Basketball, Serie A: Milan, Vertas are second on the roller coaster

The eighth win in a row for Milan which did not miss a single. Messina’s side remain unbeaten after eight days, beating Reggio Emilia 84-74 and trying to escape with yesterday’s defeat at Brindisi against Trento. Virtus remains in Bologna-4, breaking Brescia 103-74 and joining Happy Casa in second place. Another shot from Tortona that is no longer a surprise. Darthona defeated Sassari 95-89 and overtook it in the standings by entering right into the playoffs. The success of Venice against Fortido Bologna and Treviso against Cremona. Varese’s suspended coup in Trieste.

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Milan-Reggio Emilia 84-74

Olympia returns to the championship after a great victory in the Eurolig against Fenerbahce and with a win it does it in its own way. This time the defense is not as strong as in Turkey, but it is enough to take home the eighth victory in so many days. Reggio Hopkins (21 points and 12 rebounds) and Olsevicius (16) played well, finishing ahead of the first quarter 7 lengths (17-24), but Milan relied on normal Rodriguez (22) and Datome (20). Stay awake and find overtaking before a long break (49-45). Then in the second half coach Messina lifted the wall and Olympia conceded just 29 points in the two quarters, while in front of Rodriguez and Dotom they had good and bad times. The hosts thanked Motoglou and Daniles for 12 points and Melli for 10 points and 5 rebounds.

Brescia-Virtus Bologna 74-103

Virtus returned to success in an impeccable last quarter away from Segafredo Arena where it scored 26 points and lost just 7 points to Leonesa. Bologna, on the other hand, has become compact and has brought success with an extraordinary Wims. The final result, however, says a lot about the type of race: Virtus shuts down the first trimester before 11, touches +16 during the second trimester, and then reaches + 11 again at long intervals. The hosts came forward after the Serbians were eliminated in the second half, but an impeccable last quarter allowed the defending champions to avoid a return from Brescia and win two crucial points in the championship race.

Tortona-Sassari 95-89

Tortona is no longer a surprise. The newcomer is now a surety of this Serie A and Sasari understands it at his expense. Maintaining a perfect balance in the first half, the two teams are going to rest for 36 runs. Then, in the third quarter of 40 points from the hosts, Doum Mascolo and Makura Shield split the match in two. All three of them knocked Dinamo out 11-0. The +12 in the third siren does not disappoint the Sardinians who try to come back (-7), but relies on coaches Ramandino Philoy and Tavernelli to manage the final minutes and keep the guests away.

Traviso-Cremona 96-83

Treviso came back to success by defeating Cremona at the end of a tough fight and a balanced match. The hosts started strong, pulled by Dimsa and Sims. The Lithuanian pushed his side to victory in the first quarter (29-24), but Vanoli did not break down, reacting and thanks to a 9-0 break signed by Harris-Sanogo before the break along the limelight (53-54). Harris and Carnuh pushed the visitors to +5 (61-66) in the second half, but Cremona did not deal with Traviso’s pride that in the fourth period all the holes in the defense were plugged in and Russell and Sims flew away with shots. Also touch +17 before final 96-83.

Fortitudo Bologna-Venice 77-91

Everything is very simple for Venice, which makes the second success in the league at home. Fortitudo lasts a while: 40-42 on long breaks. Then with a break of 25-6 for the guests named Dhas (21) -tonat (16). The lakes in the third siren have crossed 14 and even a good prosida could not bring back Fortitudo. Venice brought in five in double figures, the best for coach de Raphael under the basket.

Trieste-Varese 70-86

Colpo Grosso of Versace crushed Trieste with a thrilling 86-70 and left the last place in the standings. Gentil (23) and Kell (24) take care of the guests. They both signed the most benefits in the first quarter (9-20). Lobito Fernandez, in support of Delia, tried to play charge at Allianz House early in the second quarter and succeeded, as Trieste returned under long stop just before (34-36), but Gentile had a lucky evening to push his side and get Varese back to the second siren. Den (36-43). Allianz reacted early in the second half, with Fernandez pulling back and putting their heads in front for the first time (57-53). Then, however, it again took the gentle-show, the Kel Chair, and moved on to the exciting +16 final in Versailles.

Armani Milano-Unahotels Reggio Emilia 84-74 (17-24, 49-45, 67-63)
A | X Armani Exchange Milan: Meli 10, Grant 4, Rodriguez 22, Fiorilo, Leoni, Biligha 4, Mitoglu 12, Daniels 12, Shields, Alviti, Hines, Datom 20. Coach: Messina.
Unahotels Reggio Emilia: Thompson Jr. 8, Hopkins 21, Candy 10, Stroutins, Crawford 3, Colombo Ne, Cincinnati 2, Johnson 9, Olysevicius 16, Bonacini Ne, Duff 5. Coach: Kaza.
Referee: Sahin-Visino-Galaso.
Note: Free throws: Milan 22/25, Reggio Emilia 12/14. No one was out for five fouls.

Germany Brescia-Vertus Segafredo Bologna 74-103 (21-32, 45-56, 67-77)
Germany Brescia: Gabriel 6, Moore 1, Mitru-Long 16, Petruselli 10, Della Vale 17, Ibua, Parilo, Cobins 7, Biacha Ne, Burns 9, Lacuintana 5, Moss 3. Coach: Magro.
Vertus Segafredo Bologna: Tesitori, Manion 9, Pazola 8, Alibegovic 11, Harvey 5, Rugier, Zaiteh 11, Seren, Sampson 9, Wems 22, Theodosic 15, Cordinier 13. Coach: Scariolo.
Referee: Rossi-Nicolini-Vita.
Note: Free throws: Brescia 17/21, Bologna 15/19. No one was out for five fouls.

Fortitudo Kigili Bologna-Umana Venice 77-91 (24-24, 40-42, 53-69)
Fortitudo Kigili Bologna: Ashley 4, Goodmundson 2, Aradori 19, Mansinelli 6, Durham 11, Jedda Ne, Procida 13, Benjing 8, Fantinelli Ne, Baldasso, Tot ‘6, Grossel 8. Coach: Martino.
Umana Rare Venezia: Stone, Tonat 16, Day 14, De Nicolao 4, Sanders 8, Philip 10, Ecodas 3, Majola, Brooks, Serela, Vitali 15, Wat 21.
Coach: D. Raphael. Referee: Baldini-Martolini-Brindisi.
Note: Free Cast: Bologna 14/21, Venice 19/25. Out for five fouls: Ashley, Sanders.

Bertram Darthona Tortona-Banco de Sardegna 95-89 (15-16, 38-38, 78-66)
Bertram Darthona Basketball Tortona: Mortellaro Ne, Rota Ne, Canon 4, Tavernelli 9, Philoy 9, Mascolo 9, Severini 3, Saunders 17, Doom 12, Kane 17, Macura 15. Coach: Ramandino.
Banco de Sardegna: Logan 22, Gandini Ne, Devechi 3, Trier 7, Chesa, Bernel 22, Bendzias 5, Mekoulu 12, Gentil 13, War 3, Diop 2, Bora Ne. Coach: Cavina.
Referee: Attard-Quarta-Paglialunga.
Note: Free Throw: Tortona 12/16, Sasari 9/13. No one was out for five fouls.

Nutribulet Treviso-Vanoli Crimona 96-83 (29-24, 53-54, 76-71)
Nutribulet Treviso: Russell 12, Pozar Ne, Bortolani 7, Imbro ’11, Casarin 2, Chilo 2, Sims 22, Sokoloski 9, Dimsa 23, Jones 7, Akele 1. Coach: Menti.
Vanoli Basketball Crimona: Agbamu Ne, Harris 14, Sanogo 8, McNes 11, Pechia, Poeta, Spanish 13, Tinkle 17, Cornoh 15, Miller 5, Vechiola Ne. Coach: Galbiati.
Referee: Lo Guzzo-Bergioni-Gonella.
Note: Free Throw: Treviso 18/23, Cremona 10/17. Out for five fouls: Miller.

70-86 (15-22, 36-43, 59-59)
Allianz Basketball Trieste: Banks 6, Sanders 9, Fernandez 20, Conate 4, Longo Ne, Dengeli, Mian 5, Delia 12, Cavaliero, Campogrande 1, Grazulis 9, Liver 4. Coach: Siani.
OPENJOBMETIS VARESE: Kell 24, Gentile 23, Amato, Beane 13, Sorokas 16, De Nicolao 3, Bottelli, Virginio, Ferrero, Jones 7, Frangos. Coach: Vertemati.
Referee: Giovannetti-Bettini-Nose.
Note: Free Cast: Trieste 5/8, Varese 12/17. Out for five fouls: Mian.

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