Games with Gold – Free games for April 2022

Here you go I. Games with Gold April 2022, Games are offered free to all Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate customers For years now, the monthly lineup has been full of almost unknown and / or most forgotten games: On Xbox One Will be downloadable Another philosophy And HughWhile running Xbox 360 Will be available Outpost Kaloki X. And MX vs ATV Alive. But just as reputation is not synonymous with quality, its absence does not mean inferiority. Let’s find out how things stand together.

Next generation games not yet available …

Before we close the offer, we remind you that the two titles for the Xbox 360 – which were originally first published on the Xbox – are also easy to use on the Xbox One and Xbox series due to their backward compatibility.

[XBOX ONE] Another visit (April 1 – 30)

The first game of the month Another philosophyReleased on PC in 2018 and consoles the following year.

Another scene is the first project created by the Italian independent studio Lunar Great Wall Studios, founded in 2016 by Marco Ponte. We can also say that it is an overall ‘Experience Story driven (Small but) delightfulCharming thanks above all Format Stumpunk (Events are set in Victorian London in 1889) and in the presence of famous artists such as Claude Monet and Jules Verne. The funny formula is the 2.5D puzzle-platform based on the collaboration between Nayak Kit and Cat Hodge. A game that probably deserved more visibility, but which could now introduce itself to a wider audience.

[XBOX ONE] Hugh (March 16 – April 15)

Second in the Games with Gold of the Month HughDeveloped by Fiddlesticks and released by Curve Digital on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and PS Vita in 2016 and Switch in 2019.

Hugh is a very small (lasting four or five hours) but well-packaged puzzle platform that puts players in young Hugh’s shoes (“tint”, “hue” in Italian; a boy’s weird name, isn’t it?), Looking for mom. In a world primarily black and white, the protagonist collects fragments of the annular spectrum, which unlocks new colors, revealing new paths and puzzles. If you’re interested in this short presentation, I’ll refer you to our (almost) recent back-in-time article.

Game with Gold April

[XBOX 360] Outpost Kaloki X (April 1 – 15)

The first Xbox 360 game in April Outpost Kaloki X.In 2004 it reached the PC (excluding the X in the title) and the following year the Xbox 360 reached the marketplace in a graphically better version (including the X) and in richer content.

Just like Band of Bugs (among the games with Gold in February), the game is a work of ninjabi, but, unlike the latter, it is a City building game, And it is not so simple, although it lacks the depth of such sacred monsters. The player has a goal Improve space stations and make them profitable Even in different modes including two weird story modes. You can download 3 DLCs for free in the Microsoft Store, the other two are quite affordable (€ 1.20 and 2.39). Old and not nice, the outpost Kaloki X can still be attractive for a particular niche.

Game with Gold April

[XBOX 360] MX vs ATV Alive (April 16 – 30)

The last game of the month MX vs ATV AliveThe fourth installment of MX vs. ATV, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 was released in 2011 by the now defunct THQ.

MX vs. ATV is a cross-over series between MX and ATV Offroad Fury, born in 2005 with excellent unleashed and gradually falling into the bankruptcy of THQ. Perhaps the best episode of that generation was Reflex (2009), Games with Gold of October 2016; That was alive Still drinkable, but It is also Microsoft has already offered Live Gold for usersExactly now in January 2015. We did not particularly appreciate this unnecessary re-presentation of a marginal game.

Game with Gold April

Here is what is waiting for you with the games including Gold in April 2022. Have fun everyone (maybe …)!

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