How to get your dog accustomed to harnessing

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There Bib It is an object that often becomes part of our lives when we welcome a dog. Practice embracing him with joy So this is a very important operation, because it is a moment that connects the beginning of every walk and every adventure together.

Sometimes, however, it can happen that the relationship with the dog becomes particularly complicated and it is not always trivial to identify the reasons behind these difficulties as it can affect different aspects of the dog’s personality, his past and his relationship with you.

In fact, the difficulty of putting on the harness may be due to The strongest emotion that the dog feels When he realizes he’s going out, but there too Believe that it is a game Or simply that Dislike communication With body parts where we touch it to close the straps.

Let’s see together how to avoid the difficulties of these moments and instead favor a beautiful relationship with this important object that we deal with every day.

Empathy and subtlety

First of all, it is important to remember that the best way to understand the needs of our dogs at such times is to try to identify with them.

Shoes, in fact, can easily become observable from their point of view Obligatory is an object Or an uncomfortable “dress” that forces them to move. For this reason it is very important that you allow him, especially the first few times Approach with delicious. By doing this, you can avoid the risk of rejection or belief (difficult to unhide) that it is a “negative” object.

Don’t force him to move to a corner (dogs are being prevented from escaping), also avoid excessive looming with your body from above and choose to move yourself towards him. Avoid the front and lower yourself to its height. This way you are in favor of a more welcoming and less anxious communication.

Also avoid force and replace with them Patience and subtlety. Try to figure out how you would feel if someone older than you tried to sort something you didn’t know. So take time to let him smell it, observe and understand its words and actions.

The first few times, too, can be useful Remove it a few moments after planting. There will be time to wear it later.

If you know how to respect these simple tips early on, your puppy will probably get used to it quickly and you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

This is not a game

Some dogs, on the other hand, struggle to wear harness because they are Sure it’s a game Biting, shaking, pulling and exploring with your mouth. This factor, especially if your dog is young, can be conditioned by the puppies’ general sporting approach, but also that it is often presented to him in the same way as a ball, a frisbee or a crunchy.

If you are sure that your dog has attached the shoe to the moment of play and therefore finds it difficult to wear it, the advice is Avoid offering it to him when he is very active Or when he’s playing.

Instead, try to identify Moments of calm and relaxation, When hugging or when you relax together on the ground. Obviously avoid those sleepy moments, because he may feel betrayed and especially if he is a puppy you can risk losing his trust.

On the other hand, if you find yourself in a situation that doesn’t give you enough time to wait for her to calm down and so you must show her even though she is very active, you can share her passion through play. With him and then, slowly, calm down and slow yourself down. Rhythm of play until you reach relaxation and pampering.

By doing this, you will probably be able to lead him to a more emotional state suitable for concentration and, therefore, to wear shoes.

Overcoming the fear of words, objects and communication together

In cases where we have just analyzed the difficulties were strictly related to the habit which was not very difficult to change, such as choosing the positions to be offered to him or choosing the right moment, it could be in other cases as well. Be a more challenging path.

Some dogs, in fact, have their own Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya By themselves, or because they know they will be touched in a part of their body that they do not like.

Each of these concerns must be addressed particularly slowly and, above all, at the appropriate time Not necessarily related to the upcoming releaseBut rather in the random moments of the day which are not characterized by strong emotions.

If your dog, seeing the harness, should really move away, you might consider the idea Put it on the ground without lookingThis leaves space and time available to explore independently.

When approached, Satisfy it if you like it. For some dogs a crunchy may be appropriate, for others your “good”, said with sincerity and sincere satisfaction, will suffice.

Over time it will probably get closer and closer, but still be patient and Never force the bar.

When you have the idea that it is ready, you can try to allow it to enter the hole in the hole (this will be the hardest part, so you can risk getting caught in a hurry).

Re-identify the best way to reward it e His head enters the hole and you do not remove the shoe On the neck

At this stage, the help of the other hand can help you, which, inserting into the buttonhole of the shoe and moving it subtly, makes him want to follow it. When you do this, be sure to stay calm (especially if your dog is particularly emotional).

These situations mainly concern the most feared dogs and those who have had negative experiences in the past in relationships with humans or certain objects.

It must be said, however, that it is much easier to use the shoe adequately for those who have never seen it before than for those who hold back memories of negative experiences in the past.

What if it’s not the right shoe?

It may be appropriate to replace the shoe as you slowly intervene in these activities Another model available in the market Or with a collar (obviously not a suffocation), at least for a transitional period, until the fear subsides. In fact, the collar is considered less effective especially for dogs who do not like to touch their hips.

If you choose this path, keep in mind that, unlike shoe, this tool can also create Communicating misunderstandings with her male colleagues. If during a match, the dog is pulled by the neck, in fact, in addition to suffering from concentrated traction on that part of the body, it can grasp an open chest and high posture of the head that is at risk of being strongly felt. A lot of quarrels between dogs, in fact, happen precisely because of this kind of miscommunication.

Lastly, keep in mind that the fear and distrust that the dog shows at this crucial moment in their relationship with their pet can be reflected in other aspects of daily life.

If, despite this advice and essential patience, you do not see any results, the intervention of a dog trainer can also help, which can lead you and your dog towards a deeper and more peaceful relationship where you are a believer.

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