FIBA Basketball CL # Game 5 2021-22: Vire Riga Wins in Siren, Nutribulet Traviso Mocked by Jalen Riley’s Triple

Riga (Latvia), 14 December 2021 – Jalen Riley wins triple from a corner VEF Riga Ridicule on siren Nutribulet Treviso For 74-71.

A game that was controlled by the Venetians for a while, caught by the Latvians in the third period, a final point-to-point and a market-beta that stunned the Venetian team.

This is the second defeat in Group D of the European competition by Coach Max Menetti’s team after the defeat against Falco Sozumbatheli in Hungary.

And thanks to the Hungarians’ simultaneous victory over AEK in Athens, Treviso is no longer at the top of the group standings to avoid play-offs. So on 22 December AEK will have to beat Athens and hopefully VEF Riga will win against Falco in Hungary.


Initially it affects the contacts under the VEF Riga basket while maintaining a balance between the two teams, but for the NutriBullet Treviso the Dimsa-Sims couple responded (11-15 in 8 ‘). The Latvians, however, closed the first period thanks to Gulbis and Walker. After the first 10 is 16-15.

The second trimester and VEF Regar allowed triple with defensive Amnesia Bortolani and Sokolovsky’s place, it was 19-21 in favor of the Neutributed Treviso after 12 ‘, the time-out of Koch Galitis. Treviso opened the field at 6.75, with Chilo and Russell scoring to bring the white-blue to +7, but the Latvians responded with the same currency thanks to Riley and Curry, who were 25-29 after 15. One of the two halves led Super Russell Nutribulet to a double-digit advantage at 25-35 after 16 ‘. Henry Sims is then often searched under the basket, thanks to him and for a careful team defense, escaping with a double figure difference (33-43) before Traviso Walker’s 1/2 free throw. In the long run it is 34-43.

We go back to the game and reopen a 6-0 game signed by VEF Riga, 40-43 at 23 ‘, with the nutritious Traviso arranging his players with time-out coach Max Manetti. The Latvian defense rarely allows Venetians who can only score in individual games like Russell and Sims, while for the hosts with Zorix and Gulbis they appear for a pre-51 draw. Sokolovsky’s basket will close at 51-53 in the third quarter for TVB.

Last quarter: Bortolani VEF Riga (fully illuminated with eight points in a 60-61 positive response, including 6’54 “from the end) after committing to the game, but the Latvians, with Gromovs and Curry’s triple, moved to 64. .6 with 4’07 “end, NutriBullet Treviso time-out. Miscar returns to the TVB wall after the difficulty of attacking the basket and the basket, Jones brings -3 with Dunk after Sims’ defensive block, he still throws Dimsar at 68-65 after a free-kick from the end at -3 Treviso 1’17 “. 1/2 from the line, Russell NutriBullet Treviso-2 with a circus shot from 48 ″ 7 edge, time-outed VEF Riga 69-67. With a 71-67 free throw pairing. After coach Manetti’s time-out, Jones scored from the bottom first, then 2 ″ 1 from the end to influence Russell’s free throw match to 71. Time-out Riga and Jalen Riley scores (not allowed by referees with a combined violation) incredible basket of Latvian wins, 74-71.


Giordano Bortolani (Treviso)

VEF Riga vs. Nutribulet Treviso 74-71

Partial: 16-15; 18-28; 17-10; 23-18.

Progress: 16-15; 34-43; 51-53; 74-71.

Report card

Nutribulet Treviso

Dwayne Russell 7.5: Yes 5/13 off the field, but compared to the evening against Pesaro he was a completely different player when he made 0/10 … very present and inspired in the first half, leading many of his teammates. Then, thanks to the Latvian defense leveling, he apparently dropped but still remained in pieces. Basket of his -2 at 48 ″ 7 and free draw before the relay Curry triple wins.

Enrico Vettori NE

Leonardo Fagian NE

Giordano Bortolani 7: An eight-point thunderstorm in the last quarter tried to push TVB to victory, then Riga Defense blocked him at the right moment. However, he closed with 14 personal points.

Matthew Imbro 5: The Traviso captain played 11 minutes of the match where he did not sting at all and did not draw strength from the bench. 2 End for breach of steps with turnover which ensures evening in the shade.

David Cassarin NE

Matthew Chilo6: A few doors and a triple at an angle of 3’12 ”from the pitch. In the second half he cheered his teammates off the bench.

Henry Sims 6.5: Closes a match with 13 + 8 rebounds where 20 ′ He is inspired and very strong, he jumps on Latvian defense without Madsen. In the second half he followed the lines of many of his teammates, thanking the Latvian rearguard a bit and the 4th foul sent him to the bench before returning active with a sidereal block of Zorix.

Michal Sokolowski 6.5: -12 is a plus-minus which means nothing because long poles are always on either side of the pitch. The defensive mask teased him while shooting, he defended like crazy but only two points 11 team in the second half of the attack.

Thomas Dimsa 5: Two fouls in the first quarter sent him into a bit of a crisis after a very good start. In fact, he tries a lot to play with the shots, he loses a lot of property. Not a match from Dimsa with 1/7 from Orc.

Aaron Jones 6: 10 rebound, lots of protective phosphorus under the board. Let go of his two triplets thrown at the board that even the iron can’t see …

Nikola Akele 5: Traviso is a negative and unfortunate sport for athletes. Closing with a comma is not like that. She argues with herself and gets angry for the basket she suffered so badly, she can never get it inside. A scrambled elbow from the end for a 5’37 ”bad injury knocked him out of the game before returning to the final. Evening NO.

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