From Kyiv to the Polish Zoo, the brave “Mission Impossible” to save tigers, lions, wild dogs and monkeys –

Of Alessandro Fuloni

To save the guests of an animal protection shelter in the besieged capital from dying of “starvation and bombing”, a group of volunteers organized an incredible evacuation after being rescued from the shelling of a Russian tank. Arrival in Poznan: “We made it”

A reckless rescue operation between “Noah’s Ark” and “Mission Impossible”. From Kyiv, to Poznan in the center of Poland, the center of the Ukrainian resistance besieged by Russian invaders. A small column of trucks and vans – set up and assembled by Bologna’s “Save the Moon Bear” organization – was able to rescue six lions, four tigers, an African wild dog and a Capuchin monkey, all in a safe condition. Center, “Save wild funds”. Animals whose fate, if not a bold “return plan”, would have been triggered by starvation or artillery fire. During the journey, the trucks were literally targeted several times by Russian tanks that started shooting. To save themselves, the volunteers were forced to zigzag on the asphaltChange route suddenly and hide for a long time in the surrounding forest.

“I insisted: save yourself, abandon the animals …”

At one point it seemed that the rescue operation was about to end without a happy ending. With genocide. This was stated by the director of Poznan Zoo, Eva Zagrabinska Who said he was willing to lend a hand and was in constant telephone contact with the commandos of the five Ukrainian volunteers comprising Bologna. So I insisted, abandoning the animals and asking them to save themselves. But they didn’t say … let’s go. Constantly changing directions, skidding on the sidewalk, turning off the engine and holding their breath at night, they were able to overtake the chased attackers. D.After six days of Odyssey, the small mobile column was able to reach the goal of salvation: First cross the Metica Pass, then the journey to Lodge and Poznan. And finally on the Polish Zoo account, March 3, this post appeared: “We did it! They’re all alive!”

It was not possible to take all the animals

The “expedition” plan to evacuate the heads of animal shelters near Kyiv airport began They realized that their guests would “die of starvation or bombing.” But the transfer has already been studied months ago, from the “operation room”Let’s call it, di “Let’s save the moon bear” (Specializing in the rescue and transportation of large animals around the world) Compiled by Carmen Ilo. The aftermath of the February 24 earthquake shook everything. And they tried to improve. With Italian imagination mixed with Ukrainian and Polish realism.

Kiara, Jar, Jamil, Giz, Nala and Flora: Lions and Tigers

Thus in close contact with Natalia Popova, the “Save the Wild Foundation” and the Bolognese.

, Poznan contacted the zoo to ask for help and hospitality It was not possible to load all 80 animals from the small zoo into trucks and vans, and the difficult decision was made to take only those who had a definite chance of surviving the voyage: Kiara, Jar, Jamil, Giz, Nala and Flora, all lions and tigers. In their fate in Ukraine, there will be alpacas and some turtles. It was not easy for this “Noah’s Ark” to cross the border, in the face of the astonished faces of the Polish guards, who fought the flood control and aid of the refugees, they never expected to “clear the customs”. Even exotic animals. But then, in the midst of thousands of phone calls and requests, the green light came on for Poznan.

Andrea’s play: to stay or to return?

But now? “During the recovery and the animals will continue their journey – read a statement signed by NPA, “Let’s Save the Moon Bear” and “Save Wild Found” – For their specific and planned destinations before the war: Belgium and Spain. Other distressed animals will reach Poznan and two lions are already on their way from Odessa. But it certainly doesn’t end here. Dramatic moments are experienced by Italian volunteer Andrea Cisterino, Milanese, a vegetarian, former fashion photographer who hosted 400 animals in her “Refugeo Italia” near Kiev, especially dogs rescued from stray dogs. The zoologist is determined to stay through friends so as not to starve his founder. With Anna Raymondi of the “Jumpet Fellis Anlas” AssociationIt shows that the situation is deteriorating: when the Russian perspective tightens Kiev, there is a shortage of food for people, food for animals … One solution, Andrea suggests, would be a humanitarian corridor Which could start another “Noah’s Ark”. Bigger this time. Which could allow the rescue of about 4,000 animals kept at the Kyiv Zoo. From the property they say they have food for 10 more days or more. Elephants and larger animals are fed vegetables during the eruption. Other animals have been relocated indoors or underground.

Anastasia, slain animalist

In this brutal war, moreover, Very long list of victims
Innocent Anastasia Yalansky has been named,
A young 26-year-old Ukrainian volunteer: On Friday, as he was traveling in his car to fetch food from a canal, he approached Russian soldiers. That suddenly, – and from the shocking testimony it is not clear why – They started firing. Anastasia cut. The animal rights world is in tears, sad and upset: and everyone remembers the girl as the “heroine killed for fetching dog food.”

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