In Meridiana, the April 2 to 15 Women’s “Ancient Memorial”

The La Meridiana Club in Casinolbo de Formigin It has been confirmed as a reference reality on the provincial, regional and national tennis scene, thanks to the level of competition it is able to organize. In the next few days, in particular, it will be the time of the “thirteenth edition.”Stefano Antichi Memorial“, Listed Saturday 2 to Friday 15 April. The Tournaments, reserved for women, It starts with a suburban playground for those who dream of participating in the Foro Italico Italian Tennis International BNL. Certainly a very difficult goal which, thanks to this tournament, could become a reality.

The tournament was born to commemorate the founder of the Modena Company, who died in 2009. Lhasa MetaliIn fact, Emilia-Romagna is valid as a regional qualification for athletes who want to enter the board of BNL d’Italia, the most important tennis event in our country. May 2 to 15 in Rome. But how exactly does this path work? Athletes participating in the regional tournament of the Italian Tennis Federation TPRA (Tennis ranking players amateur), Through the latter they are able to qualify at the provincial level. Through another provincial event, the players who will enter the regional stage are eligible; The finalists move to the national circuit from which the name emerges which will be able to enter the board directly Qualification of International BNL of Italy. This formula, reminiscent of what happens in football at the English Football Association Challenge Cup, thus allows players who are outside the official rankings to compete. Foro Italico against established professional athletes.

Given that registrations will close next Friday, April 1, at 12.00, it is not yet possible to define Numbers That’s right Tennis players in the competitionAlthough It is expected to be more than one hundred. However, there are already clear signs that the technical level is certain “Memorial Stefano Antichi” It would also be nice for this thirteenth edition. Among the names of tennis players already registered, Stephania Rubini of Class 2.1, registered for Canottieri Casale Monferrato and who has already won the event in 2017. In all likelihood, he will be the first pick in the draw It is also important to highlight the presence of Carlotta Mokia, with a ranking of 2.4, registered with the Tristino Tennis Association; Registered with the Reggio Emilia Tennis Club, Giulia Guidetti from Modena and a member of the La Meridiana Club, with Class 2.5; Francesca del’Adera, 2.5, is a member of the Anguilla Association (BA) and Irene Riva, 2.5, is the president of Parma. The full picture will only be available from Friday, when the FIT match official, Andrea Rinaldi, Stefano Sacchi, Paolo Verzani and Giampaolo Joboli set the scoreboard with the help of La Meridiana Club technicians.

This type of competition is unique in Italy – La Meridiana introduces the club’s director, Elio AgnoliBecause it manages, at the same time, to be both national and international. The source added that about 15,000 tennis players are involved across Italy. “. So it would not be a coincidence that not only Emilia-Romagna athletes, but also girls from outside the region will be seen on the grounds of La Meridiana Club.

Italian tennis and especially Emilia-Romagna are feeling a very positive moment. We are reaping the benefits of our continuous and caring work over the years. The La Meridiana Club fits this context of quantitative and, above all, qualitative development. “Memorial Stefano Antichi” is an excellent example of the club’s organizational ability. “ – He announced Roberto Vitale Emilia-Romagna is the Vice President of the Regional Committee.

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