Food, dosage and frequency of meals

Here’s the perfect nutrition for Arabian Maui: Let’s explore together the nutrients that may not be missing from this cat’s diet.

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We know that the foods we consume every day can help keep us healthy, or put us at risk for disease. It’s the same for our four-legged friends. For this reason, it is important to know how to clarify their diet to ensure they are always strong and healthy:The ideal feeding of the Arabian bee.

Nutrition of Arabian bees: Dosage and food frequency

To plan the perfect feeding of Arabian bees, it is important to clarify two important factors: the amount of cat food and the frequency.

Arabian bees
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Regarding the daily dose given to cats, it would be ideal to consult a veterinarian.

Thus, professionals will evaluate the ideal ration strictly on the basis of individual parameters such as age, lifestyle and health condition.

In principle, to get a wet dose for cats, it will be enough Multiply 40 grams per kg body weight Animals

Once the quantity is found, we need to divide it by 3 to get the daily dose of Kibal.

How often do you eat Arab honey? We can choose between two options: in the first case, we can feed the baby twice a day, especially in the morning and evening.

In the second, however, do it at short intervals. In this case, we need to divide his daily ration into smaller meals.

By doing this, the cat will always keep its energy level regular.

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What to feed the cat

Which foods are not lacking in the standard food list of Arabian bees?

Arabian bees
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First, since it is a compulsory carnivore – like all other domestic cats, above all – this cat should eat mainly protein from animal sources.

Green light, therefore, for meat and fish: salmon, tuna, chicken, rabbit and so on.

They contain, in fact, essential nutrients, which the animal’s body is unable to produce on its own.

These include, for example, cobalamin and niacin, one of which Essential role For proper functioning of the nervous and immune systems.

We should avoid giving four-legged food intended for human consumption and waste from the table.

Substances such as coffee, chocolate, pasta and spices are actually extremely harmful to the cat’s body, as they have toxic effects.

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Home or industrial nutrition for Arab honey?

Which food to choose for Arabian bees: home or industry?

Arabian bees
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Before making a decision, of course, it is best to examine the differences between the two. The first requirement is that we prepare the food given to the cat, taking care of every stage from the selection of ingredients to their cooking.

Needless to say, this method allows us to carefully choose high-quality raw materials for Peloseto as well as healthy and wholesome cooking methods.

Similarly, however, it is an option that requires time and energy. Not to mention that this type of feeding plan by a veterinarian is essential.

The risk, in fact, is that the cat god could develop Nutritional deficiencies and pathologies. Do you want to know all about the health of Arabian bees? Check out this article.

On the industrial diet, on the other hand, four-legged people need to eat ready-made feed bought directly from supermarket shelves.

In this case, they are products designed to provide cats with a balanced and nutritious diet.

However, it is important to pay attention to the quality of baby food. How? Looking at the nutrition table and ingredients on the back of the package.

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