Osaka (and the whole tennis circus) is on the verge of a nervous breakdown

AGI – who knows what Nick Kyrgios would answer. Perhaps the Aussie champion would advise the woman, “You suck!” During the second game of the first set in Osaka, looking in the mirror. In the best case. On the other hand, if caught on the wrong day, he could have asked the woman in question to come on the field for a face-to-face confrontation.

Naomi Osaka, on the other hand, in Indian Wells, when she felt that the slightest compliment was not directed at her, her opponent, Russian Kudarmetova, melted like the ice of the sun. He lost the first set to zero and the ghosts that had haunted him deeply and which had already led him to break into Roland Garros last year, first with a confession of not being able to cope with the tension of confrontation with journalists, then with confession suffering from a depressive syndrome and consequent activity Because, they came back, not weakened at all.

After asking the referee, in a 3-0 field change, pick up the microphone and make a public statement (not allowed). Naomi struggles to hold back her tears as she plays. Before letting them out, clearance at the end of the match. It is clear that problems with oneself and those who see him and judge him raised last year have only buffered, not disappeared. This is probably the first time in the history of tennis that an internal fragility has been proposed to the public more than once and in such a remarkable way.

When it comes to tears, one always remembers Jana Novotna, who, after losing in the Wimbledon final, broke down in tears, desperately on the sympathetic shoulder of the Duchess of Kent in ’93; But in that case (and in other similar cases but acting like a loving grandmother without an aristocracy) is a frustration arising from the outcome of the game. Naomi, on the other hand, seems to be the victim of a personality that is not fully formed, certainly not able to hold on without a jolt, now that she is down to No. 8 in the world rankings, the role of the strong former tennis player. The player on the planet who wants to restore the throne.

After the match, the Americanized Japanese revealed that he had reconsidered insulting the public in Indian Wales (certainly closer to former Governor Schwarzenegger than to desert musicians in California, Johnny Mitchell or other West Coast in the 70s). Williams was heavier than the sisters in 2001, when it was announced minutes before the start of the semifinals between the two sisters that the game would not be played due to the loss of Venus. Who, for the record, really hit his knee in the fourth game against Davenport. Those present, deprived of the show, believed the seizure was the result of an agreement between the sisters: they whipped and insulted Richard and Venus with racist expressions on the stand. The two sisters returned to play Indian Wells after just 15 years.

It is a fact to respect Osaka’s fragility, Even if people saw that his behavior was highly self-reported compared to the current historical moment: he was, among other things, against a Russian player. And of course Naomi is not an impenetrable woman with respect to the real, non-tennis world where she lives, as she has shown her clear support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

But no one understands what really stirred the human spirit, especially the interpreter of a game, tennis, which is now trying to express itself in order to achieve the final result. And it’s certainly not an isolated incident: on the same day yesterday, young Amanda Anisimova, already two years ago, left the Roland Garros semifinalist and her (former) new coach Darren Cahill just a week later in the trunk. Work, played two sets against Laila Fernandez. After winning the first set and missing four matchpoints in the second, Amanda took her hat and went to the locker room, leaving the third set without even waiting for the intervention of supervisors or medical staff. Citing sudden illness as a cause.

If we even think of a top male player like Alex Zverev who got two months disqualification (with suspension) for taking the referee’s chair while sitting in the referee’s chair, is tennis on the verge of a nervous breakdown?

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