A mother rescues cats that would otherwise die in the crowd shelter

Elizabeth Gunterska, a mother living in Stoke Newington, a suburb of London, has dedicated her life to saving cats from death in a crowded shelter. He has also formed a non-profit association and hopes to set up a veterinary clinic in the future. In fact, with the help of various professionals, he wants to create a clinic where a policy against euthanasia is applied, “which is cost effective, and which is open 24 hours a day”. The goal of the clinic is to keep cats down.

Elizabeth Gunterska, 43, says the epidemic has led to an increase in stray dogs and cats in London, and that veterinarians work overtime and often neglect neutering. The woman loved animals since childhood and lived in Poland. Here he was surrounded by dogs, cats, rabbits and sometimes hamsters and guinea pigs. He later moved to London, with his cat having IVF (feline immunodeficiency virus), “I was advised by veterinarians to kill it.”

Meanwhile, he also earned a diploma as a behaviorist and cat psychologist and discovered that many cats can be saved without killing them. “At the time, many veterinarians believed that cats like me should be vaccinated against HIV-infected cats because the standard of living was low and the virus spread rapidly. I didn’t like the idea and so I started doing various searches to find an alternative solution. It all starts from there.

He initially adopted and treated some strays, then opened a Facebook page called Stoky Cats and Dogs, which he has been running for about eight years. The goal of the whole Facebook group is to find a home for stray cats or to work with veterinarians to treat sick cats.

Elizabeth, who has a partner who supports her in her project, and a four-year-old daughter, also partnered with Celia Hammond Animal Trust, a non-profit clinic in Canning Town. Cats often suffer from serious illnesses such as cancer, kidney problems or disability. With her clinic, her dream is to heal them and speed up the whole adoption process. At the moment he is caring for four cats like Ivy, who has an ulcer and a tumor, “and those who will always be with me.”

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