“I’m a legend” and all the other zombie creatures

Let’s face it, the announcement of the return Will Smith And photo sequels I am the starThe thoughts of the zombie genre fans inevitably went away Samantha, The protagonist’s faithful and inseparable dog companion. The German Shepherd we all loved was the only other uninfected living thing on which Robert Neville (Played by Will Smith) can count. They have a very strong bond and one relies entirely on the other and vice versa, both to patrol the city, to hunt or to guard against dangerous zombies. Dogs.

But Samantha and the zombie dog They are not the only animals There is an important role in the extended and endless line of the film with the living dead, which has given us many more Non-human zombies: Some are annoying, others are more embarrassing in decision making.

To wait I am Legend 2, In Garbage From the Oscars, B-movie And successful movies, here are some famous, irrational and funny zombie creatures that the movie has given us. Fasten your seat belts and get your anti-zombie kit ready: you go to the great world of dead animals and Eater caution: There are also deadly sheep.

Dogs, cats and horses are the most common

A zombie Doberman attacks Alice, the protagonist of Resident Evil
In the picture: A zombie Doberman attacks Alice, the protagonist of Resident Evil

Many movies and TV series about zombies are often contagious Just from the animals, Usually rats, are unlikely to be infected with the virus which ended badly. The Dogs Probably the most current zombie creature among the various movies.

Also I am the star Worship already appears The level of terror (1986), in REC (2007) and many other films, but perhaps the most famous and scary are the two: Horror Doberman’s Resident Evil (2002), also appearing in video games of the same name and where they come from Zombie Crow But above all – believe it or not – its a sweet zombie poodle Boniyard (1991).

Also Cats Appears in various films, e.g. Night of the zombies (1981) and Scout manual for zombie apocalypse (2015), but undoubtedly the most famous of all Church (Winston Churchill’s younger), its cat hero Abdominal cemetery (2019) based on the novel of the same name Stephen KingWho came back to life (worse than before) after being hit and killed by a truck.

And then there are HorsesMost of the time most of the supporting actors, above all, are used to highlight Zombie leader (People at this time) ride them from everyone else and through hordes. They can be seen in several pictures including Blood Creek (2009), recently Army of the Dead (2021) and also in the hit series Game of ThronesWhite Walker has been spotted next to an “undead” ice.

Crazy zombie creatures

But why stop at just one creature when you can get one A whole zoo? For this Zombies 2016 has decided to think big, proposing to transform the entire zoo into a zombie. We have so Capuchin monkeysThere are gorillas, lions and yes there too A giraffe And A hippopotamus zombies, all its heroes A garbage movie Among the most irrational and funny.

But digging into the variety B-movie We can find countless others Zoology Goodies Lifeless and bloodthirsty.

It is impossible not to remember the scary Snail Mentioned The level of terror Or me Zombie chicken Occupied by the spirit of the Indians Poultryist: Night of the Chicken Dead (2006). But some of the most intriguing and special cults in the zombie movie are far above all else: Zombeavers (2014) and Kulangar (2006). If at first attacked by unfortunate heroes beavers (You see, Beaver) has been transformed into a zombie by a dangerous chemical, in seconds they are Sheep (Killers ?!) Because of meaningless genetic testing Transformed into sheep Everything they bite.

In short, the list of zombie animals Really long And there will be many more “masterpieces” to mention, e.g. Crocodile Of Zombie Crook (2015), i Dragon D Game of Thrones Or Shark Of Pirates of the Caribbean 5 (2017). But of course the greatest zombie animal in movie history ValentineWhite zombie tiger Army of the DeadWho is the real star of the fully set zombie movie Las Vegas. What other animal could ever get over it, perhaps one Tyrannosaurus rex? Ah yes, he’s there too, in the picture he put together Jurassic Park And The Walking Dead And what we didn’t know we needed: Jurassic Dead (2017).

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