Hypopressive gymnastics for abs, lower back and better posture

Born in the late 1970’s, hypopressive gymnastics is one of the best techniques for deep muscle activation and posture maintenance. Expert advice

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Words Hypopressive This can be scary at first glance: in reality these are a set of posture techniques born of an insight. Marcel Kaufridge And Dr. Advanced with specific exercises by. Kegel.Benefits? “They reduce the internal pressure of the abdomen, increase the tone of the muscles of the pelvic floor and Abdominal belt – Explains Elena Buscon, Massage therapists, instructors, yoga and Pilates teachers – protect the spine, counteract the effects of gravity on the body. Great for Postpartum recovery And for Prevention of urinary incontinence. Jim is also based On the breath, And takes a lot from Pranayama of yoga Which helps to massage the organs, stimulate the function of the diaphragm better, and expand the capacity of the chest and lungs. Lying down or sitting down, Uses proper breathing consisting of apneas and breathing, activates Deep abdominal muscles, A series of movements take place that allow you to work the entire pelvic area “.

What is Hypopressive Gymnastics for? “Most familiar to women who have just given birth and are undergoing perineal rehabilitation, it is not reserved for them. Accessible to all, it offers many benefits. That’s not it Deeply urges the stomach : Which forces us to exhale Combined action Lungs, diaphragm and abdomen. When you breathe deeply, they are naturally compressed and active, Regular training Shapes and refines the silhouette Works especially well Transverse and obliques. For this reason the method is a great alternative to traditional abdominal exercises. Lifting ourselves off the ground, we often press our necks and backs, “We push” At the bottom, pressure on the abdomen and perineum. Breathing properly avoids unnecessary stress and benefits the limbs. Some contraindications. As the pressure in the abdomen decreases, so does the chest and brain. “People with heart disease and those with high blood pressure need to be careful and consult a doctor.”

Is well digested “Great for a hypopressive gym Intestinal transit. By creating a vacuum in the abdomen, we perform an internal massage that aids digestion and intestinal peristalsis, allows the bladder to empty better, and massages all organs. The effect of gravity is thus resisted: the more we expand, the more we increase in height and the more we lose thickness. Hypopressive activation It prevents any downward pressure, lifts limbs, allows posture correction, decompresses discs in the lumbar region “.

Hypopressive gym exercise To begin with, lie down with your neck straight in harmony with your body: We breathe Chest stretched and then Let us take a deep breath Exhaling all the air, the stomach contracts normally, then we hold our breath so that no air enters or exits. Now let’s extend the rib cage: Pretend to breathe without any air, hold this position for four seconds. Magnetization creates a vacuum, creating a cavity in the abdomen. Then breathe in and rest. To do this exercise properly, try not to lift your shoulders and chin during it

Breathe properly “Once we have mastered the technique of breathing, we can move to a more varied position, sitting, standing or quadruple, Associated with Hypopressive Gym Its other exercises Muscle building. Once the procedure is understood and assembled, the posture and breathing become real reflections We can integrate all the daily exercises. The most important thing is: do not put pressure on the lower abdomen and especially the perineum “.

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