La Certified – 03/28/2022 – Heartfelt farewell to his anti-drug dog Hanjar from his Lucian ‘friend’

Heartfelt farewell to the anti-drug dog Hanza from his hidden ‘friend’


Often, through the Canine Unit, our television shows the role of dogs in anti-drug, anti-terrorism or life-saving operations. The support that our 4-foot friends give to the police is basic, now essential.

However, we forget that there is a special story behind affection that is created between animals and those who are defined, so if we want a little cool, as “their conductor”. The reality is that these people who take care of them are completely devoted to the dog, creating a union that goes out of work and they suffer a lot when they leave. And this is demonstrated by the state of mind that is being experienced by a Lukanian agent of the Penitentiary Police.

“Hi Hanza. 10 years later, today is the first awakening without you. That is how I would like to give you a small gift because you are my work colleague and always present at all the important events of my life. You have finally fought your illness, with the dignity of a super dog as you are called to face your work every time. How many services we have done together from north to south of Italy, always having fun like crazy and when I was a little down you lifted my spirits with the way you do your work. Now rest and if there is a rainbow bridge, have fun going crazy with another dog. Your mission is done but I want to tell you that you have worn all this time respecting medicine and uniforms for Italy. It was an honor for me to have you by my side. Hanjeta rests in peace. “

It is a touching farewell letter, reported on the Penitentiary Police website that Vincenzo Marino, assistant chief coordinator at the Avelino prison, a resident of San Severino Lukano, wrote for an anti-drug dog named Hanza, who died two days before re-entering the service in 2012. Even after the reforms in November, Marino took care of it himself.

“Effective in Avelino’s canine detachment – read the Penitentiary Police website – Hanja has conducted operations mainly in the Campania region – but it has been used in support of Trany detachment and for nearly two years in support of Verona detachment in collaboration with the State Police and the Verona Local Police Anti-Drug Division.”

Since 2013 he has been one of the main characters in the “Dog at Home” administrative project for which he has been assigned to me outside of work hours so he keeps in touch with me to participate in all the most important things in my life (marriage, baptism, etc.). Level took part in a series of anti-drug demonstrations in the main squares and schools, where he became a favorite of the children and people present. Unfortunately, our administration does not reward drug dogs. There are only newspaper articles “.

Gianfranco Aurelio


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Short news

1/12/2021 The last batch, Bradanica, will open to traffic tomorrow at 11.30

It has recently been announced that the last lot of “Bradanica” state road “La Martella” will open tomorrow, December 2nd.
The opening time for traffic is scheduled for 11.30 km 135 next to La Martella.
Donatella Mera, Regional Councilor for Infrastructure and Mobility, will be in attendance.

11/28/2021 Post Italian: Opening hours for three post offices in Basilicata have been extended

Poste Italiane has announced that from Monday 29 November, the post offices of Matera 5, Melfi and Moliterno will be affected by the increase in opening hours for the public.
In particular, the post offices of Melfi and Moliterno (PZ) will be open Monday through Friday, 8:20 a.m. to 7:05 a.m., Saturday 8:20 a.m. to 12:35 p.m. Matera 5 will monitor opening hours on working days. Mon / Fri 08:20 – 13:45, Saturday 08:20 – 12:45.
These interventions reaffirm Post Italia’s proximity to the region and its communities, and its willingness to continue to ensure specific support for the entire national territory. Indeed, even during the epidemic, Post Italian has consistently ensured the provision of necessary services to meet the needs of its customers, always protecting the health of its employees and citizens.
The company takes the opportunity to renew the invitation to visit the post office in accordance with the rules of health and distance of citizens, when possible, using more than 8,000 postmat ATMs and remote access channels across the country using services such as “Ufficio Postale”, “BancoPosta”, “Postepay” apps. And the website

15/11/2021 Snow chains or tires are mandatory

Eng., Director of the provincial traffic and transport office. Antonio Mancusi, with whom it is mandatory: “All motor vehicle drivers who pass through the efficient road network of this Potenza province from 01 December 2021 to 31 March 2022, to be equipped with winter tires (from snow) 30/03/1994 infrastructure and transport In accordance with the provisions of Community Guidelines 92/33 EEC for keeping on-board chains or other non-slip vehicles in accordance with the decree of the Ministry and subsequent amendments or relevant regulations, and approved for easy use in the vehicles indicated above, where required.

This obligation is valid, even beyond the danger posed by the occurrence of snow or ice formation. ”

We’ve already won … and everyone has their own story
Of Paolo Sinisgali

The final of the European Football Championship on July 11 is just a few hours away.
We will win. We have already won, all of them.
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Even for those who made it out in the first round.

As an Italian, I want Nile to win tonight. You know how beautiful it is: to beat your opponent at home and raise your arm and cup to the sky at the football temple in that London neighborhood of Wembley.
I believe it can happen, I tell you why. Keep …—> Continue

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