Aldo and Corsaro, two dogs abandoned by their predators: the first because they are lame, the second because they are blind

Aldo and Corsaro found themselves in the Refrancore kennel in the province of Asti (Piedmont), with a similar past behind them: they belonged to two hunters who left them at one point because they were probably no longer suitable for hunting. Two different but similar stories, coming from the same region, and in both cases the four-legged disabled structure is welcomed.

Aldo Hall is a 4-year-old hunter-gatherer, rescued as a stray wanderer, who entered Canal Limping. “But despite the claw problem, it is autonomous: it walks and runs on three legs, the other rises from the ground at almost body height – explains Canes volunteer Francesca Zakaria – it may have been hit and not treated, or it may have been the result of a traumatic accident.” They have already consulted with some vets, but it seems that nothing can be done about his paw.

“Of course she will be at home in an environment that is more suited to her needs and adoption will improve her quality of life.” Aldor also lacked his tail and probably after using a paw he was no longer able to do his “work” for his previous owner. For this he was left on the street overnight. “Aldo is good but doesn’t always get along with other dogs, and probably his physical problems make him feel good alone. At first he was very shy, scared and suspicious but now he is much better”, Zakaria continues. For her, they hope that someone will give her a peaceful and dignified life in her condition. “He likes to walk, unless they’re too tall,” they continued.

Corsaro, on the other hand, is 3 years old, he is a predatory hunter, and he too entered the canal a long time ago as a stray dog. He arrived completely blind in one eye. “He has completely lost his right eye, but nevertheless he has never fallen down – Zakaria explains – he is in excellent health, and still has a great desire to run and play, he is lively and affectionate.”

It is possible that the previous owner hunted him a wild boar: “With these animals, unfortunately this kind of accident often happens – Francesca Zacharias continues – the wild boars in the corner seriously protect the dog with their teeth, but the fault lies with the animals. It never happens. It’s always men. Corsaro is very nice and affectionate. He’s funny. He doesn’t seem to have a problem with other dogs, but he does suffer a bit from being alone in a box. ” You can love them – Zakaria continues – overcoming their physical defects We are sure that this will happen sooner or later. For information and receipts: 351.633.3633.

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