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Medium - Coop - March 24, 2022


Lake Piediluco is once again the protagonist of four important events, including two national meetings, the Paolo D’Aloza International Memorial and the Italian Under-23 Championship, this year has a name and is called ‘Fundazion Carit’. The main objective is to improve the Umbrian region and Lake Pidiluko with a view to the international scene. A project involving the Terni and Narni Savings Bank Foundation and the Italian Rowing Federation, side by side with a common goal: “Bringing water expansion back to the 1980s when it was the destination of a prestigious international event”. Luigi Carlini, president of the Carit Foundation, and Giuseppe Abbagnell, president of the Italian Rowing Federation, presented the events at the Carit Foundation headquarters in Terni on Wednesday morning. High attention is also paid to the restoration of the Rowing Center: «Something is still missing but we are on the right track – Fick explains the first -. It will be difficult to complete the work by 2022, now we have to present a project for the field of competition.

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Four regatas in Pidiluko For this competitive year, the local organizing committee, led by the Italian Rowing Federation Paidiluko and Paidiluko Rowing Center, has been assigned the responsibility of four races. The first national meeting opens on April 2 and 3, the classic national inaugural regatta during which new formations will be tested in all sections. The International Memorial follows Paolo D’Aloza from 8 to 10 April, now in its 36th edition. The event, in fact, marks the start of the international season for Italy, which this year has the support of 20 countries, including Italy: Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Benin, Ivory Coast, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Morocco, Holland, Monaco, Romania. , Principality of Serbia, South Africa, Tunisia, Ukraine, Zimbabwe. May 7 and 8 is another national meeting where all athletes interested in international activity can be noticed by federal technicians. To end in June, on the 25th and 26th, specifically, the Italian Under-23 Championship will be held, with the ‘Fundagion Carit’ Rookies World Championships looming, scheduled for July in Versailles. World rowing is also back with traditional training camps. It is expected from the first day
April and will end, in fact, April 10, the last day of the Memorial Final. Participating parties include the Ukrainian team, which is part of a broader package of defined initiatives to help this suffering nation. The Mercanri Prize for the 22nd edition of the Memorial D’Aloza was given to Luka Brogini.

Sports and tourism Piediluco paddles towards the future in the name of sports and the revival of the region. “It’s a source of great pride and satisfaction for us,” explained Professor Carlini, president of the Carit Foundation. It embodies the spirit with which the Caret Foundation thinks and strives for the development of the region. The series of rowing competitions that we present today have fundamental elements in this regard. At the historic moment, moreover, the competitions once again introduce sports not only as a healthy activity of growth and physical and mental development, but also as an attractive element for the region from a tourism perspective; last but not least, the international aspect of events. Comes back to the stage, which presents the city and its entire area in an area that Exceeding national borders. Something similar to what happened recently with Tirreno-Adriatico’s two ternny feet, even if it’s not an event that saw our participation. With this vision of reviving the city nationally and internationally, the Carit Foundation has worked and will certainly work in the near future.

International perspective “Lake Umbria and Lake Pidiluko are the flagships of Italian rowing, set apart over the years – explained Giuseppe Abbagnell – but now thanks to the Carit Foundation for believing in the project we’ve shared, the Terni municipality and the region of Umbria, we Realizing the dream, to bring Pidiluko back as a reference point for national and international rowing, a reality that I hope will unify in the near future and that is becoming a reality as these four rowing events have been awarded by the federation to Lake Pediluko and local rowing clubs. This confirms that my federation seeks to continue investing in a lake that is now a core part of the renewed national center. All important steps.

Competition field and restyling We also talked about the progress we’ve made during the press conference and the results we’ve seen: «The First Epidemic – Continued Abginal – We’ve begun to intervene at the center to standardize the site. Today we have a functional center: doubling the gym facilities and rearranging to get you adequate hospitality. We have a Finnish tower in line with international standards, we also have a new president of the rowing club who is taking care of multiple works to make the site more welcoming. We still have things to work on, but we have the bits and pieces that have become a reality today. We already have funds for the field of competition, including water fees, we already have a project on presentation and so we will be able to start work soon. This will allow us to have ample space for European standards, ”said Enrico Melaseche, regional councilor for public works at Palazzo Montani Leoni. As a rule the tower should have had some features and today it is also finished, missing only the aesthetic finish. With water fees we have focused on competition, the new regional law on water fees that counts going to court but has been approved by the junta will see an increase in revenue and will already allow for increased contributions for the respective municipalities. , So already millions of euros will be raised from next year which will consolidate this work.

Politics at work “It’s important that we leave a legacy, and I want that legacy to be left to the right of the lake, by rowing.” Elena Proetti, the sports counselor for the municipality of Terni, intervened at the conference: “An address has been filed on our lake to ask for international and world events. Strong support from the foundation without which the game would not have started in Tarni. Moreover, during the epidemic we realized how important sports are not only for social development but also for tourism development. I invite you that the lake became the basis of all the activities of the rowing club. The province’s president, Laura Pernaza, also contributed: “The province’s transverse focus is on the terrain and therefore on Pidiluko Lake. We contribute. Marina Lana, president of the Paidiluko Rowing Club, is more realistic:” Let’s reopen the lake. “

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