those thoughts. I will explain how to do it.

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